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  1. Up for sale is my much loved 2007 American Standard Precision in black. I've owned this bass for the best part of 4 years. The bass is in pretty good condition. Has a couple of dinks (none have broken the finish). Also one one of the string ferrules is missing. Included is a nice leather Fender strap with schaller strap locks and the original hard shell fender case. The action is very low and is an absolute dream to play. I'm not interested in any trades as I'm not playing as half as much as I used to. Pick up from Cardiff or willing to ship at buyers expense. Thanks Dan [attachment=191516:20150508_124937 (1).jpg] [attachment=191517:20150508_124943 (1).jpg] [attachment=191518:20150508_124949 (1).jpg] [attachment=191519:20150508_124959 (1).jpg] [attachment=191520:20150508_125053 (1).jpg]
  2. dan2112

    New Squier

    Not sure if anyone has seen these yet.....[url="http://www.squierguitars.com/basses/dimension-bass/"] http://www.squierguitars.com/basses/dimension-bass/[/url]
  3. dan2112

    Royal Blood

    I've recently just come off tour with them and I had the pleasure of having a go through his set up. Anything I played on it sounded super cool!!
  4. dan2112

    Two Peavey T-40's. Toaster and blade

    Friday night bump
  5. dan2112

    Two Peavey T-40's. Toaster and blade

    Hya mate, it doesn't I'm afraid. [quote name='Dasantos' timestamp='1400085927' post='2450628'] Hi there. Does the sunburst one come with the original hard case by any chance? Cheers [/quote]
  6. dan2112

    Two Peavey T-40's. Toaster and blade

    Sunday bump fo the sunburst beauty
  7. dan2112

    Two Peavey T-40's. Toaster and blade

    The black one is now on its way to Scotland. I'm going to massively regret selling these but they deserve to be played rather than be good looking living room ornaments
  8. dan2112

    Two Peavey T-40's. Toaster and blade

    Thanks lads. I don't really want to sell them but I'm not really playing much now and I can't justify owning both...They really need to be played
  9. Up for sale are my two Peavey T-40 basses. *THIS IS NOW SOLD*The first one is a black toaster pickup model. It's in great condition for an old bass with only a few dings on the body.*THIS IS NOW SOLD* [attachment=162260:20140508_140112.jpg] [attachment=162261:20140508_140130.jpg] [attachment=162262:20140508_140138.jpg] The second one is the later model with the blade pickups and a more contoured body. At some point in its life, someone has removed the serial number from this bass. I'm assuming it was a while ago as it's yellowed nicely with age. Also one of the tuning peg screws has been replaced. [attachment=162263:20140508_140218.jpg] [attachment=162264:20140508_140239.jpg] [attachment=162265:20140508_140247.jpg] [attachment=162266:20140508_140312.jpg] I'm looking at £400 each + shipping costs (or collection from Cardiff and surrounding areas) I'm open to trade offers and price negotiation. Feel free to shoot over any questions or any extra photos. Dan