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  1. I always thought the BC Rich guitars and basses were what you got /played when you wanted to summons the Devil . I guess they would be great in fending off muggers / buglers
  2. I have used this type of pin vice https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Micro-Drill-Pin-Chuck-6-5mm-Hexagonal-Shank-Toolmaker-Lathe-Wire-Vice-Vise-0-1mm/283866883003?hash=item4217c8e3bb:g:JEUAAOSwoLFerwH0
  3. I would go black 1st hen white very close 2nd . Maybe get small rare earth magnets & then depending on your mood you can swap it out as you please
  4. I dint vote as I am in Australia but we mainly used pickguard
  5. What a beauty LOL only a face / bass a mother could love
  6. Well with no knobs to play with wheres the fun? On a serious note I dont see the value in any signature instrument , I guess they have to get some money back what they are paying the artist
  7. They were not my cup of tea IMHO I dont care who owned / played any instrument ( especially mass produced ones) I cant see why they are worth the money. Even if I was a Bill Gates I would pay anywhere near that for any instrument played buy any 1 ( unless its 1 that I played with / on)
  8. And how do you know how rough a badgers derrière is? talking from experience ?
  9. I bought a set like these from ebay Australia via China . I put them on a hack bass that I never play just as a wall hanger . Worth every cent for $13 including postage
  10. Greco Rick 4001 copy and a Aria ZZB why I got rid of either I dont know and I kick my self when I see what they are worth now compared to what I got for them
  11. Like I said before its your bass to do with But if it was me I would see how much its worth now to sell it & the either buy or put together a bass from parts etc to make it what you want . If its cheaper to keep bass & mod it then do that. If its cheaper to buy another bass or parts bass & do what you want in mods well then sell the Signature bass and do the latter part.
  12. I would like a T40 as well but @58 I dont think my back would like it
  13. I just use auto feeler gauges can get them cheap on ebay etc
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