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  2. Back from my holidays bump and further price drop. Now just £400. I don't want to go any lower than that - that's a lot of firepower for not very much money. This cab is in very very good condition, with its padded cover, and is a seriously good bit of kit. Go on - you know you want to.
  3. I've had numerous sets of strings where the E string sounded dead on short and long scale, some sets of strings just come with dead or semi dead strings. Sometimes your get a bad set. A slightly higher string gauge won't damage your neck, as long as it's standard gauge (105) and below, if it fits in the nut it's fine, if you have to enlarge the nut slots you might need to be careful with neck tension.
  4. That says it all. They really are that good aren't they?! Congratulations!
  5. You can't hear the difference? I think it's quite dramatic, I can hear the changes with my eyes shut quite distinctly
  6. While he may be able to hit a note, I'd prefer the sound of a screaming baby with an airhorn scraping a metal gauntlet down a 100 foot blackboard to that Yes geezer!
  7. Pretty much everything I’ve ever played from ‘72 has been great ( my 2 Rics are both ‘72s). Must have been something in the water.
  8. JBL has a range of active speakers. We’ve used PRX and SRX, both excellent. QSC is another brand you might consider. Much depends on your usage.
  9. Hey gang Following a recent fling with a '63 Precision, which made me realise the early 60's neck profile isn't for me, I'm back in the bosom of the lovely fat early 70s P neck. I picked this up a few days ago - it's a '72, with a neck stamp dated three days older than me. It's light (about 8.5lbs) and resonant, original black, with a maple neck. They're just teaser pics at the moment as it needs a little bit of love, but I'll post the full story soon. In the meantime, I can barely stop playing it...
  10. Passable, yes. Pavarotti-esque, not really. 😉😂 Whilst I’m aware Jon’s voice is extremely polarising, I’m a bit surprised anyone can think Hugh is actually a better singer technically.
  11. As it turns out, Ebay are doing a sell anything for £1 so this bass is on Ebay as well now for £749 + postage but my previous price of £660 posted to mainland UK (excluding rural locations) still stands. I've taken some more pictures as well:
  12. Met Johann entirely too early this morning when he collected my Boss Katana 😂 And I got to play his 63 strat. Which was nice! Good to meet you. Hope you got to the next gig in time.
  13. Never been asked either. In fact many of the venues we play could do with their electrics checking!
  14. I love gigging. I play covers in a pub band and record every gig so I can watch and listen to the whole thing all over again the day after. I note what sounds good and any errors I make. Even though the material is quite unchallenging I have used the experience to sort out two longstanding problems: my stage presence, and singing live. I look forward to an evening's gig all day and I often like to have a haircut before getting ready. It is without a doubt the best hobby I can imagine. And the money pays for my singing lessons and more basses.
  15. Never been sacked, although to be fair as one of the main writers in most of the bands I’ve been in - I’ve always played original music - I’ve been too indispensable to sack. That, plus all the others members would have been too terrified of the consequences. 😉😂(when I was younger - and had more hair! - I used to get mistaken for Henry Rollins, so much so that most people knew me as “Henry”, or occasionally “Rollins”😁). My advice would be to get your own band together. Find people who want to play the same music you do, be it originals or covers. There must be plenty out there. And try and make sure they’re people you get along with, and that there are no huge egos, because that’s always just an accident waiting to happen. I play original music with some of my best friends, all of whom are pretty humble and self-deprecating. I wouldn’t have it any other way.
  16. Hi, I'm selling my Vigier Excess Original 5 string black in perfect condition, only some brands of use painted with marker (I tried to photograph but they are very small) but nothing serious. I'm looking for 1700€ Specifications taken from a magazine Neck Wood Maple Construction Bolt-on Width at Nut 1.81″ (46mm) Width at 12th Fret 2.54″ (64.4mm) Thickness at 1st Fret .81″ (20.5mm) Thickness at 12th Fret .94″ (23mm) Fingerboard Wood Rosewood or Maple Radius 11.81″ (300mm) Scale 33.86″ (860mm) Nut Teflon Frets Stainless Steel w/ Removeable Zero Fret Action at 12th Fret Treble .078 (2.0mm) Bass .11″ (2.7mm) String Spacing At Nut 1.50″ (38mm) At Bridge 2.83″ (72mm) Body Wood Alder Weight 7.50lbs (3.4kg) Electronics Type Active Configuration S-S Pickups Vigier Neck Excess N Middle N/A Bridge Excess B Controls Volume, 2-Band EQ Switch Balance Pot Hardware Bridge Vigier Quick Release Machine Heads Vigier/Schaller
  17. Just done a trade on one of these... swapped an auto wah for a manual. it sounds good - not right for what I’m after, but that’s Sod’s law more than anything. was going to bing it on eBay and carry the search on. but it’s making a weird noise - it squeaks/pops when stepping on/off like a jack being unplugged. anyone had one of these and resolved it? Ive got an amazing guy near me called Graham Owen (Owen Electronics) who will sort it... i’ll have To use another wah from guitarist tomorrow 🤦🏻‍♂️ Should've just paid out for what I wanted originally...
  18. Thanks! GOod to see some familiar faces still around.
  19. First off, check to see that the E is sitting correctly in the nut slot and on the saddle. If not then get that sorted, if you can do it yourself great, if not, someone who can. Don't think you need to worry about neck issues by going up to a 100 gauge, although I can't imagine that it will solve the issue that you are concerned about.
  20. Cor!!! That's a beaut'!
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  22. More sympathy available in 'Effects'...
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