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  1. When you say the hole, I assume you mean the carefully designed bass hanger feature?
  2. They work much better with power tools due to the self gripping and centring. 2 other advantages.
  3. You should see how much my SG has changed colour since 1974...
  4. @NancyJohnson If your PC has USB 2 and USB 3 ports you could try swapping from one to the other if you haven’t already. I suspect the power supplies may be derived from different points in the main psu as they have different current capabilities. You may just get lucky .
  5. Nurse! I've got and octivider and envelope filter coming on!!!! NURSE!!!!!
  6. I've a notion that some dual action truss rods operate in the opposite sense to the vast majority. I can only think it was mentioned on here in the mists of time...
  7. Sorry, I meant Neutrik ones, should have been more specific. It's really not worth saving a few Bob on the lookey-likeys.
  8. Studiospares are decent for connectors and made-up cables too.
  9. Kacey Musgraves bassist sounds great! Putting in a solid shift!
  10. Plus the fact it says "Marathon" on the scratchplate...
  11. I used to have the fretless version of this, they are pretty rare. Try and find a New Order covers band to flog it to!
  12. Nifty! Good work that man!
  13. Oh yeah, just spotted it. I feel your pain, man!
  14. "All the girls crazy 'bout a smart Mustang"
  15. There's Mustang basses everywhere! Mum!
  16. St. Vincent. That's more like it. Is that a B.C. Rich bass? Looks and sounds cool!
  17. Just tuned in. Sam Fender. Crowd love a good singalong. Quite dull musically. Anyone spotted anything good yet?
  18. As a small person, I found the 35" scale quite a stretch in the lower positions, but the tone was Fantastic . The neck was quite chunky, but I'm convinced it contributed to the great tone. And this was only the Legend model.
  19. Matches your Workmate nicely!
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