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  1. Hey, That's really cool! Well, you can let them know I think their band is really excellent! Not ever come across a Gretch bass before. What are they like??
  2. I'm sure lots of you know this 2 piece bass/drums band: http://royalbloodband.com/ Any idea what bass he's playing?
  3. Ha! Well sorry for resurrecting a 2 year old thread.. but I just got round to doing this. In the end I used "Fairy Power Spray" which I read allegedly removes paint from plastic, which you can then just brush off with a toothbrush!! Well, needless to say, it was a lot less simple than that - took around a day to get the paint fully off both pickguard and bridge, with quite a bit of scrubbing.. plus some acetone to get the last few bits off the pickguard, but they both look so much better. Particularly the bridge.. I really can't understand how anyone would spray-paint a brass bridge in gold!!! Still, if anyone is contemplating getting paint off plastic, I think this Fairy Power Spray stuff is not too bad!
  4. Hey - thanks Ash! She is doing amazingly well considering, and we are all praying for a good response, but 6 months in hospital is pretty daunting! Just an update on the band - they are still looking for another bass player - it was too far of a commute for the first guy that auditioned.
  5. Hey - thanks for the support guys! Yes - it has been a really horrible few weeks. Fortunately, friends and family have been really amazing to make things more bearable/possible. I will miss playing with the band, but hopefully if/when things are back on track (in Jan all things being well) I might be able to resume with a new project.. Anyway, for the time being, it's the last of my worries! J
  6. Due to a really unpleasant change in life circumstances - my wife becoming unwell and requiring long-term in patient treatment - I have had to drop all non-essential activities.. This means I have to step down from my band River Fury.. In my opinion, this is a really fantastic Indie Pop/Rock band. The songs are absolutely brilliant, the drummer is really solid, and the guys in the band are great. Just before this horrible incident, we were planning to get together to record our first EP. Lots of exciting things on the horizon. There are a few tracks recorded on the FB page - http://facebook.com/riverfury Drop me a line (or send a PM to the FB page) if you want to know more or are interested in trying out. Commitment at present is 1 rehearsal per week in Waterloo, and gigging approx. once per month.
  7. Looks like I'm gonna have to try to get some cash together for an early 70's p.... Or then maybe I should just stick with the Blazer, which I think sounds quite similar!! Would be nice to see a comparison of 70's / 80's japcrap P-bass copies vs Fender.
  8. What fantastic playing. Liked the "grind" on all of them. What were you playing through? Sansamp? My favorites in order were 2, 3, 1. 2 sounded deeper and more rich than the others, 1 sounded a bit thin. Would be very happy with any of them though! Having never even owned a Fender (I play an Ibby Blazer), I would guess 1 = 00, 2 = 58 3 = 71. J
  9. [quote name='Bobo_Grimmer' timestamp='1331039703' post='1566654'] Just chill and you'll find the comfort and ease on stage will produce what your looking for... i think. ^_^ [/quote] Sensible advice.. Any videos you'd like to share? [quote name='thumperbob 2002' timestamp='1331020653' post='1566248'] This is me in 1987- note how my dancing skills are honed to perfection. Look and learn pal:) [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BjJ_j2NNy28[/media] [/quote] Superb stuff! I am not worthy!! Actually I really like that foot shuffle you got going on there! Looks quirky and suits the music! Great sound too!
  10. [quote name='Geddys nose' timestamp='1330976498' post='1565729'] Watch other bands see what works for them and see if it works for you, But the most important thing 'Smile' Look like your enjoying it. My A-Z of Stage craft in 4:02 seconds- [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4p3xi8WHVgs&feature=related[/media] [/quote] Haha! Wow - this is pretty extreme!! Not sure I would trust my strap enough to do that guitar over the shoulder trick - looks like it could go badly and hilariously wrong!!
  11. .. For an even more cringeworthy performance: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QxX1JhMCFa8 Definitely won't be bouncing up and down again!! LOL!
  12. [quote name='silddx' timestamp='1330989890' post='1566088'] Good band. It's like the eighties just blew into my ear. You have the look of relaxation to the point that it looks like you're not enjoying it, or not deep into it at all. It could be a mask for nervousness. Do you enjoy playing in the band? Are you a confident player? Look at this for a complete contrast .. [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AcFvt1sLpis[/media] And this for what you should probably look like .. [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zc-lm3Hi6Ko&feature=related[/media] And this for what you currently look like .. Just kidding [/quote] Haha! Yes - good point. Thanks for looking! I do really like the band a lot. Not that confident a player I guess.. Even less confident about moving about Practice definitely needed... J Edit - just checked out the videos - I can see what you're getting at there. Need to spend some more time on this I guess... In answer to your earlier question - it's a preemtive decision on my part - which became clear to me after seeing the video of our gig!!
  13. As promised... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XnLxl5ysUHk Pointers anyone??
  14. Well, there may be a chance to see my gormless stage persona in the near future if we manage to get the video of our last gig split up properly - then you can all laugh and point!
  15. [quote name='silddx' timestamp='1330961299' post='1565386'] Nah, that's rubbish mate. [/quote] LOL!
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