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  1. For me if I want to mute my signal I just pull the guitar cable out of the amp's input jack a little bit.
  2. Just 'cos they're working doesn't mean they're going to keep doing so if you have the connections wrong.
  3. No problem handling B9A pre-amp tubes with your fingers, They don't get hot enough for the oils on your fingers to make a difference. Even output tubes won't be bothered either. They are not like headlamp bulbs.
  4. Digital multimeters are really cheap and any serious electric musician should own one or more.
  5. Bill, what's the use of clouding the issue with facts? LOL
  6. We likes to give good advice we does! LOL
  7. What you may not know is that the brand 'Acoustic' was purchased by the Guitar Centre chain of music stores. Since the purchase the brand has been made in China and bears little in common with the ACC of old.
  8. If your cabinets are 8Ω then you should connect two as the amp has a 4Ω output.
  9. My worst experience in bass amplification was a 50W Blackface blonde Bassman with it's 2x12 cabinet in the late Sixties. It looked wonderful on stage but sounded like a pile o' crap. I had to use it for the two gigs that weekend in Liverpool and then returned the amp to Dawsons in Runcorn. Unfortunately they had sold my trade in so I just left the amp there. I still get nightmares about the damn thing!!
  10. As someone who worked on several Nuclear power stations I found the stickers somewhat amusing! LOL
  11. I. have an old Heathkit tester which I use for quick go/no go checks. I also have a Hickok tube tester that gets very little use.
  12. It's called a tube tester. There are modern testers available for a limited range of tube types such as those pre-amp tubes used in MI amplifiers.
  13. Pre-amp tubes should last decades as they don't do much work - lazy buggers!!! LOL
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