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  1. Some people give house room to the second series, best keep quiet about that
  2. I hope you mean a first series 1982 large fender logo jv Squier
  3. Then spend 30 years playing and handling as many examples as you can
  4. Buy The Fender Bass by JW Black. It will all become clear.
  5. I'm a buyer not a seller, but finally admitted to myself my Bravewood Jazz, built to my spec, was not the one for me. I added another two very nice basses - Pino Stingray and modified 62 Jazz, that I didn't pick up regularly and have turned the proceeds into a 65 Strat (heresy) As others have said, if you don't play it, if you have tried strings/setup changes, take the hit and buy something that will ultimately give more satisfaction and consequently, more value. Secondhand exotic basses can be bought for very attractive prices currently, so you should be able to buy something great without having to top up. Move on, you will feel better fo it.
  6. Thanks for replying. One of these days I might chance across it again. They are so easy to play. Mine had the original black tolex case, which I guess won't fit anything else.
  7. I sold a very early blue musicmaster to Andys in Denmark St in 1983. Had a deep gash in the bottom and headstock fag burn. Previously owned by Joe Brown, I think I got £80 PX against a jv squier I still have. It would be too small a world if one of yours.........
  8. Maybe I should have asked more than £5k for my ex-Pino stingray?
  9. No wonder my ex-Pino one sold so quick price at £5k
  10. It gives a brief but seemingly frank and contrite account of that and Clapton speaks candidly about the shame he has for his conduct. BB King's on stage tribute to Clapton as the "Most gracious man I have ever met" gives his assertion a level of credibility. Only Clapton knows the truth, but I'd give him the benefit of any doubt based on the interview.
  11. That was a great buy. Well done!!
  12. There are so many other areas of interest this applies to. The word "bass" could be substituted for so many others......
  13. If I have tried something in a shop and I like it enough to buy it, I will buy it there. I am happy to pay for the service I have received in trying the instrument in person. I always haggle and I always get some discount. If we continue to treat shops as a showroom for the Internet, our specialist retailers will continue to diminish in number, our high streets will continue to fill with charity shops and we will continue to pay higher taxes to compensate for the loss of jobs and business rates, while Jeff Bezos gets ever richer...... Sorry, I have gone on a bit of a rant there, definitely not a pop at you Dov65😀, It applies to most forms of retail.
  14. Lovely bass, very attractive price. Gone by tomorrow.
  15. I have always liked the look of this fabulous bass. Sadly for me it is not a Jazz Bass. The price is very reasonable. As with the other basses you have listed. I'm surprised it has not sold yet. GLWTS
  16. I had until recently a Bravewood and currently have a CS relic. I prefer the originals.
  17. GuyR


    Of course you do. It is pointless to resist.
  18. There is a lot of variation between 60s models, and some are much better than others, based on the sample I have played and own. I do like them and I also used to have a Morris Minor
  19. GuyR


    My Bravewood J didn't equal any of my pre-cbs Jazzes. My Bravewood Strat is spectacularly good. Sadly I don't have a pre cbs Strat yet to compare it with. Agreed a good Bravewood is a formidable thing.
  20. GuyR


    That is the story often quoted, but I doubt his sweat was ever PH tested. Leaving it in a ditch would not have helped. Definitely human gunk has softened the finish on my bass. Agreed re the Gallagher CS Strat. It is not to my taste, but if it gives pleasure to others, it can't be a bad thing.
  21. GuyR


    In my opinion, the most realistic distressing on a guitar finish I have handled is by Clive Brown. To me, both neck and body indistinguishable from the real thing, of which I have several. His CAR reproduces the straightish parallel checking lines particular to this finish and LPB perfectly. A couple of examples below. I tried the 65, the finish was fantastic https://guitar-auctions.co.uk/portfolio-post/lot-66-1960-fender-stratocaster-electric-guitar-made-in-usa/ https://guitar-auctions.co.uk/portfolio-post/lot-32-1965-fender-stratocaster-electric-guitar-made-in-usa/ Bravewood is also very good, particularly the neck finish, which is similar to Clive Brown's. Fender relics are OK. The body wear is reasonably convincing, albeit the checking usually exaggerated. The simulated neck wear is generally poor, with the unrealistic belt-sander look with definite pronounced edges that I have never seen on genuine examples. The OP's 38 year old Aria, like my 38 year old jv squier, has a poly finish which is much tougher than the nitro finishes most relic finishes are trying to simulate. It will probably never look remotely like a relic. Re the Rory Gallagher guitar, my strong expectation is that most of the finish came off when the guitar was being cleaned over the years. You would never get significant wear where on that guitar the finish is completely gone. If the finish on a genuine nitro fender gets dirty and gunky, the finish softens and the gunk becomes part of the finish. Any attempt to clean it after that can result in the top layers of lacquer and some of the colour coat coming off, exposing the base coat. I have a 64 I have gently tried to clean, using nothing more aggressive than a soft duster and spit and a patch of the red in the sunburst came straight off. I smile when I see old guitars and basses where this has obviously happened and it is presented or discussed as play-wear.
  22. I'd always wondered what went on in church.
  23. Lovely looking bass. I like that your wife is an "enabler" I was very tempted by your AVRI and surprised it took a while to find a buyer.
  24. GuyR

    1966 Precision?

    It's a new fingerboard. It would have had a curved thin fingerboard and the whole of the truss rod would have originally been within the maple part of the neck. It appears to have a slab type fingerboard, which is 100% a replacement. Still looks a nice bass though.
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