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  1. The worst part is, I didn't really want it but at that price I couldn't resist ordering. And now that I can't have it, I want one!!!
  2. Makes me wonder why I do not get a single mail... Time to check if Amazon cancelled my order for me. Not that I wanted this book per se, but still... 🙂
  3. Whilst I would advise reading up on it first, I would definitely recommend anyone to buy an ukulele. My first was a sopranobut I prefer a concert size. Thinking of getting a tenor soon.
  4. Years ago, I ordered an NS design WAV on a whim. I figured since I played in a rockabilly-ish band, this would be a good fit. Took me quite a while to actually sound like I knew what I was doing, but I loved it. These days I hardly play EUB, whether at home or on a gig, so she just stands there. I told my misses I might sell the EUB but she told me to just keep it. My current blues band has a living room concert coming up soon, so perhaps I will give er a go. At no point have I gassed for an actual upright, nor do I consider myself an upright player. I play EUB, which really is a different instrument.
  5. I just spent about an hour getting the bass line down for Jace Everett's Bad Things. Don't have all the details but more than enough to actually get all the different parts as opposed to faking just the main riffs. So I texted the guitarist and told him that he's free to do whatever, provided he respects the number of measures 😄
  6. Damn that Jake is no slouch!! Thanks, guys. Will also check out James Hill, the name sounds familiar...
  7. No problem, and while I admit your post gave me food for thought, it WAS what I asked for and it was definitely done in a more than constructive manner Thanks, we have been thinking of adding backing vocals. I could easily do it - in the mechanical sense that I can sing and play bass at the same time. I'm just not a good singer As for the nasal bass, well it's a fretless and I do quite like this particular bass' tone. Having said that, I will revisit its sound, to hear if I agree or not To be fair, I do not feel like there was any dog-piling taking place. I will admit that I would have preferred heaps of praise but in fairness, I have my mom for that This gives me things to ponder, about the band as a whole, myself in particular and my Audacity-editing skills for this sort of intentions. So yeah, I think this thread is working pretty well for me!
  8. No worries! My initial response was equally ehm, civil I am well aware of this particular drummer - I played with him in a different project for about 7 or 8 years. Like I said, I am aware of everyone's shortcomings, including mine. People who do come out to watch us ( ) all say they are entertained and we should play more / longer. In fact the crew who recorded the Durango Sessions (which was our first live outing) said, and I quote: "With a sound like this, you'll have no trouble getting gigs". They even asked us back for another recording session later in the year But as masochistic as it may appear, I am happy with feedback such as given in this thread - it helps me stay focused on areas to improve, rather than get into a collective-high-five mode that every band inevitably falls into once they start gigging and getting positive feedback (from friends and family )
  9. @bazzbass, this is actually more constructive and less insulting (in my view) than your first remark So thanks, I really do appreciate it!
  10. Shame she didn't update it to a 2.0 version to include forum posts. At least the others are offering something constructive here
  11. Hi Dad3353, that is some tough love indeed! But I posted here, looking for feedback, so no complaints. I should have clarified, the Eindhoven teaser is recorded with a Zoom which was positioned in the room - not taken from the board mix. The Durango Session was taken directly from the mixing console, so different end result. As for the actual performances, again thanks for the feedback - I am aware of our shortcomings Will listen back with a more critical ear to my own performance, and see where I can improve
  12. Hi everyone, For my current band, I have decided on a new-to-me approach for live recordings. Rather than ask people and venues to listen to full tracks, I generate "teasers" with cross-fades. This allows me to highlight different tracks in what I hope is an enjoyable listening experience. Feel free to comment on the approach in general, and in particular - the tracks called "Live In Eindhoven teaser" and "Durango Sessions" were treated as described above.
  13. I hear ya. Once quit a band because they wanted to play Uriah Heep's Easy Livin without the twiddley part in the chorus. Well, that and they couldn't pull off ZZ Top's Tush...
  14. As promised, here is an audio teaser. Recorded live, warts 'n all. https://soundcloud.com/drdiddley/dr-diddley-live-in-eindhoven-teaser Feedback welcome!
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