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9 hours ago, danny-79 said:

It’s evolving and I’m getting quite happy with it. 

I had to change the truss rod bolt, that was a task in its self finding the right one. I feel I should should panic buy a few bags of them after the haste of that !!!! 

But anyways, I collected a few other parts while it was out of action and have now put it all together. 







USA Deluxe?

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On 12/10/2021 at 20:18, mr zed said:

USA Deluxe?

Yeah, 2007 model.. ( I brought it off this forum in 2011)I’ve also removed the lacquer off the back of the neck in favour of oil & wax 

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Being into my vintagey tones (think flats and valves, motown and Deacon) it still really surprises me that my MIJ 75 ri Jazz bucks the common generalisation that P’s do that best. I love my P but honestly this jazz sounds so good, like the old recordings 





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my modest contribution 



a 2007 Fender jazz (fairly bog standard, doesn’t even have Pearl inlays), and a 2004 Squier with the original strings!! I did slightly cheat by putting block inlay stickers on the Squier but I think it looks rather fetching…

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17 hours ago, Pow_22 said:

Not sure whether i prefer it over the black or not….

I like the tort - it suits the period of bass very well, the original would have been tort... all looks very proper.

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