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  1. If I had won the lottery, I wouldn't be buying "off the peg"
  2. The very same. I was initially drawn by the vulgarity of the finish, it is also a great bass. Update on the incoming side. This morning a contractor doing a house clearance for me asked whether I would like a Roland bass cube 30, in the original box, for nothing. Difficult to say no to an offer like that.
  3. Fairly minimal as usual Out. 62 Jazz Bass In. CS stack knob gold sparkle Jazz Bass, 65 Strat.
  4. Thanks. It kind of happened by accident.
  5. Here are a few of mine 62 Casino, 65 Strat, 66 Tele. Quite happy with current setup.
  6. Agree re Clive Brown. I have played a 65 CAR Strat he had completely refinished, neck and body. To me the finish was indistinguishable from my 65 CAR. His work is outstanding. I tried a blonde tele of his also that had a sublime checked body refin? He understands subtlety, has zero online presence, no contact details, but still has an 18 month waiting list.
  7. I was confident you would like it. It's the neck finish that makes it and the general feel is closer to the real thing in my opinion than anything else available I have seen. It's a shame for me such a high proportion of John's basses are SB, white or blonde, as I am covered for those. thanks for the initial impression and I hope it continues to satisfy. And you'll get your money back if the love goes, unlike CS.
  8. Just now, ped said: I'll refrain from posting an image of its sister "Telecaster" variant, also short-lived due to low take up. Best to quit whilst ahead
  9. Short scale "stratocaster" 6 string bass. I understand they never caught on which is why you have probably never heard of them.
  10. Bottom one is 62. The others 65.
  11. Here are a couple of mine, if we are on a CAR theme. Any excuse...... love the 66 btw.
  12. In my experience, his instruments are as good as a CS to play, but with a more realistic look and feel, particularly the neck. You are well qualified to give your opinion, so don't forget your NBD post. New CS are the same price as a decent refin original bought privately, so no contest for me. I have a Bravewood Strat still and although I have just bought a lovely '65, the Bravewood is going nowhere.
  13. Excellent choice, I would be surprised if you regret it. Very interested to know your thoughts when it arrives.
  14. The age related serial number is a nice touch
  15. This has been online for a few days. Amazed it hasn't gone. It's too similar to my Oly White 62 or it would be in my hands by now.
  16. They had a very good start with Cunetto, so no excuse really.
  17. The finishing on the back of the neck is my main issue with CS. The Bravewood looks and feels just like a pre cbs example. The CS looks like someone got busy with the belt sander, which I guess is not unadjacent to the truth. It amazes me that they can't do better. My light relic CS is ok though, just a little wear on the neck, but still looks completely contrived. Sadly, I was won over by the tarty good sparkle body, so overlooked the mediocre unconvincing neck finish. Still a delight to play. I just need to use it for 30 years and hope.
  18. Whichever colour, it is a bargain in comparison with Fender CS. Higher quality and more convincing finish at half the price.
  19. Apparently patience is a virtue. Lovely bass and very covetable!!
  20. Use it for gigs to save wear and tear to the valuable stuff.
  21. Fair point. None taken...😀
  22. He's doing better than me, and the vast majority of people denigrating his choice, if he has £22k to spare for a bass. Good luck to him/her.
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