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  2. I would buy a 5 string version in 5 seconds flat.
  3. He's great - a brilliant singer and wonderful frontman, being able to remain in this band was a factor in deciding to remain in this part of the country. Here's a video my wife shot of our first try at a Harry Styles song received_1277558273070579.mp4
  4. Full review to come, but I bought it from BassDirect on Friday morning, and gigged it at a wedding I was depping at on Friday night. It is spectacularly good.
  5. Here's my current gigging rig for Roxy Magic - the Roxy Music tribute I've been playing in for a while. I love a PJ configuration, I do. The red one is a bitsa and the natural one is a heavily modified/butchered "Cowpoke." The combo and cab are from the short lived Genz Benz "Contour" range. They're ace.
  6. The necks on my guitars and basses are stable enough to not change when changing strings. There's something to be said for having enough good wood in the neck's construction to hold the set-up, once done. Just sayin'.
  7. I bought this for my wife to learn on when we first met. I think it’s best suited to a learner - very cheap and cheerful. Smaller body than Dreadnought size, is like a Martin 000 or OM. Nice and easy action, and neck is fine. Sound wise, well it’s a £50 guitar so you know the score! Fair condition, just some honest dings and scratches, but nothing nasty. Comes with basic carry case.
  8. It's the pu position. The YYZ makes the sound more beafy... rather fat than thinner..!
  9. There’s never enough left in the bottle for a decent drink afterwards.
  10. My impression from the first note was that it sounded great and a sound I would be more than happy to have. It is definitely "tighter" than the normal BB P pup, but I wonder how much of that is due to the YYZ and how much is down to the reverse P?
  11. Take The A Train - Duke E., Ella F., etc.
  12. Getting somewhere now... I got a Woolly Mammoth clone to try instead of my El Grande - so far so good. 🙂 I've ordered an Outlaw Wye ABY box to split the signal. I had my comp pedal early in the chain and it messed with the EHX Mono Bass Synth, so I now like one of the Spectracomp TonePrints on both amps instead. I got a One Control single-loop pedal to put octave, fuzz & chorus in a switchable loop so I can switch to one or all of them as I choose. I currently have a TC flanger. It's nice, but I'm going to replace that with an EHX Bass Clone. I'll replace my VXL Bass Attack with an EHX Bass Soul Food for my base grit tone (and the Woolly Mammoth clone for fuzz) - VXL takes up a lot of space. And I got an EHX Silencer to keep it all quiet. So far I've set up a very satisfying Hysteria sound - sharp searing bright fuzz tone in the 112 combo, with the phat tight bottom end still very present in the 115 combo. 😃
  13. See above for email address. He plays with a take that tribute show “Everything Changes” . Will be at Blackpool Viva showbar next weekend
  14. I've kept my options open on the second one
  15. Charlie Chandler is your best port of call for advice, I reckon https://ccgx.co.uk/plek/
  16. S'art innit. I don't rate Modigliani*, but I understand he's a bit good and others think he's wonderful. I don't mind Nickleback, some of it's fine, some I find a bit trite. For my tastes, I've heard worse, much worse. *Ransom abstract artist chosen for effect, other artists are available.
  17. That's what I wanted to know. One of life's mysteries.
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