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  1. put the bass a little higher in the mix so we can hear the nice playing cheers!
  2. I has one for years. Good eq and pre-shape, compressor ok, I found it JUST loud enough in a 2guitar + kbds drums lineup, but it gets a bit flappy near the top of the volume range. The pre-amp is very quiet for direct recording. Fairly light weight and managable for a 4x10. A +1 on the cutting out too, easy to fix. Its well worth going over the power amp stage and reflowing the caps, power resistors and fuse holders to prevent cut outs and crackles and some other sounds that sound like a speaker giving up, but isnt! I'd stick the caps down with hot glue gun or epoxy as it is the vibration that does the solder joints in. Jules
  3. hi there Ginge, it is 250W , 500W peak! It also has 230/115 voltage selector. The model is 1210HSM, I believe (my friend was trying to read the label from an upside - down position -don't ask!) Hope this helps. Cheers Jules
  4. Most of them! Pickup surround screws (small raised countersunk) Bridge screws (larger plain csk, only 2 out os 5 present!) in black finish. I'll check Axesrus' site, cheers
  5. I'm nearly finished stripping the finish off a maple neck-through bass. I'd like to finish it in some kind of oil/wax "natural" style finish without building the colour too much, though I realise some change is pretty much inevitable. The bass has little value, so it doesn't matter too much if it turns out badly Any thoughts or previous experiences welcome please. Thanks Jules Also, any good sites recommended for buying screws that were missing when I got it?
  6. Hi Ian I've a friend selling one of these for £350, not in as tidy condition, but the Preamp has the valve stage and dual band compressor. Even at £300, there was no interest on this board (other than kind words about how good these amps are!) It's a lot of amp for hardly any money. Good luck pitching your sale. Cheers Jules
  7. Hi folks there is a coach load of people from Oxford going to Paignton. There are several bands and poets etc. doing Saturday night and Sunday Lunch at the Spinning Wheel in the town. My Band, the New Moon will be on at about 8.30 Saturday, and possibly some time on sunday too in the afternoon. We play alternative acoustic with a touch of psyche, fretless, Ac guit and drums or perc. The other bands are Mighty Redox, dance along, and Pete Fryer Band (dodgy pub covers) Say hello if you pop along Cheers Jules
  8. The 80's Vox Standard has a Dimarzio P at the bridge. Sounds good in a Jaco-esque way.
  9. [quote name='GreeneKing' date='Mar 9 2009, 07:41 AM' post='429021'] This is unusual and totally mint as well. It's a US made RKS 5 string with a 3 piece maple neck, ebony fingerboard and passive tone controls. It has a huge tone and a great B string (34" scale). All the hardware is top spec US and it has an aluminium tone block on the headstock too. It balances fine. Everyone who has tried it has been very impressed. I'm asking £550 That's unusual, though the body shape brings to mind the Travis Bean 2000s: [url="http://images.google.co.uk/imgres?imgurl=http://www.geetarbay.com/images/auctions/66_1-4.jpg&imgrefurl=http://www.geetarbay.com/index.php/entry/10_2006/fuseaction/blog.archive.htm&usg=__8At9xjO3mZperftP3toVbN5JgqQ=&h=284&w=156&sz=13&hl=en&start=4&tbnid=7LhsgRux19hNUM:&tbnh=114&tbnw=63&prev=/images%3Fq%3Dtravis%2Bbean%2Bbass%2Bguitar%26gbv%3D2%26hl%3Den%26safe%3Doff"]like this one[/url]
  10. [quote name='sk8' post='429062' date='Mar 9 2009, 08:54 AM']Got the 3.0 in 10" combo form. Its great![/quote] I really like the look of those. Can you elaborate on how it sounds? Can a little cab like that sound BIG? cheers Jules
  11. [quote name='Clockworkwar' post='429594' date='Mar 9 2009, 05:58 PM']I was almost ready to believe you until the coin reads '2001' and the cab is from way before then [/quote] That'll be the 2001 upgrade he's had fitted. I hope you paid extra for that. I was thinking of getting that done on mine but couldn't justify the expense. Some people insist you can't hear the difference.
  12. they definitely did make a lined fretless. I clearly remember trying a new one out in a Music shop in Leeds in about '79. Lush!
  13. If it's pick up only, it might be useful to know where from.... and welcome to Basschat!
  14. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  15. Did you just buy that Sei here a week or two ago? [/quote] No, it wasn't advertized here. I got it at the weekend, in Tewkesbury. It's a wider neck than I'm used to but super slim. It is hard to convey how smooth and fast it is to play. I can hardly put it down!
  16. If you were to state your location, you might find someone nearby will let you have a go on theirs. I've just scored a Sei Flamboyant headless. I'm near Oxford, if that's any good to you. Jules
  17. Thanks for your comments gents. I suspect he would be happy to take £300 for it and convert the cash into something he will actually use (and lift!)
  18. Hi All! I've a friend who has no internet connectivity and is too weedy to move this. It is the 12 band with compressor etc. and is all in working order. 250W, 500 peak. It is far too loud for his flat, and hasn't really been played in several years. I doubt it has been out of the flat since he got it! (I DID say he is a weed!) [size=2][size=3]Price now reduced to £250 pending approval of seller [/size][/size]for it which is very fair for what is a pro rig. (the previous owner gigged it at the Astoria) Poss px for a small valve guitar amp. Oxford/ Abingdon area. Cheers Jules [attachment=20413:Traceamp.JPG]
  19. Be careful!! I had one that was an absolute donkey, the whole neck was a dead spot especially round 5th "fret" d and g strings. They are "deep" basses (mine was all mahogany iirc), and I thought the pickup on the 301F was in the wrong place, neither growly nor properly deep bassy. I did play a 302 which I thought was much better, but what I'm really saying is I would NEVER buy one without trying it first. If you got my old one you would be really disappointed! I paid £140 originally s/h, got £100 px for it and felt well rid! Cheers Jules
  20. [quote name='henry norton' post='405235' date='Feb 10 2009, 12:06 PM']. Does anyone remember that weird bass from the late 70s/early 80s that had a knob to wind the frets down into the fingerboard, thus giving you a fretless/fretted option? I think I saw it on Tomorrows World....[/quote] I remember that!! Whatever became of that? It was demo'd by a german or scandi player whose name I missed at the time. Can anyone better informed shed any light on it? Cheers Jules
  21. There's something about the lead guitar sound that doesn't sound right to me. It sounds like guitar->fuzzbox->phaser straight into the desk. It doesn't seem to have any ambience, and sitting (too?) high in the mix, sticks out.
  22. Due to the weather apparently. Pathetic.
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