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  1. Could be right I looked him up and all it said was a 1976 fretless stingray I even thought it might have been a prototype MM stingray but then I found a video on a early stingray it had the usually 3+ 1 headstock but with p type pickups closer to the bridge like where stingray pickups are
  2. Hi was watch some old videos on YT and I saw that Pino Palladino looks to be playing a fretless Stingray body with a Fender neck ? I have looked several times and theres only 4 string ( I see all machine heads up top not like MM with the 3 + 1 yes I knownif it was a 5 string it would be 4+1 you can see it 0:32 on this clip + others
  3. I say any colour other than green ( I really dont like the colour green)
  4. Next we have some one that will cut down a tree for there bass build
  5. Cant say much about them as I dont own 1 yet that is
  6. Sharp wood chisel if its only 2mm or try sanding 2 mm off the neck
  7. Man up thats what I do ( between the hours of 8.30 to 5.30 Monday to Friday) then when she gets home I do what she saids to do
  8. So where in Oz are you hope its not in Vic So where in country Vic? I am in country NSW Wagga Wagga
  9. So where in Oz are you hope its not in Vic
  10. I always thought the BC Rich guitars and basses were what you got /played when you wanted to summons the Devil . I guess they would be great in fending off muggers / buglers
  11. I have used this type of pin vice https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Micro-Drill-Pin-Chuck-6-5mm-Hexagonal-Shank-Toolmaker-Lathe-Wire-Vice-Vise-0-1mm/283866883003?hash=item4217c8e3bb:g:JEUAAOSwoLFerwH0
  12. I would go black 1st hen white very close 2nd . Maybe get small rare earth magnets & then depending on your mood you can swap it out as you please
  13. I dint vote as I am in Australia but we mainly used pickguard
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