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  2. Agreed, eggs and kale sounds like a dangerous combination. Blue
  3. I’m with you took me about 10 listens over a month...
  4. Agreed however it is a close run thing against the ‘Upright bass made from a wheelbarrow’ thread in the EUB and double bass section.
  5. Wilkinson bridges are decent, I put one on an MIM Jazz and it improved things. I'm a bit kack handed with the DIY stuff also but I found replacing bridge, tuners and even pickups relatively straightforward. Best of luck with the project!
  6. I love One Hot Minute but listened to I'm With You once and thought that it was dreadful. If you're into vinyl, Mother's Milk is incredible. BSSM was very disappointing and quite flat sounding
  7. I have no clips available right now. Compared with the EMG's it is a huge step forward in every aspect: I would say that even if you like the EMG sound you get it better with these SD's! Even Roger is offering this solution now in some of his NYC basses. They are expensive: €350-ish and then they need to be installed. I had it done by a professional luthier.
  8. It was just a so-so track that doesn't really stand out to me amongst the many better ones on SA. Cool bassline but that's about it.
  9. I've never cut mine... I stick it in the slot, then gently move it round a couple of times. Holding tightly onto that end, I get the ball and ram that into the other slot. While keeping tension I turn the knob until it's tight. Never had a problem with them going floppy!
  10. Emili bought my Musicman. Super easy deal, Extremely fast payment and excellent communication. Deal with absolute confidence, Top Basschatter!!
  11. At 28, with a little baby and another on the way, I left a reasonably steady but dull job at BT (after be redeployed from a far more interesting project-based role when budgets ran out) to chance my hand as a muso and sound engineer. Took voluntary redundancy so had a couple of months worth of bills in the bank but that was it. That was seven years ago this month. Have managed to buy a house since then, still just about clinging on, although I get the occasional rough patch (Jan/Feb are always tough). I've gradually moved away from the muso work and more in to the tech/production roles, and haven't actually played a gig for a year, but I've been very lucky to work with some incredible artists, travel to some beautiful places and get to do something I love for a living. It's VERY difficult to balance with a family. I think if you're going to do it, you need some money in the bank, a very understanding partner, and a reasonable amount of work in the diary. I was playing in a busy function band and doing semi-regular freelance sound gigs before I left my job, but the transition was still rough!
  12. That's very nice and guessing its a good one if you've owned it. Just bought a new car otherwise i would have been very tempted with this. GLWTS Dave
  13. ..and wonderful playing, GLWTS!
  14. Superb thread - loved it. Gets my vote for thread of 2020 already. 😁
  15. I initially commissioned this bass from Mark, I didn’t spec anything other than make it look old, he did, I loved it but the blues project folded sold that and the Fretless Jazz I commissioned at the same time. Absolutely spot on as a bass sound and looks.
  16. Wonderful clarity in the notes on the video. GLWTS
  17. Chamomile tea gives a softer more relaxed tone more suited for soft ballads.
  18. Well I have both and I know which I prefer. 🙂
  19. Any of you who are legends of the lathe, wizards of the workmate, genies of the jigsaw or maestros of the mortice joint can look away now! I've begun, in my own small way, to mess and meddle where I previously feared to tread. Mainly just decoratively but the screwdriver has been out. Behold my works ye mighty and despair. All I've done is replace the pos bridge supplied with the bass when I bought it (and at a mark up I might add) (must get that 'gullible' sticker removed from my forehead) which had curled like a week old leaf of lettuce. Oh and added no. 001 prototype Stew Black custom scratch plate. 002 will be significantly better, but we all must start somewhere. The bridge is a Wilkinson which brand seems both inexpensive and well thought of around here. I plan to introduce a little more of the black/gold so the bridge doesn't stand out like a blind cobblers thumb. Possibly at the nut, possibly at the nobs. Who knows? Now I've started this could go anywhere.
  20. Thanks, you know how good this setup sounds then. Thanks for your comment.
  21. Perfect brand of amp for that...…..
  22. My Gear Cull continues with My Status Electro bought on here from Tim in N.I. about 7 - 8 years ago I have made some changes to suit my needs these are - A John east pre-amp made to buffer between the Piezo and Mag pickup ( volume, blend, bass/treb' , para/ mid.) the original Status pre-amp will be included. I have tried just about every nylon coated string available and settled on Labella clear wrap nylons currently installed. This involved changing the nut/string guide and now has a Yew string guide. The original machine heads would not take the larger string diameter of nylon wrap strings down the center hole so it now sports a set of Hipshot's that do. As you can see the bass is a great example with a fantastic quilted maple top, Body is Walnut, Rosewood board. There is play ware but nothing major a small swirl on back of neck but you cant feel it, also some button rash on the lower bottom edge at the back. Prefer collection as I have no case or bag for this at present as it shares one with another bass depending on which gets the gig. UK only please sorry
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