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  1. Having looked at a dozen or so, the cushion wasn't present on any precision pre 1973, based on the sample on Andy Baxters site. how sad is that?πŸ™‚
  2. I had a look on Andy Baxter's inventory, where he very helpfully retains lots of detail photos of many of the basses that have passed through his hands. As far as I could see on my rather small phone screen, his 69 and 70 precisions did not appear to have the cushion. Of course that doesn't mean they never had them. I don't think they improve the look of a bass, or the performance.
  3. V cool. Have always had a soft spot for these, not based on having tried one.
  4. In Black & Molinaro's excellent "the Fender Bass - An Illustrated History" it says "The black cushion under the plate is found throughout the 1970s and some of the 1980s" not very precise but hope that helps.
  5. Used to watch Dill Katz play this live with John Etheridge on guitar. Proper tune.
  6. If you are considering electro acoustic the Godin A5 has a fantastic sound. Really rich tone. I picked mine up used for Β£500. There is a 80s tokai fretless Jazz on eBay ATM for Β£400, if that makes a sunburst 4 string less unattractive. They are great basses. I agree with the other posters that buying used, relatively cheap, allows you to change your mind without financial penalty. In answer to your question I play fretted about twice as much as fretless. My main fretless now is a defretted 62 jazz bass, which cost around your Β£2k budget. good luck with your search
  7. I think you hit me instead. Always wondered who it was.
  8. Thanks for the heads up. Will be in front of the TV for that. Never has a bad bass player either. Bumped into Rand Hope-Taylor in the gallery the other day. Top bloke and absolute gent.
  9. Either side of m 50th, I bought myself 64 and 62 jazz basses and a 66 tele. But did it make me happy...? Er yesπŸ˜€
  10. New wife for your 50th. What is this 2 bass nonsense?
  11. Not questioning your diy credentials!!! πŸ™‚
  12. Until the laws of gravity change, a floor rack removes an element of risk.
  13. GuyR

    Shergold Marathon

    Thanks for the string recommendation. I'll go with that. πŸ™‚
  14. GuyR

    Shergold Marathon

    The overall width of the nut is 49mm and the distance between strings - the centre of the low E string to the centre of the high E string is 41mm.
  15. GuyR

    Shergold Marathon

    There was a set of strings in the case, so I thought it would be rude not to give it a whirl. Unfortunately they are too thick a diameter for the brass nut, so three of them don't touch the zero fret, knocking the intonation out. Still using the top three and using the others as drones, it's quite an interesting crossover instrument for the uninitiated. The string spacing is narrow, the neck quite manageable for a six string - surprisingly easy to play finger style and quite precision-like in sound. The strings with it were suitable for a low B - perhaps this bass is designed to be strung E-E?
  16. GuyR

    Shergold Marathon

    No, it's not really my cup of tea. nice to have a different bass round the house. Will take it to the gallery next week when I am back at work for a set up.
  17. GuyR

    Shergold Marathon

    Thanks Paul, have signed up. There's a forum for pretty much everything these days πŸ™‚
  18. I was unexpectedly invited in to a neighbour's house today to give an opinion on a bass guitar, which I have brought home. He has had it 30 years and it has lived in his shed for the last 10. It is in pretty good condition, the finish is a bit crazed, some of the screws are a little rusty, but the neck looks straight. When he bought it he was told it was rare - fewer than 100 made. I had never heard of a 6 string Shergold marathon bass. The serial number is 7040, stamped on a metal plate on the back of the headstock. Does anyone have any useful further information? cheers, Guy
  19. I think the mis build aspect doesn't detract from the future value at all. The communication from fender in writing is contemporary with the receipt for the bass, so is sufficient provenance. Keep the paperwork safe !!! wicked looking bass, btw.
  20. Zabriskie Point has several Pink Floyd numbers unavailable elsewhere, including a "come in number 51, your time is up" a more violent version of "careful with that axe, Eugene" set particularly effectively against multiple angles of a large remote house being exploded as the climax of a late 60s arthouse film. Very effective
  21. Always ask for/ provide a receipt. Particularly for high value/ vintage. Why would you not?
  22. I love this post. I can now total up the value of 2x 62, 64 and 65 jazz basses (new prices) and not feel the least guilty.
  23. Great credit to you Andy. You are a proper gent.
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