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  1. I apologize for late respond..thanks for your words! best Wishws too jan
  2. Very nice amp I love all old acc products.I have got model 126 100w combo.
  3. Fantastic!These MUST be LOOOOUD:-) Thank you the pics are in my comp already
  4. Hi Frank ň I thank you A LOT! Your answers really helped.Could you send me some pics of your ACC gear?I collect everything related to ACC.Thanks again and cheers Jan One another pic...
  5. Hi all greetings from Slovakia. A month ago I bought ACOUSTIC MODEL 126 /100W/ bass combo, I am extremely happy I`ve wanted some ACC gear for years, since I was student/Early 80s../. It seems ACC stuff is very, maybe extremely rare in EU today, almost impossible to find. Mine is made in March 1981 in very nice, visually I would say in TOP condition, /working almost 100% I will say later/. I`m going to do full review of this on YT in a few weeks, including detailed photos and video of opened amp.BTW according to the sticker above the power switch, the combo was sold propably new at a shop in Vienna, I bought it used of course./I found 2 photos the shop no longer exist .../ So I would have a few questinos on ACC. I put this topic on Talkbass some days ago I got some answers but still need some info.I will appreciate ANY respond-thanks. 1.There is "Power Boost" switch, which isn`t working, what is it for?Does it add only more volume or some distortion?Actually I don`t need it I play only in my apartment with friend using volume max at 1./neighbours/.Does anyone have a sound clip?PB on/off... 2.EQ/70Hz pot isn`t working too.I think I don`t need it I can get enough bass from 15inch speaker but I am curious why...As I mentioned above, I took out amplifier and inspected all wires, all conections seem to be perfect I would say untouched,/but I am not expert at all/.I can turn on/off the Eq with footswitch /DIY but woks well/. Except these 2 issues the combo works beautifully I wouldn`sell it for any money.All pots work great, BRIGHT switch, wchich I love, works too.My LH Rick 2004 and LH Fender 62 RI MIJ 1994-5 sound amazing. 3.On the back there is :BREAKS PREAMP CONNECTION below preamp out/power amp in. What does it mean?Is it only a different name for effect loop or is there any special possibility to connect something?/Maybe my English is not good enough to understand this clearly.../. 4.The amp has two inputs passive/active can I use them both simultaneously without damaging something?/For example drum machine.Or is it better to connect to POWER AMP IN?I mean bass in input 1 and SOMETHING to power amp in./I got an advice from Talkbass nOT to use it this way/. 5.I`m looking for Owners Manual has someone got it?I`d love to have original /printed/ I would pay for it of course, or if someone could send me pdf. I have got enough pdf docs from unofficial ACC site but they are all schematics I wasn`t able to find any OM. I`m HUGE ACC products enthusiast if someone has original owner manuals, catalogs/I have 1978 and 1980/, I would buy them, or I can offer some interesting HI-FI and video catalogs from 1981-2005. 6.How rare is ACC gear in UK? I regularly watch ebay and always see only few of them always USA sellers. Thanks in advance Jan.
  6. Thanks for reply, but I live in Slovakia and there is no Ashdown official service, that is why I need some advice on this forum.I will have to contact some local repairman.Maybe I will contact Ashdown Engineering too but postage to UK and price for repairing could be pretty expensive... And the amp is 2011 made I bought it used /almost new but used/ so there is no warranty.
