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  1. By coincidence, onehandclapping, I have some similar jazz basses ( previously posted using photo bucket so images now gone) The white one is '62, the sunburst is '64 and the CAR is '65, all with original finishes. Whether this is appropriate for this thread I am not sure, but I also have a '62 with a replaced fretless fingerboard and refinish. I much prefer older instruments to have plenty of wear. It removes the sense of responsibility for keeping them pristine, making them more likely to be used, like yours. have a great birthday !! BTW, Please add me to the list of inerested parties if you ever decide to sell your '63😀
  2. Great collection. The matching headstock 63 looks fantastic. Just the right amount of wear . Do you still have them?
  3. To answer the OP, I am pretty sure the bass you have been offered has been put together from period correct components. I have never heard of a maple neck '62 jv reissue. Interesting question from musicbassman. A quick check on the 21frets website shows JV03197, a large Fender-logo rosewood fretboard Precision bass. They are out there, but I did have to check, and I do remember seeing large Fender-logo versions of all the other guitar and bass types, so perhaps the '62 Precision large Fender-logo version is less common. Certainly, I have the large logo 62 Jazz (JV08875) have had the large logo 62 strat (serial number within 50 of the Jazz bass and identical wood) and seen numerous 57 strat and precisions with the large Fender logo.
  4. My local shop to work is bass gallery. So all good. I don't buy brand new basses, only really vintage now, so a great environment and stock. I do make a point of buying my strings there also. I know I could pay a little less, but I value the facility, advice & service so I see no reason to quibble. I don't ever try gear in a shop then buy it online. If you are happy to buy without trying first, you have earned the discount.
  5. Picture would be good, if you have a wide-angle lens😀
  6. modified 62 top Pino Stingray 64 Jazz Family photo of the remainder, 65 and 62 2nd and 4th from left respectively. Thanks to Mark for assistance with image and kind comments below🙂
  7. As everyone else is in confessional mode, I have 10; '62 Jazz Bass defretted and refinished '62 Jazz Bass Oly white '64 Jazz Bass Sunburst '65 L series Jazz Bass CAR matching headstock '79 Stingray Sunburst fretless ex Pino '82 jv Squier Jazz Bass Sunburst large Fender logo bought in '83 '84 jv Squier Jazz Bass Oly white bought new '84 ish Tokai Jazz Sound fretless Godin A5 fretless Washburn AB10 Also have a 66 Tele for when the mood takes me, if such heresy is permitted here, mods feel free to remove
  8. Hold out for an original 80s tokai. I have an 80s tokai jazz and it is the equal to my jv squiers. you will have no regrets, nor should you lose money
  9. I've bought 10 of which I still have 8, so am part of the solution not the problem.
  10. +1 for DRs. I have Hi-Beams on all my jazz basses. Stay bright for ages.
  11. GuyR

    1959 Jazz Bass

    You still would, don't deny it.
  12. GuyR

    1959 Jazz Bass

    C'mon Rick, who are you trying to kid? You know you would have the two nice stack knobs AND this if circumstance permitted....... I'd be very interested to hear the opinion of anyone who has played it.
  13. GuyR

    1959 Jazz Bass

    Here is the link https://jayrosen.com/collections/fender-basses/products/1959-fender-jazz-bass-sunburst I'd give it house room.
  14. GuyR

