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  1. I find my volume stays pretty much the same but I always roll off a bit of tone when switching to a pick as I find it too bright.
  2. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  3. Head Removed from sale as I just can't bare to part with it. Cab still up for grabs.
  4. Can do the cab for £450... might even include postage in that
  5. [b]PRICE REDUCED!![/b] [b]NOW £420 POSTED[/b] FOR SALE: OCB410H 4x10 Cab Cab has a few small scuffs on some of the edges (barely noticeable) but otherwise in great condition. Comes with official Orange cover. Cab spec: [url="https://orangeamps.com/products/bass-guitar-speaker-enclosures/obc-series/obc410-speaker-cab/"]https://orangeamps.c...10-speaker-cab/[/url] This really is a lovely sounding piece of kit. Looking for £450 collected from Newcastle. Can meet within a reasonable distance or post at buyers cost.
  6. I ended up getting the OBC410 in the end as one came up at a price I couldn't resist. It's a lot heavier than I would have liked but I'm very happy with the tone I get through it.
  7. I never understood why folk wanted to emulate Flea's tone. It works in the Chilis but at least to my ears it's not what I'd ever consider a 'good' tone. I mean, like everything it's a personal taste thing, I just never liked it much. Great player though, obviously.
  8. As far as Im aware the TB500 fits in the 'Terror' gig bag advertised on Oranges website. https://orangeamps.com/shop/accessories/terror-gig-bag/ As DannyBuoy says though, they do come with one anyway. I'd be surprised to see someone selling one without the bag.
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