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  2. ...and bought. I am weak...
  3. Simpler and an actual bass would be the Neuser Claudia (or Clawhammer or even Clawbass). Have once seen in real life and few photos. Very rare, one was sold in Sweden around a year ago. The seller claims that under ten were made. https://www.talkbass.com/threads/in-praise-of-weird-looking-basses.1095757/page-127 https://pratabas.se/viewtopic.php?t=85002
  4. I've just realised that I am not bass-nerdy enough to be able to recognise all these pedals without zooming in to the names (the ones that are discernible, anyway), and even then I'm not sure what they do. Oh thank god
  5. For an interesting visit try Moto Music in Cardiff, many rare vintage guitars but not many basses... and lots of unusual bikes
  6. Ukes & whistling = Albert Hall concert, 16 million YouTube hits https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=uogb+good+bad&view=detail&mid=5A578D25C3BCAA3C7B815A578D25C3BCAA3C7B81&FORM=VIRE
  7. I can post if needed but I don't have a hardcase for it.
  8. I know. I spent about three hours untangling it all so I could go to bed
  9. That wiring loom is beautiful.
  10. I hate the silly square plate for the knobs. If they could use a shaped plate or fit them direct to the body they would look so much better.
  11. I don't think I'll be going with Prestatyn That-van-that-goes-round-the-units if I'm honest.
  12. I recently got hold of a Westone rail bass, very light, will stick it on the scales tonight to get the weight.
  13. I personally like the gotoh bent plate jazz precision style I may change it in the future
  14. There are other threads about lightweight basses here and elsewhere. Therefore a thread about basses under 6lbs is something different and would benefit people, but with people going off topic renders the thread not helpful to me nor anyone else.
  15. Yes, I remember that - but this thread may serve someone else later on. A "complete" list would not be bad. And some people have a very different idea of low cost levels (although I think I am on your side).
  16. Haha, no. The OP kindly made this a more general KS thread so was more than happy to share my NBD pics and journey to getting one on here Many thanks to you, @lee650 and @NotAsGoodAsJaco, who all have or have previously had KS, for sharing your thoughts and experiences on these wonderful basses which played a big part in encouraging me to try one out. A final couple of pics from me which I hope you'll enjoy:
  17. BTW, I have decided that I am going to form a prog band, just so I can call our first album 'Cornucopia Of Flatulence'.
  18. Hi , Up for sale a Grace Design Felix preamp with soft case in excellent condition ( one small ding on side of case ) One of the best acoustic preamps there is , reason for sale is its criminally under used at the moment I have original packaging & paperwork still with 18months transferable warranty Cheers
  19. No. My OP had a weight and price limit. 🤔
  20. Whitby Waitrose checking in here Oh it'll be amazing, if he ever actually writes the feckin thing. I imagine the, ahem, somewhat less than infrequent trips to rehab keep damming up his creative juices, alas.
  21. I've asked the pertinent questions: Hi, nut width is 48mm. Distance at nut between 1st and 5th string is 37mm. Nut is wider because of the headless nut. At bridge string spacing is 17mm. The saddles have a small amount of widget regulation, so probably it could also be adjusted +/- 1mm At 1st fret the neck is about 21mm deep, at 12th fret is about 22mm. Neck profile is D shape, very regular from top to bottom. Weight is 3.9 kg. If you need anything else, just ask. Bye
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