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  1. A Fender jazz bass, with offset body and narrow nut, but in the style of, and with the same appointments as, a 51 style first generation precision bass - tele style headstock, one piece maple neck, Bakelite parts, slab body and blonde finish. Not sure how popular it would be, but I guarantee they would sell at least 1.
  2. Based on a 10-minute google search, Amazon paid £4.6m tax in the UK last year on turnover of £10.96 billion. To put that in perspective, with a similar sized UK revenue, M&S paid £65.4m corporation tax alone on turnover of £10.46 billion in 2018, in addition to business rates and the tax generated by their 80000 employees (compared with 27500 for Amazon). In effect, Amazon is subsidised by the UK taxpayer. Handy for Jeff Bezos, I'm sure he would find it difficult to make ends meet otherwise. Until our "leaders" adopt a strategy to extract a proper contribution for access to our markets, our high streets and indigenous businesses will continue to wither. I never buy on Amazon, or from Starbucks or a variety of other businesses for these reasons.
  3. £250 is a bargain for your self-respect
  4. I'm glad I sold my Ginsters Les Paul while I still could
  5. I have tried that. They were not polite.
  6. Sadly, they had already been replaced before I bought it.
  7. Thanks 🙂 Replacement pickups, guard, finish, decal and pots. Fingerboard had already been replaced, so I didn’t feel bad about further modifications.
  8. My 62 jazz bass with replacement fretless fingerboard
  9. Great basses. Nice bit of figure in the neck and very good value. Glwts.
  10. I was there tonight. What a band and a great venue
  11. I have the old style godin A5 fretless. Bought used 10 years+ ago The unplugged sound is sublime. Like a good DB and the notes really swell. A really fat tone plucked over the fingerboard and more electric like plucked closer to the bridge. Mine had quite a high action and I gave it to Martin Petersen to sort out. It is super slick to play now and gets daily use.
  12. I'm sure one of the self-appointed holier-than-thou guardians of the true mojo will be along any moment to give us the benefit of their God-given wisdom.
  13. You are clearly more mature, and with better taste, than almost anyone I can think of. You post Has been an epiphany for me and will, I'm certain, convince anyone tempted by such devil's hardware of the error of their ways.
  14. beaching about other people’s choice of instrument. Is that still a thing?
  15. .Upgrading to better quality equipment than you currently own has been scientifically proven, over & over, both to improve your playing and to make you happier and more productive in all aspects of your existence. There is no flaw to your musical understanding or deficiency in your technique that cannot be overcome by simply buying a new bass and amp. This effect is enhanced if the new arrival is in addition to your existing equipment, rather than as a replacement, and further optimised if the incoming equipment is purchased on finance
  16. I had an original 62 jazz bass made fretless. New unlined unmarked board. Also had a large fender log jv Squier defretted in n the 80s. Kept the fingerboard and had the gaps filled with matching rosewood fillets so the lines disappeared. Both great basses. As long as you don't need to sell, who cares about the value?
  17. I am certain I really like Jazz basses, which is why I have "several". I am assuming you have more than one Precision. If not, please stop letting the side down.
  18. Sounds like something off the horror channel. What a chilling tale and warning to the rest of us.
  19. If it involves the acquisition of another bass, then what could possibly go wrong?
  20. Can't believe it took you so long.
  21. Just do it. - assuming it plays as good as it looks. "Gear abstinence challenge"? A chilling reminder of the tragic consequences of your significant other coming across your log in details.
  22. It's a market, like any other, with the price set by supply versus demand. Enough buyers have funds to pay for the very limited supply of genuine pre 1965 examples to keep prices strong. Prices seem to have dipped a little in the US, but the reduction in the value of sterling has kept them high here. (Just my perception based on online browsing) Perhaps when the current custodians sell to release funds for old age the increased supply will drive down prices. Will there even be demand in another 20 or 30 years? It won't be a source of concern for me. I'm a consumer. I just like cool old basses.
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