    1959 Jazz Bass

    There is a very interesting listing on the website of Jay Rosen in the US of what looks like a prototype Jazz Bass. Advertised at $78250 I don't expect it will be there very long. I don't seem to be able to paste a link from my phone, but it is well worth a look.
  15. It always does. Any time a thread with a title such "as are you bothered if you ding your relic bass", it is inevitably hijacked, often in a good natured way, such as here, other times less so, by posters expressing their distaste for relic basses, and passing judgement "sad" etc - often less pleasant on the instruments and those that buy them. It is seemingly not possible to have a discussion about some aspect of relic basses without it, If a thread is on a subject I'm not interested in, I don't bother posting that I don't like it,, because that would seem to me a tedious and oppressive waste of time for those that are and would like to enjoy an exchange of views on it. Further, passing judgement on posters based on the finish they prefer on their bass, as has often happened in other threads on the subject, is sad. It might be described as "bassism" i don't have a relic bass, Im so grateful that by your standards I have a life
  16. Yeah, you'd have to be pretty gullible to buy a relic bass, right?
  17. My position exactly. Also why I like quite feral originals too; if they are already quite damaged, who cares about a few extra dings apart from th neck. The worst dent on a pristine bass is the first, so why have that to look forward to?
  18. It absolutely depends on whether it has had a refinish. If the seller is suggesting it may have had one, then you can be almost completely certain it has. That reduces the value by around half for a sunburst, more if it is a custom colour. Base price for a sunburst refin without further significant issues, maybe £3.5 k private sale, £4.5 -5k from a dealer. For a custom colour, the refin value is the same, the value for an original can be £7k to well over £10, depending on the rarity of the colour, condition and, of course, whether it is any good to play!! ( often overlooked) For a 62, a slab fingerboard might nominally add £1k to an original bass, £500 to a refin. if you are buying it as original finish, get a receipt stating it is original and preferably agree an approval period of, say, a week during which you can have it examined by an expert such as Andy Baxter or Martin Petersen. If it's good to play and reasonably priced, go for it, but remember, there are always others out there.
  19. I don't remember a bass in this colour for sale in this condition, so, if you want one this could well be your only opportunity. Atb's stock generally doesn't hang around. I remember Andy Baxter had a metallic gold flake '64 for sale in similar condition a few years ago for £15k, which also seemed expensive, but doesn't now. As with any market, it is only supply and demand that dictates price, nothing else. I'm not sure of the number of truly collector grade 90%+ original pre cbs basses that change hands in the uk each year but I would expect that it is a low number. Fender serial numbers up to 1965 add up to 200,000 for all types of instrument, so the numbers of basses existing in collector condition will still be in the many thousands- plenty of pent-up supply. The cutting edge of the market changing hands each year I would think is a small percentage of the existing stock. It may well be that, when owners reach an age where they want to rid themselves of possessions that increased supply might coincide with a diminished demand from a smaller pool of potential buyers, less interested in music featuring electric bass, causing prices to drop. This change in taste has certainly been the case with many areas of collecting. I think a widening of available information, removing the mystique, has diminished the attraction of some areas of collecting, particularly where it has demonstrated large production numbers. Who knows? one thing I can be certain about. The hour I spent playing my original custom colour 1962 jazz bass earlier this evening was the best hour I spent today.
  20. Mint basses his age are a liability in my opinion. Much better to buy 3 good quality vintage basses with wear for the same price. The law of averages says they are likely to be better as they are only worn because they were worth playing. things go wrong with vintage basses. Pickups die, switches & tuners break. who would want the responsibility of a bass like this, with all the potential for value-sapping maintenance & repair? me
  21. He does get some great stock. He advertised recently a 65 L series matching headstock Jazz in the same colour but very worn & faded at £10k. I emailed to say I'd be prepared to pay that price, but it appears a number of people had beaten me to it. The one advertised currently is just eye-candy. Might struggle getting£22k past the chancellor, though!
  22. I don't feel too bad about it. I'm fortunate enough to have a few pre cbs jazz basses.😀 The 66 you mention does look a good buy. It looks to be in really good order - funny how the buying public ignores for sale nstruments after have been around for a while - maybe assuming there must be something wrong with it.
  23. Around the same time they had a fiesta red matching headstock 62 jazz bass which just played itself. I do still slightly regret not paying over the odds for a refin as it was just so good.....
  24. That bass is quite easy on the eye.
  25. On reflection, neither seems too bad, particularly the latter🙂
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