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South Croydon

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I acquired this case in a recent bass purchase here on BC and I don't have room for it.  It's an old tweed case, no brand name, with Jeff Duncan's name on one side and on the inside of the lid of the internal storage. The locks seem to work OK but I don't have any keys for it.  The outside is "road worn", to put it politely, but the inside is ok.


If you are called Jeff Duncan and can prove it, you can have this for £10.  For anyone else, it's £5.   🙂


Collection from South Croydon preferred.




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11 minutes ago, TheGreek said:


Well, Jeff supports free markets and in this instance, the case is greatly inflated in price obviously because Jeff is famous. Notorious it seems.  It's a scandal really. Jeff obviously gave this away in good spirit and the capitalists are profiteering via his good will. As if any BC'er could afford the asking price anyway! It's tantamount to cruelty really.

The world doesn't know what it's on about anymore and neither do I.

I love beer me 😂

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