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  1. NOOO!!! WD40 will wash out any grease from the bearing and significantly shorten the life span. It does have some lubricating properties but it will evaporate off if the bearing gets hot (which it will). Drop some 3-in-1 in there instead, or better yet re-pack it with grease.
  2. One thing my 7yo struggles with (apart from having the attention snap of a gnat) is managing all the strings. Going down to three is great because then they can focus one fretting finger on each string and strum all three without worrying about which strings to mute or play open or whatever. I got her a mini Strat copy for £20 on facebook, it looks and sounds great and I reckon she'll get there eventually, but I wish I'd seen the Loog first!
  3. If it's good quality quarter-sawn timber, especially if it's well-figured, then one piece works great. Three piece necks are a good way to reduce the risk of warping as the timber ages, as you can oppose the grains so any warping will be cancelled out by the other piece - handy to make use of otherwise-nice wood that isn't quarter-sawn. Also you can add a contrast veneer between the pieces for a distinctive look. If I were building a custom bass, I'd aim for a single piece of flamed maple, but if it was a through-neck I'd probably opt for a three piece for looks.
  4. Check out Tim Sway on youtube, he makes some amazing and weird guitars and basses. He uses only reclaimed or recycled materials and isn't afraid to break a few moulds. His sliding pick-up bass and modular pick-up guitars are particularly cool
  5. I've got my eye on a couple of used Strat bodies on ebay for just this purpose - either using a Retrovibe 30" neck or an undrilled Strat neck.
  6. I did drum lessons for a year at school, but I never carried on - no idea why as I love drumming. 20-odd years later I'm still always tapping away on whatever object is nearby, practicing polyrhythms and stuff. I'd love to take it up again but I can barely keep up with bass at the moment.
  7. Try your local motorcycle repairer, they're usually good with welding random bits like that.
  8. Also this: https://www.submarinepickup.com/pages/submarine-pro, so you can turn certain strings on and off, or have effects on some strings and not others. Kinda cool, but really weird.
  9. I'm curious about how the Bass VI sound compares to a conventional bass (eg a Jazz), a baritone guitar (~27" scale length) and a conventional guitar (eg a Strat). How are baritones and Bass VIs tuned compared to ~25" guitars - an octave lower, two octaves? Anyone know of any youtube vids with a good comparison? Obviously they'll all be very different, but I've never knowingly heard a Bass VI or a baritone in isolation.
  10. Both homemade and the only examples I could find after a 10 second Google. The were apparently plans afoot for a Pino Palladino signature model, seems it never happened. I might have a new direction for my 5 string project build.
  11. Were you being incredibly fastidious by running the string paths with a slight taper to match the bridge-to-nut taper (so each string is truly straight), or are you a normal person and just drew them parallel?
  12. I'll take it if Jimothey doesn't want it.
  13. Well I never knew that. So perhaps it's not quite such a misnomer after all...
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