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  2. Certainly looks that way. I'll keep my eyes peeled for USA ones or Squiers and decide at the time how much I want to spend. Ta.
  3. thebigyin

    Paul McCartney: Overrated or What?

    Nah....deffo Jamerson you can tell, there was only one Jamerson the King of the Bass.
  4. I think the answer is no. They made an MIJ in black/rosewood but not with a maple board as far as I can see.
  5. If you go for a genuine 70s P, you'll find a huge variation in necks. You need to try a few.
  6. Skybone

    Car for a bass hard case?

    But it still warrants you sharing the picture.
  7. geoham

    Car for a bass hard case?

    My 2012 Ford Mondeo and 2007 Vectra Estate both did the job with a Thomann rectangular hard case. I doubt my current Qashqai would take it though.
  8. PeteHantzios

    Bossa Ujb 5

    Thanks, yes indeed it is!
  9. SpondonBassed

    Semi Hollow Bass (and another two...)

    + = ! As if the above is horrifying enough, you want to pull its eyes out too!?! Nooooooooooooooooooo!
  10. SpondonBassed

    Can you hear it?!

    I remember where I lived as a boy, near Ravenstone village in Bucks, there was a quarry nearby. You could just see the conveyors on the horizon from our house. There was a constant low level grinding noise from it. It's not possible to say for certain but I am sure that was louder than the background grind that I sometimes hear as an adult. Of course now, I live near the city of Derby and there is a lot of local industry that runs plant day and night.
  11. Pentode

    '78 Fender Precision fretless

    Hi my Friend, I'm afraid not, I really need to shift gear for cash - unless you have a Laverda Mirage cylinder head you can trade.... 😉
  12. Oldman

    Feedback for disssa

    Is it normal not to reciprocate feedback now?
  13. Today
  14. Again - how decent? How low do they go?
  15. Berserker

    Darkglass Alpha Omega Ultra - £250

    Sold, pending payment.
  16. BassTractor

    Car for a bass hard case?

    I'll never be able again to pull out my picture of a Daimler DS420 hearse when questions like this are asked. You won! 😊
  17. NikNik

    Richard Dale ... Surf's Gone

    Dear grief - .016 - .060 strings? .060???
  18. NikNik

    Richard Dale ... Surf's Gone

    Skank, Thanks for that. I was puzzled by the absence of the reverb tank in the photo you posted then had a laugh when I clicked on the link. Great idea!
  19. Soledad

    Semi Hollow Bass (and another two...)

    Peacock oil would prob be ideal for that - very subtle indeed so tint build is really controlled. I'll give someone a nudge I do agree it would likely bring the subtlety of the eyes out a bit. Lovely lump of maple there, good birdseye is hard to find.
  20. Soledad


    Fine pair Keen to know how you reckon the sound compares, as I feel very familiar with the 60s and 70s Fenders, but no experience with the Lakland. The one thing I get from a Fender P is a kind of punch / grunt that a Jazz never gives me. I've wondered about a Lakland for a while. I've heard the Fender P described as a one-trick pony which is not fair. I find if you back off the right hand a little, it also has a really clear but rich lower end with a warm musical top on it, not the high snap of a Jazz, a bit lower and more 'notey'. Sounds into words is tricky eh ?!
  21. skankdelvar

    Richard Dale ... Surf's Gone

    FWIW, some pix and descriptions here of Dale's rig at a club gig in 2016. Outboard reverb into two original Showman amps into a 2x15 and a 1x15 loaded with JBL's Ferocious.
  22. paul_5

    How good is the Zoom B3n? I brought one to find out.

    I’ve recently replaced the majority of my analogue effects with one of these; digital effects have come s LONG way in the last 20 years!
  23. There's nothing to prevent it technically, but in the event of a problem you would be on your own as the in-country service agent will not be obligated to repair it (under warranty or not). By the time you pay all the import fees and taxes, shipping and such, I doubt it would be worth the risk. Besides, it undermines your local importer, dealer and service agent's effort to do business in your own country.
  24. machinehead

    Two of the very best 112 cabs available today?

    I agree. My BB2 and Super Midget combined, is as much volume as I'll ever need (actually, more volume than I'll ever need) - and tone to die for. Frank.
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