  7. Hi friends I have a problem with my ASHDOWN MIBASS 220.I use it along with two Orange Crush 35B boxes, they are combos as you know...the lower is without amp which I sold the upper one is regular combo./See my profiIe pic/. I have soldered speaker cables directly to speakers, so this is very versatile stack because I can use the upper unit both ways.As a combo and as a box.Of course, the main plug MUST BE DISCONNECTED and the combo switched off BEFORE I connect speaker cable to amp. And this is where my problem started. A week ago I played through combo and being interrupted by phone call I completely forgot that the plug is STILL connected to mains and later, intending to use Ashdown I TURNED IT ON.And disaster was here.I could smell some electricity fire and no sound from the speakers./Of course... /. Now the amp behaves this: The entire preamp works perfectly including mp3 input and mp3 volume, including all inputs and outputs and master volume works perfectly too.So the MiBass can be used as preamp or practicing unit with headphones, but power amp isn`t working.And strange thing is , when the amp is turned on I can hear usual POP from the speakers and turning the gain and volume full on I can even hear very very silent bass tone from my bass. So...if you have ANY suggestions where the problem could be I would appreciate it MUCH.Iam not going to repair it by myself Iam not able to, but your advice could be very helpful to some repairman to whom I am intended to bring the amp. And if someone could provide schematics diagram /I`ve been searching the internet for a few days not able to find any/ it could be great. Thanks in advance for any advice/help.
  8. No I cannot agree, Rickenbacker has single coils and Fender behaves as humbucker using both pups.When using only one pup on Fender, I have this buzz.But thanks for reply. I should mention that I had ppr. 10 basses and all produced a lot of buzz only Peavey T-40 played as humbucker/can be played both ways/ and the Fender both pups engaged were silent.It seems my flat is noisy area.
  9. I am RH man not able playing as RH so I have to play as lefty. My very first bass was beautiful PEAVEY T-40 , of course RH/no LH have been made/ which I played flipped.Then I sold it to one of BCH members /he was very happy / - and STILL regret.Fantastic bass. My second bass was Rickenbacker 4003 2011 RH/played flipped /you can find video on Tube/. Then I FINALLY was able to buy Rickenbacker 2004 LH from a nice guy from UK. I still have Jolana D bass, Rick copy /you can see it on my profile pic/ now equipped with genuine Rickenbacker bridge HiGain 4003 pup, and sometimes play it flipped/.
  10. Hi guys I haven` t been there for a long time...I have a problem that many of us have.Since I have started playing bass/March 2011/, I had and still have horrible buzz from all basses and all gear I have had so far.I guess it is 60cycle buzz.I play only in my apartment for myself. I mainly play Rickenbacker 2004 LH with Hi Gain, pretty noisy pups, recently I bought fantastic Japan Fender JB 62 RI LH , which is almost silent, using both pups. So I REALLY need some advice, I can spent max 100€ for some noise suppressor, there are quite a lot videos on Tube but all for guitars. After watching the vids I am thinking of buying one of these: 1.ROCKTRON HUSH THE PEDAL - 84€ 2. ELECTRO HARMONIX SILENCER - friendly price 59€ 3.BOSS NS 2 - 84€ /not sure if it cuts off sustain.../. Of course propably ISP DECIMATOR and DECIMATOR G STRING would be the best but ...160/260€... I LOVE beautiful sustain of my RICK and I am a bit afraid whether I can lost part of it using one of these. My favourite would be ROCKTRON a guy reviewing it on Tube says that it is NOT NOISE GATE, so removes buzz during playing too. I would appreciate any advice.Thanks Jan.
  11. Only a dream, as they have never been produced...RICKENBACKER 4080 LEFTY and PEAVEY T-40 LEFTY...:-) And...IBANEZ JB SILVER SERIES with black square inlays..LEFTY..Have ever you seen any? / Ibanez../
  12. Hi thanks alot fo rthis email I will definitely write to the man...Thanks!Jan
  13. Yes it is pretty heavy..But sounds beautiful...
  14. I THANK YOU A LOT AGAIN GUYS... [size=4] [/size]
  15. Hi OF COURSE it helped A LOT!!!Thanks you A LOT too .BTW I don`t understand this"150w versions like yours will not drive an external speaker as the internal speaker is 4 ohms however the 300w models will. " There is output /socket/ for additional speaker.I don`t need it my neigbours would kill me it`s just curiosity...
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