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  1. They come up on ebay from time to time. In fact I nearly bought one that was listed a few weeks ago despite not actually having a suitable bass to put it in
  2. The shape bothered me as the edges can be uncomfortable after a while so I've had two built by Warmoth in the past in the '54 style shape like the Fender Sting model As far as pickups go, my favourite two have been the Lollar one and the Seymour Duncan Stack that is/was used by Sting and Dusty Hill
  3. I had already emailed the main email address and Dawn but hadn't heard anything and that was why I started getting concerned but a message through Facebook and I got a response right away. They are going to check when they are back next week and let me know.
  4. They've responded to the message I sent on messenger and are going to check for me. I have aspergers so the phone thing is outwith my control plus I have to avoid confrontational situations for the same reason. The written message is far safer for everyone involved 😬
  5. I have a bit of a phobia when it comes to using the phone plus having something in writing keeps everyone right should things change. I can understand if they're busy but to completely ignore me is pretty poor
  6. I'd heard that as well but 2 weeks with no reply isn't very reassuring plus they're still quoting 6-7 weeks on the website for new orders and it's currently 10.
  7. I ordered a neck about 10 weeks ago and emailed Dawn a couple of weeks ago to find out when it would be ready. I've since emailed Dawn and the [email protected] address but haven't heard anything and now I'm getting concerned. I haven't been able to see anything online to suggest that there's any issues at present. Has anyone spoken to or emailed them recently?
  8. Cool. They're really cool and look to be well made and want one so that's good news 👍
  9. Does anyone here who owns one keep their strap attached to their bass in it's gig bag? I'm thinking that the metal length adjustment thingies might scratch the body.
  10. Coincidentally looking at the description of the bass in your sig it will be turquoise
  11. I really want this one but I'll probably have to spend every Sunday cleaning it as it'll show every tiny bit of dirt
  12. Bicycle race is on YouTube and it is thoroughly mental. I was actually laughing listening to it because it is such a crazy and incredible bassline
  13. I've managed to fit Spirit of the Radio into the verse of Don't Stop Believing. I haven't tried this one but I think I can make Killing in the Name Of fit into Beyonce's Crazy In Love
  14. relax, you're all wrong. There's only one drummer that could replace Charlie and that man is Steve Moore What? It's been a good 5 minutes since this video was posted on the forum 😀
  15. Doug's done a few with MIck including my favourite solo track
  16. Yeah with their long tails and beady eyes. Tasty though
  17. The Fenders are a more vibrant green than the D'addarios if I remember correctly
  18. Delberthot


    Sometimes like with basses etc the only way is to try some and find out what suits you best. I went through most of the ones listed when I first got my QSC Q12.2 but settled on the Radial Tonebone Bassbone as it gave me exactly the sound that I needed, well nearly exactly what I needed. It only took a cheap Behringer CS400 to complete my sound. Lots of control from this pedal plus it has a DI, A/B, effects loop, high pass filter, boost, tuner out, piezo setting and so on. It's big and it uses an awkward voltage if you prefer a single multi power supply but it's worth it for me to get what I want
  19. So that probably means that most of us on the forum who change string tension/brand/roundwound/flatwound/tapewound with the weather are all screwed then and shouldn't bother 😀 I for one have never bought a bass and kept the same string gauge as was fitted. The closest I got was a bass fitted with EXL170 and I tend to use EXL165 when I'm using nickel roundwounds
  20. It doesn't look like strings matter. If the neck is under tension then the neck is under tension. It means that when you adjust the truss rod to a specific bow regardless of the gauge of strings used everything will be level. That's my take on what it looks like to me although I have been known to talk utter sloblock from time to time 🥴
  21. Always make sure I wash my hands before playing and never wipe the strings with anything
  22. Genuinely gutted to hear this. My brother and I drove 6 hours down to Birmingham to see them around 2016 at the O2.
  23. I also have a red one for when I need a 5 string. It must have been around this time last year when there were a few of us all trying to get the same bass. I didn't but managed to find one locally. Surprised that this is still here. They're fantastic basses for very little money
  24. Nutbush? Man that would be good to hear 😀
  25. If the frets are tarnished then I usually tape off the fretboard with Frog Tape (not made from actual frogs) as it comes off easy without leaving a residue. I then lightly use 000 grade steel wool to go over the frets and shine them up. Make sure that you either cover the magnets for the pickups or stay well away from them with the steel wool otherwise they'll end up covered in the little metal filings from the steel wool. Alternatively you can buy a little template that goes over each individual fret but I prefer to do the whole fretboard at the same time
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