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  1. Thanks for the input folks. I got to play his bass yesterday and was blown away how well it played with no setup. I would have further fettled it to my taste, but he has a lot heavier touch than me. It was a flying visit, so I didn't get the chance to remove the scratchplate though 😞
  2. Cool! These must be pretty rare!
  3. Tasty, I've always loved the design of the Travis Beans
  4. That looks excellent, what wood is the fretboard?
  5. Nose grease, aka squalene. Some people produce more than others though...
  6. Out of interest, would it be usable without a plate, or do they have ugly routing holes/trenches?
  7. @theyellowcar thanks for the info, I wonder if that's still the case? How long ago are we talking, roughly?
  8. Hi All My mate has just got a sunburst fretless, has anyone changed the scratchplate on theirs? We both agree that tort would look better than the white it comes with. Is a generic jazz plate likely to fit? Cheers
  9. What's the idea behind that shaped pickup?
  10. Nothing hate about the voice there matey, that's rather lovely!
  11. ReaTune in Reaper does a pretty good job, just tweaking the attack time to help it sound natural works well for me so far. My singer generally isn't too far off, so I guess that helps for a lack of artifacts.
  12. They'd be interesting mounted sideways on a slotted head too...
  13. Never come across those before, but that's an elegant solution. Do they weigh more than equivalent standard ones?
  14. Looks nice! The body has a touch of Alpher (Mako?) about it. Did it come out particularly weighty?
  15. Nothing wrong with the Dano, just scoping out alternatives. The look may even be appropriate for the slightly psychedelic stuff we play. I assume they're pretty light too?
  16. One of the capacitors on the preamp is wonky, is it still attached?
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