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  1. You might wish to consider "furloughing" Mrs Zero.
  2. All on stands for me, all over the house at least one in each principal room. Cases all in storage in the loft. I do cover up the pre cbs custom colour ones to protect the finish from sunlight. Apart from making it zero effort to pick one up, I am constantly reminded of any neglected basses and I enjoy looking at them, not as much as playing them of course, but they are still eye-candy.
  3. Hard luck on that - don't beat yourself up too much. It was an accident and so easy to be wise after the event. A definite warning to others though, I have absolutely avoided any form of unnecessary risk recently. That is what I have been telling the Mrs anyway. I hope your op goes well and wish you a full and speedy recovery.
  4. You wouldn't be disappointed if you played it.😀
  5. A couple of hopefully better pictures in the Sunlight.
  6. Thanks @Reggaebass, it's a '62 with original finish.
  7. 84 Jv on the right, still quite white. Original nitro finish on the left. Neither ever sees the inside of a case.
  8. Got a small number. Only have one poor picture of them all. 62 Casino. Long term loaner. Never going home. 84 jv squier strat. Super light 66 Tele Bravewood Strat Godin A6
  9. GuyR


    Love that. Tell us (much) more.
  10. There seems to be a consensus. This forum remains, thank goodness, a haven of relative common sense and almost exclusive good will. Long may it continue.
  11. did you go and see them all? Do I win the prize?
  12. This might sound ok through it
  13. GuyR

    Your Go To Bass

    I’m enjoying my recently acquired CS stack knob and long owned Godin A5.....
  14. He's right. I bought the backup Stingray via the gallery, about 2013, also a 79 and in very good condition. I resold it via the gallery last year. It was still on their website when I last looked recently. According to Martin Petersen, when Pino was there recently, he tried my 62 Fretless jazz bass, currently for sale. I doubt he would have asked for a letter of provenance like I did.
  15. GuyR

    Feedback for Andy

    I recently bought a CS Jazz Bass from Andy. He was a pleasure to meet and do business with and I could not recommend him more highly. Thanks Andy, I'm loving the bass. Best wishes, Guy
  16. Good call. The price of airline tickets may well be significantly lower in a few weeks.
  17. Agree with the above. Have recently bought a CS Jazz Bass from Andy. A pleasure to meet and do business with.
  18. I have recently acquired a CS stack knob which I am really enjoying. I haven't played a better modern jazz bass. I have 7 other vvt jazz basses, from 80s tokai to 4 pre cbs examples. In my opinion, there is much more variation in the basic tone of a random sample of similar instruments than there would be by swapping from stack to vvt. Stack is great. As is vvt.
  19. How can you not like the lived-in look? Thanks for posting these, nice start to the day
  20. Most of my basses are old and battered, some with large areas of finish missing. I much prefer the comfort to play and freedom from concern over damage. And they look great in my opinion.
  21. Another A5 vote here. More than once, mine has been described as " the best sounding bass I have ever heard". Coincidentally, that has never happened when I have been playing it. Rick turner Renaissance basses also sound great, but rare in UK
  22. This is a great price for a super bit of kit.
  23. Used Godin A5. Mine is strung with a low B, but I don't see why it wouldn't work E-C. Lovely tone and very easy to play.
  24. I have a 62 jazz bass which has been drilled through just above the nut, probably for just this purpose.
  25. I wasn't aware I had a nephew in Birmingham
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