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  1. So how did you get on with Aguilar? Inquiring minds want to know!
  2. Why would they use an North American tube rather than a European EL34? Just for posterity this amp does not use a 6L6. If it did they would melt! The letters after the 6L6 are important. The latest version that I know of is the 6L6GC.
  3. Yes! LOL When the frets on the Precision wore down and I was tired of having them dressed I switched to GHS Brite Flats that are round wound but then ground flat. Solved the wear problem nicely.
  4. Thank you. In 1968, when I bought my '63 Precision via Hessy's shop in Liverpool, no one stocked the long scale Rotosounds that I favoured. I had to get a friend drive me to Manchester to pick up a set. Later that year, whilst playing a gig, I met the girl who became my wife. I still have both the bass and the girl - we're at fifty two years now.
  5. Thanks Andy for educating this GOF! What road. replaced the old East Lancs road?
  6. Agreed! 73 is way too young. Sadly as we Grumpy Old Farts get older there are less of us to go around.
  7. Hopefully all your problems will now be behind you!
  8. Let us know how the interaction with TC went for Bass Chat posterity.
  9. If the brute has an effects loop link send and Return with a short signal cable to see if corroded normalizing switches on the jacks are your problem.
  10. What are the impedances of the two cabinets and what amp are you planning to use?
  11. If the unit is under warranty don't mess with it. Doing so could well void that warranty.
  12. Back in the day I owned an Epiphone Constellation amplifier. It came with a Wharfdale 15 installed. Obviously not the original driver. It worked very well and I enjoyed the unit. I discovered that the Wharfdale drivers were manufactured by Fane which left me a little let down. My dad owned a Wharfdale SFB3 connected to his Leak HiFi system. I used to practice through the system when I bought my first bass in 1962.
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