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2007 Celinder Classic Jazz 4 - Alder/Brazilian Rosewood, Shoreline Gold. SOLD


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Hello all

Painful, but expensive studio equipment and roof bills must.

I have gigged and recorded with this as one of my main basses over the last 8 years.  

This is as classic a jazz as you'll get. The sound is there. Alder body, beautiful Brazilian rosewood fretboard with clay dots, and gorgeous Shoreline Gold colour.

Weighs 9.4 lbs.

Dual concentric V/T knobs for controls, Alleva-Coppolo single coil pickups, reverse turn tuning pegs, all very vintage styling. Electronics in full working order. Frets are in good condition. As an aside, the Hipshot detuner is stock and how it came from Chris originally; I did not add it.    

It has 3 dings and 1 dent I want to highlight, and I have photographed them carefully. All have been filled with a matching lacquer and buffed slightly, but they are definitely there, though fortunately all on the sides, not the front/headstock. I also want to highlight a mark on the neck which is from the original manufacture - under the neck finish - I did not put it there. I have again photographed it carefully. Looks like a buffed out scorch mark from a sander? Not sure.

It has fresh D'Addario EXL165s on there for the buyer.

It comes with a Celinder hard case, an extra black pickguard, and a spare Hipshot reverse winding tuner, in case you want to take the Detuner off. I experimented with it but went back to stock. 

The colour and fretboard take it up a notch from other Celinders in rarity and, of course, price.

I'm looking for £2500, though of course will consider offers as well. No trades, unfortunately.  

I don't think it would be wise to ship this out of UK or Europe....not sure what happens if old basses without paperwork for the Brazilian rosewood cross borders, but I'm sure it's annoying. 





























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A wonderful bass - I've been sufficiently fortunate to have owned a few Celinders and the passive J's are amongst my favourites.  There's something about the ergonomics of Cristian's basses that makes them incredibly easy to wear and play.  The board on this one is spectacular too (as is beautifully figured neck!).  I'd still have the Celinders if I hadn't moved over to shortscale pretty much exclusively.  Good luck with the sale though it shouldn't need a lot of luck - some of the finest basses on the planet and there aren't that many of them around

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Thanks for all the comments, very nice! 

@ped nice to see you too! I have been on the boards but perhaps more on amps last few years, though I did a quick update in Basses after a cheapie I got a few months ago. 

I also meant to say for the prospective buyer. Current setup is 5/64” on E string measured at 12th fret, ranging to 4/64” on G string at same spot.  Relief is very minimal - I think 0.008” at 7th-8th fret when I hold down E string at 1st and last fret - just what I like. I haven’t touched the truss rod in years - very stable neck. 

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15 minutes ago, Marcus said:

This is an excellent exceptionally nice instrument ! We’re I not on the lookout for an Alembic.......

Oh come on, this is far more giggable.  Pull  the trigger already.

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Lol. Me too. The bass is choice in so many ways.

I wish Christian has been able to keep his business running. As it is, I own about 0.6% of his total output - 3 out of 500 basses he made in total. Though soon be be 2 out of 500...

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It’s the shape. IMO

Christian nailed a better body shape, which streamlined the typical Jazz body and allowed 21 fret access as well, made the headstock match it, and tweaked the pickguard shape perfectly to make it flow.

Well, all that and the finishes, of course. 

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