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  1. Apologies to anyone who has seen these before. I do have some others.
  2. It has been put to good use, and is in good company, I can assure you Adam. 😀
  3. I had never heard this version. It’s different to the album track which has no guitar and a more ethereal type of sound. But it is lovely, thanks for posting 🙂
  4. Anything featuring Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen. A perfect example is "Jeg gik mig ud en sommerdag" from "the eternal traveller" It is my favourite passage of music featuring a bass. sadly, I can't post a link from this device
  5. How long did the repairer say it would take? It should take exactly the amount of time you were quoted when you handed the item over. If it is going to take longer, for instance, due to the need to order a specialist part, you should be kept informed, even if just a brief email or text. Two months without any communication? I think they are due a call!!!!
  6. Congratulations on a very sensible use of funds which would inevitably have been otherwise wasted. Enjoy!!
  7. Further pair added since last family photo.
  8. I can't believe you let your dog sit on the sofa. V cool looking bass. Good choice.
  9. There is a basic error in your policy.
  10. They do make "that" sound. The buyer has picked up my one from the gallery, so it's too late to change my mind!! If you're a precision player, I'm sure they are ideal. Mine was set up super-low, but no buzz whatsoever. I never touched the set up in the six years I had it, never needed to. I wish my vintage fenders were that quality. Good luck with your search.
  11. It's lovely, Steve, but I'm the seller, not the buyer!! Stingrays are just not me. I always end up picking up a jazz bass.
  12. Having sold nothing for the last 20 years, I have sold 3 basses at bass gallery in the last 12 months. All at very satisfactory prices. All within 3 weeks of consignment. ( deal pending on ex- Pino stingray). I haven't tried selling on BC before, but there do seem to be buyers if the price is sensible.
  13. Jazz with a precision neck. Necks are interchangeable. An already existing hybrid can be cheaper as it is not "proper". I bought a Mexican precision with a jap jazz neck and a Seymour Duncan pickup for £116 a couple of years ago. Sounds like the bass made with the leftover bits would suit you. Welcome! BTW😀
  14. You don't need any birthday/Christmas gift excuse. You deserve it!!
  15. That's beautiful. The right amount of wear and good value. Could someone do the decent thing and buy it before I become too Precision-curious
  16. How could it be wrong? DO IT DO IT DO IT
  17. Worth looking at his performance from Glastonbury 1971. I don’t know how to post a link. Very loose band but a great voice, and a nice blackguard Tele. Great to see him still performing. Thanks for the extra info DrTStingray. Not a typical peters&Lee stablemate, I agree.
  18. It was. Terry Reid was outstanding.
  19. I have a fretless sunburst '79 pre EB Stingray I bought off Pino and it enables me to play just like him. Not all listeners agree.
  20. Magnificent! Mods, please lock the thread. There is nowhere left to go.
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