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  1. Dunlop polish warning: my 74 Gibson SG had a nasty reaction to this. The finish went cloudy and rather sticky. Took a lot of work using a variety of other stuff to sort it. Luckily I had stopped applying it before I covered the whole thing. The final thing that got the gloss on the affected area was.... toothpaste!. Minty fresh aroma too!
  2. BTW, I have a hand sketched circuit diagram for the Wal preamp somewhere if you run into trouble.
  3. That's a big thumbs up from me. I commented on another thread about how much I like to see this done!
  4. I worked on someone's Ergodyne once, and the machines were indeed soft material. One of the arms of the tuner post had broken, but still functioned, so I drilled a hole in the other arm to thread the string through. It was a bodge, but worked ok at no extra cost. If it were mine I would have changed the lot. The neck was superb though!
  5. Too late to suggest that the pointed Gibson bass headstock looks better, Grabber style?
  6. You can take a photo of the Kustom and get it printed on cloth. My sister has a large textile printer. Would probably look ok from a distance
  7. Are you going to use the same neck at 28" scale and refret it with fewer frets?
  8. Guitar and bass for me and I own a drum kit. Since lockdown, my drumming has come on a bit. I recorded along with a jazz backing track yesterday and it sounded almost like a drummer. Anyone who has heard my composition challenge entries can decide for themselves on the merits of my drum wrangling
  9. As an addendum to my earlier post a few months ago, I got the Studiospares m1000 Mark 2. I think they were £59. They have a more robust headband now, still have removable cable and now come with 1 set of leather ish pads and 1 set of velour ones, similar to Beyer. Sound wise they are quite similar to the mk 1 but slightly clearer top end. I always found the mk 1 a bit shy there. The m2000 is the same in open backed design.
  10. I've always wished more builders would do this. Nice detail Andy!
  11. Wilkinson do some Hofner lookalikes that don't cost the earth....
  12. I think it is consistent with Wal basses generally.
  13. Looks super. The bass in the background is my favourite single-cut shape out there though...
  14. Thanks Gerry! I had completely forgotten about the feedback thread, so I've popped some on yours too. Using the Mustang a lot now! Cheers!
  15. Lemo connectors are indeed things of beauty. They're so well made and finished.
  16. Bought Gerry's (@jezzaboy) mex Mustang just before Christmas. A total gent, the comms were excellent and the packaging, bomb proof!. A flawless transaction from start to finish. Deal with confidence, basschatters!
  17. My mate's Verithin had both pickups die after an extended vacation in his loft. It was very inexpensive to get fixed. I think the failure mode is corrosion where the hookup wires attached to the coil. The flux used was probably acidic and gradually corroded the thin coil wire over the years. Don't write the dead one off!
  18. Sorry to hear that Douglas, hope you feel better soon!
  19. I'm loving these Hofner rebuild jobbies! For me, they are a nice size bass, quite small and light, and the lovely neck inlays have so much character! I think a mid and neck pickup placement would be well worth trying , as is often noted, the bridge pickup doesn't yield particularly useful tones.
  20. Is that an active bass, and can it be switched to passive?
  21. I didn’t quite read the picture text properly, that makes sense to me now. With this sort of thing, it's worth bearing in mind that Gibson guitar headstock breakages probably account for 90 percent of all across all makes and brands.
  22. At least you've got a head start on getting this one off!
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