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  1. Bought around 2002 from Randy Hope-Taylor a rather nice 62 Jazz bass I will not be letting go. [URL=http://s1058.photobucket.com/user/Guycrussell/media/Basses006.jpg.html][IMG]http://i1058.photobucket.com/albums/t418/Guycrussell/Basses006.jpg[/IMG][/URL] Hopefully the picture loaded. I know the rules......
  2. At least you can console yourself that they weren't particularly good examples. As you say, those were the prices back then. It makes the £220 I paid new for my JV Squier Jazz Bass in 1984 look a not very good buy. Hope you spent the money on something worthwhile.
  3. His website is still up. Is he not responding to email?
  4. Have had a similar service. Have left grotty refin 62 jazz bass there today for fretless conversion. Looking forward to getting it back.
  5. Mrs Guy bought me one of those racks last Christmas, only then realising she had left me with six empty stands. It has been a fun year filling them.
  6. That is a really clean looking bass. Congratulations on what looks a great choice. Was it dealer or private?
  7. I'm confused as to why you would only have four Jazz basses?
  8. I'll get the hang of modern technology eventually.... Thanks for your kind comments. It's just the right condition for me. No need to be too careful
  9. http://s1058.photobucket.com/user/Guycrussell/media/image_2.jpeg.html?o=0 It's just possible I might have uploaded a picture of my tele. Apologies if I haven't
  10. I couldn't resist a tele purchase in December. I had a 66 sunburst in the early 80s. Long gone. Now have a 66 in blonde. Even better and very hard to put down.
  11. GaryDay has a very nice looking 66 jazz bass in black with matching headstock. Looks a good buy for £6k. Happily for me, I have 3 pre cbs jazzes, all pretty much original, other than the odd screw or missing cover. I always buy on approval subject to taking them to see Martin Petersen for a second opinion/check over. No genuine, confident seller would object to that. I am always open to the purchase of another pre 65 jazz and have never regretted a vintage purchase. If you are careful, nor will you.
  12. Red L series Jazz Bass? I feel your pain on that Marty.
  13. I don't like marmite, but I've never thought it worth starting a thread about.
  14. I bought a Strat for my nephew from Jon a little while back and forgot to leave feedback - I have no manners, blame the parents - He is a great guy to deal with. Recommended
  15. GuyR

    thebassist feedback

    Bought Adam's '64 Jazz Bass. As described and a very pleasant afternoon spent trying the rest of his collection. Recommended. Thanks Adam.
  16. Owning vintage basses is in my experience a very rewarding thing to do. My recommendation would be to save a little more and buy an all-original example. Refrets or minor hardware changes are not the end of the world, but if the body or neck are refinished, however many original parts you source to stick on it, it is still fundamentally undesirable to most vintage buyers. I have three pre cbs jazz basses, all original. I am just about to buy a refin pre cbs strat - mainly because I will never be able to justify to the chancellor £10k+ for a fully original one, when it is not my main instrument. To me, the only reasons to buy a refin Fender bass are that it's either so cheap it would be rude not to, or that you'll never be in a position to by one with the original finish
  17. A scientific formula for working out whether you have too many basses; X + 2 = too many basses, with X representing the number you currently have.
  18. I have an A5 fretless - It's easy to play and sounds much better than the mid-range price would suggest. I'd swap it for a Rick Turner renaissance bass any day. Or, following my usual pattern, find a spurious justification for keeping both.
  19. I bought a '71 Musicmaster bass in 1979- long ago moved on. As I remember it had a 6-magnet guitar pickup, so that might explain the Jazz bass mod. Interesting bass and a good project.
  20. I have a fretless A5. Great sound, brilliant for noodling unplugged, very good value second hand.
  21. Have a top quality tech like Martin Petersen look at it and do the work if required - a well respected name for the refret is reassuring for buyers. I bought the bass you alluded to in your post for £6500, the fact it was refretted bothered me not in the least as all else was in order and it is a fantastic player. Any bass worth playing will eventually need refretting, so I see it as a wear and tear item. I have two other pre cbs Jazz basses, one with the original frets, which is the least good of the three. Great player 100% Original finish, original components are my criteria. Missing covers, finger rest, few wrong screws, wrong case, I can live with. Chiliwailer is absolutely correct in his post
  22. I tried this bass last Sunday when I was picking up Adam's Jazz bass. It's a great bass - so easy to play, so difficult to put down. He's a very pleasant and straightforward guy. Bass and seller highly recommended.
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