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  1. My Sei has a head(less) end that will take double ball end strings or clamp regular strings. I've always found Status db strings fine in round flat and half rounds flavours
  2. Fit it a bit further back on the body?
  3. That's exactly what I have! Most options are available in black tbf. My other headed basses have Sperzel locking tuners which I like a lot, but not sure they would look right. I don't mind the Y tuner Schallers and Hipshot ones though.
  4. No takers on this then? Even with the excellent pun
  5. Looks good and would work nicely as a headless, especially with one of those gorgeous bridges @Sidlanir has posted in his thread recently
  6. Beautiful engineering for those bridges. Fabulous work Mr. R.!
  7. Very tasteful finish. Reminds me of early Ibanez, for some reason.
  8. The effects send output might be a bit hot for an input that is expecting a low level guitar signal. It may clip in a way that isn't pleasant, unless that's what you're going for.
  9. The upside is your amp should run cooler into an 8 ohm load. As long as it is loud enough, you're all good!
  10. If I ever get any inspiration I'll be sure to let you know. Don't hold your breath. ..
  11. Looks like a channel 5 documentary, "When Scientists go BAD!!"
  12. Thanks Andy, this a much more eloquent version of what I was trying to get at. As long as the anchor point doesn't leave the string's silks in the nut slots, you're golden!
  13. Has anyone done this yet? The stock tuners are 91g each, not including the bushes. There's a few choices around, and a good recommendation might just tip the balance!
  14. Would a bridge with width adjustment get you there? depends on how close to the fretboard edge at the dusty end you can go, or tolerate
  15. I can't see that the strings will ever intonate at less than double the distance from nut to 12th fret, so why not start with that as the furthest adjustment position?
  16. Whereabouts are you? There may be someone local on here who could help.
  17. Voted! I'm getting very forgetful these days, thought I'd done it ages ago - thanks for the reminder!
  18. I'd have bought that Bronco, if I hadn't already bought Gerrry's Mustang a couple of months ago! He's definitely one of the good guys!
  19. About 8'6 square, the rear 1/3rd of my garage. I'm not the tidiest.
  20. Great work again Andy! What did the weight end up all in?
  21. Re: Mustang PJ, for one thing, I find the tone control great, really usable sounds throughout the whole range. It was wired wrongly at first though, easily sorted!. I'm using the Status half rounds (nearer to flat than round) and really liking the sounds. Plenty of boing with the rounds that were on it when it arrived, too, if that's your thing. I'd say it's really versatile and doesn't have really bad sounds at any point. I'd prefer a blend to a switch but that just my preference on basses.
  22. Lenny! Fricken genius man! THAT'S what the music in the star wars bar should have sounded like!
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