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  1. [quote name='The Funk' post='500500' date='May 29 2009, 01:21 AM']Exactly why I wanted it. For the doom side project that may overtake the main funk project. As I replied first am I first in line or was I not definitive enough? [/quote] I'm sorry dude - beaten by PMs and firm offer! First one was <5 mins after OP!
  2. Nah! I'm not going to get in to this auction thing. Frowned on roun' these paaartz, they iz! I've got 2 offers at the asking, subject to approval of the pics. I may end up kicking myself if it turns out to be a bargain, but 1. I wasn't using it 2. It s tatty and had parts replaced so won't appeal to some twatty collector 3. As my old mate used to say, "Jules, life's too short, and so are you"
  3. I've taken some photos, and looked at the valves. 2 Marshall el34 and 2 unnamed (older?) output valves, 1 Marshall ecc83, 1 Peavey ecc83, 1 Peavey 12AT7 (done from memory, could be wrong!) I thought it may be 73/4 but it could well be older. Anyone shed any light? just noticed a lot of 69s on the transformers - date codes? Had a quick play tonight through a tiny guitar cab and all is functioning correctly. I was surprised how little background noise there was with it full up too. [attachment=26129:P1010194.JPG][attachment=26130:P1010193.JPG][attachment=26131:P1010190.JPG][attach ment=26132:P1010189.JPG][attachment=26133:P1010187.JPG][attachment=26134:P1010186.JPG][attachment=26 1 35:P1010183.JPG][attachment=26136:P1010182.JPG][attachment=26137:P1010181.JPG][attachment=26138:P101 0 180.JPG]
  4. [quote name='Crazykiwi' post='499550' date='May 28 2009, 02:54 AM']Laney Supergoups are highly respectable 70's amps and on the cusp of collectability.[/quote] So if I said £600 I'd get more interest? Seriously though, I haven't seen any of these up for sale recently and am a bit out of touch in terms of "collectability" and "worth". Thanks for any input on these matters. I suppose I should get some photos done. Would you like that?
  5. Hi folks. A Laney Supergroup 100. For Bass or guitar. Had this kicking around for years. Got it serviced last year. I just haven't ever used it so may move it on. If there's any interest, I can post pictures. The equivalent Marshall would be worth tons but... Any interest at around £275 ? Cheers Jules
  6. lots of interesting opinions re Stingrays on this old thread: [url="http://basschat.co.uk/index.php?showtopic=43454&st=0&start=0"]http://basschat.co.uk/index.php?showtopic=...t=0&start=0[/url]
  7. the bass player in my old band had one in natural finish and it sounded fantastic recorded. I don't normally get on with precisions, but this was fantastic! Good luck with the sale. MBA
  8. [quote name='mikhay77' post='494761' date='May 21 2009, 11:12 PM']really likin that,is it active?its a really nice shape and looks great build quality,german you say mmmm.[/quote] Not German, Oriental. It has got a touch of the Alembics about it. Good score!
  9. summat up with the picture links, or is it just me?
  10. Hi folks I just wanted to pass on my experience of my first gig using my Lowdown 110 (75W) Because I had to take MY drum kit for our drummer (don't ask!) I didn't have the space (or, frankly the inclination) to take my Trace 300W combo. The gig was in a pub with a raised stage area, vocal P.A. (no monitors ) and acoustic guitar straight through the pa. We aren't a very loud band, but the amp competed fine with the drums and guitar and sounded quite nice, and the mix was "about right" according to 3 folks in the audience who are musicians. I had the master vol on about half, so there was a bit more in the bag too. At this setting it was still quite clean and undistorted, not sure how it would have fared if I'd pushed it more, but it didn't need it here. Pleasantly surprised. Jules
  11. Bump for price drop. Come on folks, this is a good deal!
  12. Hi folks This is sadly the last gig for The New Moon is it's current line-up. Our drummer, the Boy Cornelius is moving to Canada. The gig is at the Magdalen Arms, Iffley rd. It will be mainly acoustic acts, as it is an acoustic night, but we have had special dispensation to use drums as it's our last gig. So, any basschatters, please come along, and if you have any drummer mates, brothers or acquaintences, please bring them too! I think we will be up 8.30-9 ish. Cheers Jules PS its free to get in too
  13. Guess so. It's something you would need to try for yourself and decide if it makes that much difference. Still, as an inexpensive backup it's still pretty good.
  14. Am I asking too much for this? If so, what would be considered right? Cheers Jules
  15. It's just nostalgia for the music people grew up with in their teens. You'll find it happens for every generation. That, and the pension thing!
  16. [quote name='jonthebass' post='486784' date='May 13 2009, 11:52 AM']Not knocking the repair hint but that is no good for your soldering iron tip![/quote] Will be fine if you clean the tip off straight away after doing it. Try not to breathe the fumes too much!
  17. [quote name='flatwound' post='485779' date='May 12 2009, 11:47 AM']F*&#,....hows ya back. !?[/quote] anyone had a Kramer 450b? I think mine was over 12lbs. Metal and mahogany - you know when you've got one of those on!
  18. [quote name='MB1' post='484436' date='May 10 2009, 06:03 PM']MB1. ............MB1....Calling Jamesemt!....Come in James it's for you! Jamesemt is Little Jack Hohner in these parts...Sure hed' like this! [/quote] Maybe the pictures will help get his juices flowing! I offered it direct to him before. Piccies always seem to get MY gas going...
  19. Hi Folks Fully functioning generally good condition neck-through headless bass. All maple construction. EMG select jazz pickups, 2band active eq, operates passive too (no dead battery misery!) The only issue this bass has is that the relief in the neck only adjusts so far, then stops. With 45-100 strings on this means there is just under 1mm relief in the middle of the board when fretted at 1 and 24. It Plays fine with no rattles. The neck is stable, narrow width but reasonably deep by a lot of modern bass standards (round C-shape), string spacing 10mm nut, 18mm bridge. There are also photos of scratches along the fingerboard (repair?) by the first 2 frets. These can't be felt when playing. I own 3 of these, and one has been my sole gigging bass since '91, not let me down once, and never even broken a string. This was bought as a twin to the one I defretted, but I've not really used it since I got it, and now have a SEI... The sound is quite organic, woody, though the eq can dial in nice cutting top and dubby bass. Any takers? Cheers Jules
  20. My first ever bass was a fretted version of this!!! A friend of mine had a defretted one which was pretty good too. The pickup was quite microphonic and made an almighty clunk when you slid it back and forth, but the tone was pretty good for what was a very cheap bass at the time. DiMarzio did a nice humbucker which drops in as a nice replacement too. I'd be fascinated to know what they fetch these days, I think I paid £70 for mine in '78....
  21. [url="http://nightshift.oxfordmusic.net/phpbb/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=805"]http://nightshift.oxfordmusic.net/phpbb/vi...p?f=3&t=805[/url] Altec IIRC was one of the best speakers you could buy back in the day, could be a good cheap buy for someone...
  22. The active ones have a trim pot on the preamp so you can make it very loud if you like. Personally, I set it to about the same as the passive volume, the output of which is fine, by the way. That way, if the battery goes, you can flip to passive without having to quickly tweak your rig mid song. I have 2 of the Jack Custom, and they sound really good, quite organic, fretted and especially defretted. Also, they don't go out of tune, and I have NEVER broken a string on one! Only one thing to look out for - check the truss rod will bring the neck true and flat. One of mine is fine, the other stops with about 1mm of relief. Still plays fine though, and no fret buzz! Jules
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