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  1. I can see that. I think it would be more difficult to adjust, with my short arms.
  2. It's gold. It's a shame they left the "Mustang Bass" bit in black as it's invisible against the head. You can only make out it's there at all in bright sunshine!
  3. Did anyone get in touch with Watchdog on the telly over this? It is the sort of thing they love!
  4. Thanks for the opinions folks, keep them coming . I'll show you what I went with this evening. Regarding balance, these are about the equivalent of having one fewer standard Fender machine. The difference is subtle but just about noticeable and subsequently balance is a little nicer.
  5. Just got some Gotoh 707s for my fsr Mustang, and as they need different screw holes it gives me the opportunity to change the angle they sit on the head. But which looks best? Perpendicular to the headstock edge as is traditional, slightly angled so perpendicular to the neck edge or more angled like some Warwick basses?
  6. Sperzel do mix n match colours on their machine heads. I don't think they do bridges though
  7. How about 3 pickups on a sliding plate? You could cover pretty much all possible standard positions without having a plate that actually moves too far. I think that's a pretty neat idea!
  8. You're most welcome! Maybe you, me and Lenny should do a collaboration on vocals, drums and bagpipes respectively.
  9. That's a really pleasing shape! As it stands, without the pickup there it could pass as a tasty acoustic bass. Food for thought.... ?
  10. The Rick 4004/Guildford b302 is an interesting lovechild! The Alembic and Wal lookie-likies are a bit of a rip-off.
  11. I prefer the headstock design on the Peerless one.
  12. Just before Christmas I bought Status flats and half rounds, so they still have someone making them! These were short scale. Haven't tried the flats yet as the half rounds went on first and I really like them!
  13. Black one side, orange on the other would be nice @ped
  14. I'm sure thereare a couple of guys on here who would do it for pocket money
  15. My Sei has a head(less) end that will take double ball end strings or clamp regular strings. I've always found Status db strings fine in round flat and half rounds flavours
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