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  1. A nice Ampeg B15N makes a fine practice amplifier. Well you DID ask! LOL
  2. Y'know the more I visit sites such as this the more I think that musicians will always find something to complain about. Fan noise is a trifling thing to worry about. To me it just means that the amp is on and being kept cool no matter how I'm pushing it.
  3. I'll bet the new driver will make little noticeable difference to the weight of the combo.
  4. SS front end with a tube power amp. The opposite to what most hybrid manufacturers use.
  5. The last time I used a 2x12 it was in late 1968. A brand new blackface/Blonde Fender Bassman. It look beautiful sitting there on stage. It was a torture I've been unable to forget. it was a weekend that seemed to last months! I took it back to the store and, as they had sold my trade in, I just left the damn thing there anyway! That said, in todays world with modern drivers and cabinet design, I'd have no worries gigging a 2x12.
  6. I'd trust something made by Peavey far more than anything TCE puts out!
  7. I have to wonder just how many b15 units made it over the pond. I can't remember seeing even one back in the day in the Liverpool area. I bought mine from the US. It needed work which I did and now it just sings. I love my fretless six through it but it supports all of my other six basses equally well. Biggest problem apart from leaky coupling caps, was flash over in the rectifier tube when coming off Standby. That was easily cured and the amp works like a charm.
  8. There is no reason for a B15 of any series not to be reliable if properly maintained. Mine sits in my studio and when I switch it on it works. When I switch it off it doesn't!
  9. Why not just leave the poor thing alone and play it as designed?
  10. You can buy suitable stick on feet from hardware stores, 'Dollar' stores or from kitchen supply stores. Easiest would be just to email GK.
  11. Be careful what you do in there. It's all too easy to screw something up leading to an expensive repair.
  12. IIRC you were advised on TalkBass to contact Mesa for the information you seek. Are you trying to import an amp from the States to save money?
  13. Tube heads are easy - you just have to provide a suitable load resistor when the amp is inactive.
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