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  2. Looking for a headless fan fret........... anybody aware of companies that make them please?
  3. Really liked these when I worked in a fender dealership, I fitted a wide bevel celluloid tort pickguard to one I sold for the customer and added covers. Looked the dogs danglies...
  4. The video reminded me of a photo of my front room a year ago. Can’t think why? 😀
  5. Another option may be Ernie Ball Cobalt wrapped flats and round wounds? I’ve got the flats on a couple of basses and love them as they have almost that round wound zing.
  6. Def, I have home-use basses and band-use basses. I’ll still play the band-use ones at home but the home-use ones are strictly that (well recording as well maybe but no situations where they could get stolen). I could easily cut back on numbers but it’s my hobby and I don’t really spend money on anything else.
  7. The aesthetic perfection of a CE sticker counterpoised against the do not recycle in the bin symbol.
  8. The Boss OC-3 lets you lower the sound by one or two octaves, I'm sure the new OC-5 does as well. I've got an OC-3 and it stays relatively clean sounding on both the one and two octave settings but it does lose a lot of definition below the E string's fifth fret though, no idea about other brands because I've got no experience with them!
  9. Luckily not my gig board, nor my brand new Zoom MS70, but I have a cheap “messing around” board with 4 pedals (tc analog Tailspin vibrato, Echobrain delay, Drip digital spring reverb) and an Ammoon looper, all powered by a Nordell Audio power supply. All seemed fine - had a loop just playing while I was searching for a patch cable. Then the looper just stopped playing. Power supply still lit up. The only pedal that seems ok is the digital reverb, the other three will no longer function! Any ideas on how the hell that happened? Please?!
  10. A very little mentioned string which I really like is the Fender 9120 nylon tapewound. They feel and sound quite different from a regularlar tapewound, very roundwound in feel and very bright.
  11. Depends on your needs really. I’m a big fan of the Morningstar stuff and @HazBeen is selling the excellent MC6 I sold him when I upgraded to the bigger MC8. If you wanted something with 12 buttons for the twelve chromatic pitches then a Macmillan 12 step or something might be better. Or some kind of midi organ foot pedal. I’d honestly suggest starting with the MC6 or smaller MC3 though.
  12. Yeah range or Air Basses coming soon 😂
  13. And if you tell that to the young people today, they won't believe you! I was going to mention, but everyone beat me to it, that until all this Covid lark, we got a new drummer. He has a rehearsal space with an old Peavey combo with BW15 which I used, and instantly thought cor that sounds good. I used to have a Peavey combo with BW15 which I used for years. Maybe a lot of us like the black widow as it's like coming home, seeing as it seems a great deal of used one before we all went and bought 'better' amps. I used to take the front seat of my Mini out and sit the Peavey on the floor, with loads of other gear on the back seat, my bass would sit on top of the amp in a hard case with the back end resting on the rear shelf. I came round a corner in the lanes, met another car and had to brake pretty sharpish. As I skidded towards the other car, the hardcase shot forwards and pushed the screen out, slid down the bonnet and onto the road. I got out and put the screen and bass in the back of the mini, reversed into a space to let the bewildered driver through and carried on to the gig sans screen. Ahh to be a young d!ckhead again. 🙂
  14. Now, this is exciting. Now I need you to tell me which one.
  15. All the bass any collector/ hobbyist/ player would ever need.
  16. Yes, that has been possible since v3 was launched using SYNTH mode. Any MIDI controller capable of sending note-on/off messages will work. Your phone will do it.
  17. There's so much more I suspect
  18. You could post a picture of the map and sofa on their own and we'd still all be here drooling and checking our Paypal accounts
  19. Resistance is futile 😂😂
  20. @Beedster Did you notice that the headstocks are always pointing the Homo valley ? F*ck, I've been staring at the map ! I will call the bank the tomorrow !
  21. Just as a guide to what some of the jargon means: UK terminology is similar but this image was handiest to use at the time of writing. One thing worth saying before someone shouts "Dremel!" is that you should not attempt to use a Dremel unless you are well experienced with how it can kick. That way you should not end up with a notch in your curve (man).
  22. Post of the year to date, and probably true (apart from the Hermes bit of course, we all know that was a step too far) I had a Mesa 15 that we dropped during a load in, it broke my car but the cab was no worse off for it. Ah the good old days, when cabs were cabs
  23. La Bella White Nylons are very nice. Elixirs are great too.
  24. So, for those of you who do not understand what Walshy's up to, it borrows strongly to the work on classical conditioning of Ivan Pavlov, but is perhaps more in keeping of the methods used by the Soviet block in the 60's and 70's to 'encourage' certain behaviours of their agents. In short, for a few years now Paul has been putting beautiful instruments in front of that map and sofa, which, you will have noticed, are always arranged identically in each listing. The prices, because these are beautiful instruments, are high, but rightly so, many would say below market value. But you watch this space, suddenly there will be Satellites, Columbi, even some of those awful Russian things, and we're all going to be so conditioned by the map and the sofa, that we'll just carry on buying at the same high prices. Do not stare at the map. Repeat, do not stare at the map.
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