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  2. Much more reasonable price on that one, too.
  3. I've got a PJ with a seymour duncan p with a dimarzio stacked jazz at the bridge, it is a brilliant combination.
  4. Joined as I have just started fettling an APII (MIJ) and I'm looking for info... maybe I should have just messaged you Jon!
  5. I play in a loud 3 piece band. We play almost exclusively in small to medium pubs and used a Yamaha stagepas 600 just for vocals successfully for many years. Great price and portability. We have now upgraded to a pair of Yamaha dxr10s and a Mackie mixer, mainly because we have started to play bigger places. This gives us more headroom, slightly better clarity of sound and better eq/feedback/floor monitor control. 2nd hand should be within your budget.
  6. Got to be worth trying to sell them yourself first. If the basses fetch your top estimations then (@15% commission say) you could potentially save over £400. Leaves you room for a bit of haggling and still being way in front compared with selling via a shop. Good luck!
  7. Such a great sound. Just a couple of points: firstly, you need bit of space around this sound to make it work...so no loud guitarists in the vacinity, secondly use rounds not flats to get it - when you palm or foam mute you'll need some twang from somewhere. Suits single coil pickups too, so a Jazz bass is a good choice.
  8. I have a fretless Jazz that John built me back around 2007. It's a great instrument with a few minor niggles that I don't suppose appear on the later ones. At the time it was such a bargain for what it was I decided I could live with them. I'll never sell it and would have another if the opportunity arose - the white blonde jazz here is basically exactly what I'd like - beautiful! I respect John's s decision to conduct business in a way that suits him, however I must admit at times I felt a bit uncomfortable dealing with him. Perhaps that's why he's chosen the path he has re. order taking. Wonderful instruments though. There was a fretless for sale on his site the other day if anyone's interested. Not a strict replica though, but bet it's a great bass.
  9. We played for years with a powered mixer and passive speakers with no problems whatsoever but when we changed to the powered Electrovoice speakers and subs...what a difference! Much more control and much more power. Im sure whatever suits. I mean most of the places we were playing didn't need 15" inch tops and 18" subs with drums mic'd up etc, but we enjoyed it. 😉
  10. Does the bass smell? That's a serious question. The material used to build an Ampeg BabyBass is a type of plastic that - after time - emits a pungent and really quite unpleasant aroma, especially after the bass has spent a period in a case or gigbag. I have to say that the finish on that bass doesn't look like anything that would have left the Ampeg factory.
  11. Yes just playing bass lines and songs from my favourite artists. I don't worry about sounding like anybody just have the settings to what I like.
  12. That looks great, I like dark and ebony fingerboards, what dye did you use
  13. What was it that you were thinking of?
  14. I have a Bravewood SB Jazz and can thoroughly recommend his work. For the same reason as @Kazan this lovely P bass will sadly not be joining me though. Otherwise, I'd have been very tempted.
  15. I used genuine Fiebing's Leather Dye. I'm going to put a second coat in these days
  16. Today
  17. Definitely an under valued bass compared to other comparable quality makers.
  18. Listening on catch up to 6Music - Gideon Coe's bible-themed special (5th April). A mix of secular and non-secular songs with a bible reference. Here's a gospel choice - Doris Troy , "Jacobs Ladder". Nice bass line.
  19. He does not charge more for SB. If this P is the same one I think it is it was listed several weeks before your Jazz and the Jazz was priced higher. I really considered buying the Jazz at the time (and wish I did as I'm in the EU and would have to tack on additional VAT if I were to buy one now). Besides, a proper vintage blonde is itself a burst of sorts, albeit subtle; the outer edge should be sprayed opaque to cover end grain and lamination joints. This is a detail even the Custom Shop instruments missed for years. On the restoration of my '66 J he did it over a SB and the upcharge was nominal. It was sort of a shame as he sent photos while in progress and it was an absolutely beautiful SB! I don't know if the tactic of trying to sell for more than new is going to work. I think Oliver is correct and around 1500 has been what most I've seen go for used (which is still great retention of value for any new instrument).
  20. @Al Krow has just got one of those GR Bass Aerotech cabs, has had I think Bergantino and Vanderkley 212’s as well as BF BB2, SC and a fearless 112 for further 12” info. His preferred set up is a 212 so he should be well placed to help here
  21. I would add that there is no good reason NOT to go down the passive speaker/powered mixer route. the one caveat is that powered mixers are not usually as flexible as non powered mixers. A second point, if you are just buying for female vocals a good 10 will work as well/or better than a mediocre 12. There is a band (5 or 6 piece)in Hampshire, Chicago 9 that use a pair of passive Electrovoice (EV) PA tops with a powered mixer. All instruments including the Harmonica use backline and they set the adjust at sound check and forget. They have the best onstage sound I have ever heard.
  22. The fact it’s on gumtree will slow down a sale. Wait a little while, offer £1500 which I think is about right and have yourself a superb bass. Still much better value than Fender custom shops.
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