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  1. Is that a euphemism? (Sorry, just read later posts)
  2. It's surprising that only the 100% unmodified original-finish ones seem to come up for sale.
  3. +1 for this. It's first-class. My wife bought m one for Christmas a couple of years ago. I subsequently came to regret pointing out that she had created abundant spare capacity with all the empty individual stands. Apparently, that wasn't the point.
  4. Speaking as a past, present and future buyer of pre cbs fender basses, I have no issue with refrets whatsoever. Same for defective pots. The idea of buying a bass I couldn't use, in order to preserve originality, does not appeal. There are, I'm sure, buyers who will reject a refretted bass, but not a sufficient proportion to seriously affect the value
  5. That is very appealing indeed. The solid rosewood neck gives a completely different look, irrespective of the scratchplate ( I like the white ) is there a separate fingerboard or is it a 1-piece neck? very nice score- I'm quite envious.......
  6. As the Tokai is missing out so far, it certainly gets my vote. Is the neck quite chunky for a Jazz? Mine of a similar vintage is - interested to know if yours is the same. 3 very good buys!!
  7. Thanks for explaining that so clearly. I'm such a tool! I'm probably a bit touchy due to my inferiority complex.
  8. I was thinking the same thing. I'd put the cases in the loft
  9. Like all of us, you are entitled to your view, but I’m not quite with you on the inferiority complex bit?
  10. Another HT-1 user here. Very nice range of cleanish into breakup sounds available. Not super versatile but a great little amp for not much money. If you are not gigging, there is more than enough volume for home use and more driven sounds are available at low enough volume to not have to worry about annoying family/neighbours. It does my 66 Tele justice.
  11. Looking on eBay sold items just now, there was a 70s bullet truss rod maple neck with tuners removed, worn looking, sold for £275. That would be problem solved, with ready-made wear & tear.
  12. I have had that done to a jazz bass neck. It was great for a while, then bowed again, less than before but still not able to get my preferred action. It was a 1 piece neck. Understand that a separate fingerboard neck can give a better long term result. having said that if it has worked for others it’s worth a punt as you have nothing to lose. if that doesn’t work, you do see 70s neck for sale occasionally. I would keep the finish as is. A neck solution can be found, even if it takes time. Best of luck.
  13. I have 3 JVs. One is good, the other two are fabulous. One is around 9.5 lb, the others both a good bit lighter. Owned since 82,84 and 88. I have never played a bad one. They seem to typically change hands for £5-700, which seems ok value to me, so I’m not sure where the hype is.
  14. It should be no problem for a good luthier to add frets. Speak to the bass gallery in Camden, or get Overwater to do it for you.
  15. He's not even the greatest kagoul-wearing frontman ever
  16. Apologies, it is the '84 that has the extra layer -- 4, the same as yours. The '82 has 3 layers to the plate. (Have edited my earlier post)
  17. The first few months of production exported to the uk have the large Fender logo. Serial numbers up to very approximately JV10000. I don't think there are many other significant detail differences. I have '82 and '84 jv Jazz basses (Fender logo and Squire logo)The '84 has an extra layer of ply to the scratch plate. That's about it. the Fenders with JV serials are a whole different category and not one I know much about, but I believe the 21frets website has all the infoyou need. Great basses, have had mine since '83 and '84 new.
  18. Very sorry to read this. It would be useful to know the area they were stolen from, in case the thieves try to dispose of them locally. I hope they are returned to you safely.
  19. 3 . Better bass for the money, no depreciation.
  20. Taking your kids fishing is the best thing ever. Simple pleasures.......
  21. I would happily look at any number of pictures of your basses, particularly your fiesta red 63. Sublime. If you ever wish to reduce numbers further, I'd be pleased to cover the postage............
  22. I agree, BC is the most friendly forum I have encountered, full of encouragement, with the least amount of unpleasantness. Long may it remain so.
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