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  2. Hi, No longer in use as I've changed my compressor. Looking for £45 posted. Nice little compressor, seem to be a few changing hands in here regularly. Massive bang for buck and I believe it's multi band. I've never got into the app on it so not unlocked it's full potential. Pedal only. Thanks
  3. Ok so I have been practicing and it seems my issue is the alternating pattern between the 3 fingers,I have always played with fingers 1 and 2 and if i play for example with fingers 1 and 3 I can play reasonably ok but when I use all 3 fingersI cant seem to keep the alternating pattern consistent
  4. Nice one Bilbo but this really should be in cut time. I've laboured through transcribing the whole album and it is a riot to play! There are some really, really difficult but also exceptionally melodic and interesting lines. Not Yet, the last track (reproduced from the 1985 album Why Not, which is interestingly different to the version on this album) is a nightmare to play to tempo
  5. Well interesting stuff alright and maybe it is the Active passive thing, I haven’t put a battery in my 734 in two years !
  6. Dad3353


    Good evening, Phil, and ... Plenty to read and amuse you here, and lots to learn and share.
  7. Buy the pick ups first that way you have the perfect excuse for a new home for them 😉
  8. Yes, I went looking for it a few months back and couldn't find it, just found a thread on TB with the new site link It's an incredible amount of work this guy has done, since the mid 70's, when .pdf didn't exist T
  9. I have one if your still interested, Royal blue with case.
  10. Sold a Ric to a lovely guy in Italy, easy deal, no hassle, much prefer it to eBay as I get the sense that whilst not all musos are honest and respectful, the majority are, and that's who's looking at Reverb. I've had no bad experiences there, buying or selling (mostly high value gear). I think your username is the shop name
  11. That’s great news, it’s a fantastic resource.
  12. Man, some sh*t went down since I last saw this thread! It's taken us most of that time to tidy the mess up, but I'm now in the fortunate position of needing to make traps for a living room, studio, and rehearsal space. What with getting ourselves here and then losing all my work this year things are a little tight, but once I've replaced the computer I was already planning to when I last posted here and finished building my little in-house rehearsal drumkit, I'll be ready to get back to the absorber project myself!
  13. if you are local to Bolton at all youd be welcome to try my Peavey alphabass. Im toying with listing it here anyway as something a bit special has come up that I need to fund
  14. I had the ABM900 EVOIII (essentially two of the 500s in one unit) and thought it was a very good amp. Classic ABM tone, so warm and full with a nice flexible EQ. I got an ABM 600 EVOIV and this absolutely blows the previous generation out of the water. There is a lot more oopmh and power, it has a lot more presence, the EQ seems even more flexible (and not just because of the 2 extra bands), the drive sounds better... The EVOIV is just a better overall amp I think. Ashdown clearly had a lot of high level players using the EVOIII, and it was much loved, but they chose to overhaul it and they did a fantastic job; the EVOIV is a fantastic amp that takes everything I loved about the previous ABM generations and gave it a serious boost. I don't think it is worth comparing the spec sheet with regards to output power because the presence of the EVOIV compared to the EVOIII is so much more than the spec sheets would suggest.
  15. Looks like a Spector Legend 4 Standard. Like this one: https://reverb.com/ca/item/14587160-spector-legend-4-standard
  16. Another of the tunes off the Cozy Powell 'Over The Top' album with Jack Bruce on bass, the source of my concept of a decent bass sound to this day. Some nice little grooves from JB. And having bought it when it came out in 1979, I have just realised that Don Airey quotes 'White Room' in the closing stages of the tune. How that hell did I miss THAT for forty years? 🤣 Theme One Jack Bruce Bass.pdf
  17. Fil1ip


    Hi I am Phil and played about 10 years ago not very well and had a highway one p bass Just recently bought a vintage bass to get going again. Thank you Phil
  18. The US Fenders are, in my opinion, worth the additional price over a Mexican jazz bass. The components are better, the build quality higher, you get a hard case and the resale value is better. Mexican jazz basses are brillint but even US ones justify their premium. Previously they didn’t as they were awful!
  19. So I am pondering on getting either the Mooer Radar or the HoTone IR Cab cab simulator pedal for going direct. They both got a ton of features and both supports use of 3rd party IR's. The HoTone got more bass cabs to chose from from stock though, and while they are both using 24 bit digital audio resolution, the HoTone does use slightly higher sample rate 48 vs. 44.1KhZ for the Mooer. The Mooer got 11 mic types to chose from and 4 poweramp types, while the HoTone got 10 mic types and 8 poweramp types, and while the Mooer got a dedicated EQ function, either a guitar or bass oriented graphic EQ, a fully parametric one, or a HPF or LPF, , the HoTone doesn't have a dedicated EQ function. The HoTone has a maximum truncation time (IR sample length) of 20ms, the same number for the Mooer, with the newest firmware update, is 23,2ms. For some reason, even if I don't really have much to base that assumption on, to me the HoTone seems of slightly higher quality, despite actually being slightly cheaper (I might be completely wrong though, a dedicated EQ section would definitely be a nice addition, which the Mooer got, and I am probably going to load whichever pedal I end up buying with some third party IR of the exact cab I want anyway, so the HoTone having more stock options for bass cab simulations might not be all that much of a real advantage after all). So to sum up what seems to be in each pedals respectively favor over the other: HoTone IR Cab: - More stock IR bass cab simulations - Double as many poweramp models than the Mooer (8 vs 4) - It utilizes an ever so slightly higher sample rate (48kHz vs. 44,1kHz) - Allows to easily swap between different saved presets on the fly with your foot (though I personally will have absolutely no use for this) - (Not sure if the Mooer doesn't have this in some form as well, but it seems like the HoTone has a form of room ambience simulation too that can be applied in more or lesser degree) - (Also seems to allow for a bit more precise mic placement/disstance than the Mooer, but again not 100% sure if this is correct) - (Allows to turn the microphone simulation off, which I am unsure if the Mooer does) Mooer: - Slightly higher maximum IR sample length (23,2ms vs 20ms) - Got 1 more mic model - Has a dedicated stand alone EQ function, both bass and guitar graphic EQ, a fully parametric EQ, HPF and LPF Both features 24bit digital audio quality, both allows for use of 3rd party IR's, both allows you to chose from several different microphone models and types, as well as the volume, position and distance of the mics, and both allows you to chose from different emulated poweramp sections, and tweakable input, output and presence controls for these, as well as you have the option for choosing between different tube types. Anyone with more knowledge about these two pedals, or even first hand experience, who can advice me on which one I probably would be best off buying? Other suggestions at about the same price tag are welcome too.
  20. And now having a buyer I`ve put it through its paces this afternoon as you do, and I`ve been reminded why I think this is such a good amp.
  21. These are very very good basses - necks are brilliant. GLWTS
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