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  1. so nice I’m actually considering selling my 62 slab board Jazz in order to buy 🤔
  2. Is the neck more of a P width ?
  3. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  4. Natural Ray and Modulus now sold.... 1962 Pre CBS ‘Slab Board’ Jazz now up for sale - after some research and an almost complete absence of anything similar for sale on planet Earth for less than £8k a revised price of £6k is now available The Pre EB Stingray now also for sale @ £1750 pm’s please
  5. It’s incredible ! I have a gig at the end of the month where I want to use it then it will formally be up for sale
  6. I’m up in Sunderland but I do travel about a bit....
  7. After much deliberation and literally dozens of PM’s regarding the 62 Jazz and Pre EB Ray I’ve decided to keep these 2 Basses.... I could have sold them both 20 times but they are keepers.... all others for sale.... Regards & Thanks to all who have enquired Mark
  8. Musicman Stingray Natural / Maple Absolute belter of a bass.... bites and barks like a stingray should but holds down the low end with authority in a band like not all of them do !! Plays superb looks stunning, lovely grain and not anaemic like some natural Basses can be.... the Propper thing....
  9. Apologies busy day at work and now travelling into the evening ill reply to pm’s as soon as poss ATB Mark
  10. Okay so I’ve got 6 Basses that I’m ideally looking to reduce to 3 L-R Modulus Flea 1997 Flea logo first year of production sought after non truss rod in the Purple Sparkle... Lakers sticker just peel off and I have original scratch plate. In the interest of disclosure the neck has some issues, there is very little relief in the neck which means the bass will not set up with a low action, in order to try and resolve this the frets have been dressed down very low from the 5th to the 12th fret. The board has be caught in a couple of places (not that noticable visually but I just want to be honest) The original LP pickup has been replaced with another non branded pickup..... bass sounds great and plays okay with a high action. £1000 SOLD Musicman Stingray Natural / Maple 3 band... absolute stonker !! £800 SOLD Fender Jazz 1962 last of the slab boards pre CBS goodness £6000 (not a bass I want to part with but it pays a tax bill I have coming) Custom Build Jazz made for my 40th Birthday in 2010 incredible spec £1000 Musicman Stingray Pre EB again not a priority to sell but available at £1750 THE most resonant bass I’ve ever heard !! SOLD Musicman Stingray 2 Band with Status Graphite neck OMG what a bass !! £1000 So £11k is a discount for the full lot but some negotiation is possible if you want to buy them all. Obviously more details and pics available on request the pics attached are just a few I have on my phone for now... clearly I’m not expecting to sell a pre CBS Jazz at £6k on the basis of these pics !! sorry but I have to say no trades as I’m looking to sell all or thin the herd as they say.....
  11. Awesome bass !! I wish I could justify in my collection but a pending house move means I’m probably selling rather than buying just now..... 😢
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