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  2. I ended up the only original member of a blues band I only joined as a stand in favour for, very weird.
  3. With pleasure - let me get my Focusrite & DAW sorted (bear with me - maybe a couple of weeks with other stuff on my plate!) and I'll post a couple of clips.
  4. Yep..... Although the caveat to this is that I've found 'the one' on numerous occasions previously! 🤣 Unfortunately, the requirements for qualifying as 'the one' change periodically..... 🤔
  5. JMarkD

    '51 Precision?

    You may be correct. I was too young to know anything about that. It did have a ground wire under the pick up cover that was left off the CS reissue in the photo. I used only flats on it as that was really all you could get back then and I hated how bright they sounded when new! LOL. I purchased that old bass from a guy who had been in a fifties band for $75.00. I certainly wish I still had it! I have only one photo of it from my very first gig. A church picnic when I was a teenager. The amp was a cheapo piece of crap but I loved it.
  6. I think Dr Feelgood haven't got any original members, and they weren't very good when I saw them. There's a version of Sham 69 without any original members but to confuse matters even further most of the original members are now touring as Sham 69 but they always have Pursey, Parsons, Tregunna on the posters. Bizarrely, there's 2 versions of the Glitter Band as well, or was, no idea how many were original members are in either band
  7. Did someone just troll me? A few moments ago my link pointed to the Homer Simpson “Nerd!” scene! Kudos to the person who managed to do that!
  8. Oh yeah, amazing player. I wasn’t aware it was a guest spot, so I can see now why it didn’t quite fit. Still a great clip though.
  9. Playing at a venue last night for a wedding. Played fine, but the room sound was utterly dreadful. Big concrete box with an added domed ceiling. Rumble, bounce, boing boing boing. Our engineer had smoke coming out of his ears. Almost nothing in the FOH mix in the end to make it as quiet as possible. We have a list is venues we just avoid playing, because the sound is always dreadful. Any one else avoid crap sounding venues!
  10. Super tempting. Had one a while back and loved it but it was way heavier than this one, so I sold it.
  11. Ah, but I never said ‘want’. Totally different thing and much more enjoyable 😁
  12. Many of my best posts are written with some kind of Scotch influence...
  13. But they are each a different ‘one’, and I only want one ‘one’ lol.
  14. We really should try to find a way of playing it live properly. Pure laziness on our part lol. Would love to hear what you came up with.
  15. I have no problem with it as long as they capture the spirit of the band. What some people forget is often an original member might be a fan favourite but the replacement isn't going to be a rubbish player. To audition and get in a name band you have to at least be of a certain standard so usually, from my experience, you wind up watching a decent show.
  16. Ah ok thanks. I was able to get pretty close last night on my Boss SY-1 on arp setting.
  17. Yeah, it's so easy. Now I use normal strings, rounds with one ball.
  18. Blimey Dave, if they both feel like 'the one' then, by definition, that must make them 'the two'? 😄 But seriously mate, very few of us get to thinking that any bass is 'the one' (@TRBboy being an honourable exception), so if you've found 'the ones', hold on to them!
  19. Heresy, heresy, HERESY! Mods please get this chap thrown off BC for use of such offensive, contented, language. 😁
  20. I've recently seen Martin Turner, Ex Wishbone Ash live. Outstanding band. I wouldn't go to see Wishbone Ash with Andy Powell though but that's for a different thread.
  21. It's a simple backing track that our drummer triggers from a Roland SPD SX. We're all on in ears so we all get the click in our mix.
  22. I’ve programmed clever pitch offsets to the oscillators, controlled by expression pedal. See here: Here’s another example which uses the expression to switch between m7b5, m9, 9, and maj9 voicings: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1RZ1sySW33BoJn4nCSrHj8940yv_mw81E/view?usp=drivesdk
  23. Seen something else I want to price drop until it goes .
  24. Hey Dave. Guthrie got up and did a impromptu solo with us on that night & i dont think he'd even heard the track before hand? I found the clip on YouTube just yesterday and then noticed the feed on here. Its was all done in a very lighthearted spirit anyhow. What a player Guthrie is though
  25. IMO one member is fine but I'd draw the line at no members! I did some gigs a few years ago with a Thunderclap Newman and the closest they came to an original member was the guitarist who replaced Jimmy McCulloch. To be fair they were billed as Thunderclap but the posters could be misconstrued, and often were!! In the Early 70's Fleetwood Mac's management tried to send Stretch out as Fleetwood Mac on a US tour. In the end the tour didn't happen because Stretch refused to do it.
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