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  1. The single least relevant issue in determining the value of a commodity - in this case a bass- is what the seller paid for it.
  2. I first went there in the late '90s, have bought two very nice basses there - gave Martin my wants list & he phoned me when something suitable came in. Have sold through the Gallery too. The experience I have had is the opposite to the OP's. Martin and Alex have been a pleasure to deal with.
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    Do not try this at home
  4. GuyR

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    13 amp plug on the end of your lead ought to do it
  5. When faced with a difficult decision over which bass to buy, best to buy both. I you are only going to have one, sounds like a Stingray is the bass for you.
  6. A Jazz bass like that might cure GAS for a while.
  7. I have a little Blackstar practice amp - only one watt but it's a big one - more than loud enough for living room duties - and I also use it for bass when I can't be bothered to get the big rig out. Obviously, I keep the volume down to reasonable levels and cut the low frequencies but it sounds really nice.... I have the same combo. Set the sound up clean, add a bit of reverb and a fretless jazz bass. Instant Jaco sound, just add talent (I knew there was something missing)
  8. Anytime you buyyourself a new bass it can't be a bad thing. Wierd, but actually a very good, well-made bass. Enjoy!
  9. I haven't weighed them and the white one is on loan, but the sunburst one is a shade lighter than one I know is 10lb, I'd guess the white one a good bit under 9lb. The Strat pictured is the lightest one I have held.
  10. [quote name='Rick's Fine '52' timestamp='1357851706' post='1929622'] It must be JV088**?? I would guess neck date of first week of June '82? Looking at the thread, I think I'm first in the queue if there is one? Joking aside, it's lovely. [/quote] Thanks to you and Luke for your kind comments and for starting this thread. Your JVs are not too shabby either! I don't think I will be parting company with it anytime soon though! The number is JV088** - I have never had the neck of any of my JVs, so not sure of the date. The white one is later, JV805**. I spent a whole (very pleasurable) afternoon in Denmark St in 1984 trying every one in every shop. Very lightweight and very bright sounding. The pictured one is much heavier in weight and darker sounding - I had a Strat JV088** serial no about 50 off my pictured Jazz, identical wood, also quite heavy. When the JVs came out, if you wanted a vintage style Jazz with dots not blocks, these were the only option then and are still a great bass although expensive now. I look forward to seeing what else is posted.....
  11. Thanks for adding that Luke, I must work out how to add pics. The Jazz is early, serial no JV88** have had it for 30 years and still play it regularly, along with a white Squier-logo JV Jazz I bought in 1984 and still have. I still have the inspection tag, but not the cardboard carton! The other JV bass in the picture is a short-scale 6 string, but I have had trouble getting bass strings the correct length for it.. Odd detail in the Fender-logo Jazz compared with the later JV is the scratch plate is 3 ply rather than the 4 ply of the later one. I wonder if Rick's is the same and when it changed over. I tried a lot of US Jazzes over the years, but never found one I preferred to until I bought a pre-cbs Jazz about 13 years ago
  12. There is a wide range of variation in feel, sound and weight between supposedly identical basses, so it may be the American Fender was a below-average one and the Squier a good one. If you are a "novice" (God, I hate to sound patronising and do not wish to sound rude) you might find as you become more experienced, the differences become more apparent. If you are going to play long-term, in my opinion you are well advised to buy the best quality bass you can, 2nd hand. This will hold you back the least, give the most enjoyment, not need upgrading and will retain the highest proportion of its value, should you need to sell it. I bought nice quality Jazzes 30 years ago and still use them regularly. Good luck
  13. Make sure you get a satisfactory provenance proving the previous ownership if that is a factor in the price. Auction receipt and catalogue would be OK if they mention the well-known owner. Without this, it will be difficult to resell for the full value. Lozz's suggestion of reading material is spot-on to check the bass is original.
  14. It reappeared on the site about 10 days ago priced at £12995 and is now listed as "sold". The string must have been up to the job.
  15. [quote name='bassintheface' timestamp='1355743447' post='1901977'] This 'lad' was telling me how he could have put a 'buring solo" in "Superstition" - I replied "why", it doesn't have a wa***ng guitar in it. If Stevie Wonder wanted one he'd have written one. He said he could put solo's in our set to make it better. I told him people didn't like that and he'd spoil the songs. [/quote] There is a live version of Superstition from Madison square Garden 2009 on Youtube With Jeff Beck joining Stevie Wonder. Solo works quite well - no-one seems to mind him "joining in", Still the "lad" probably isn't quite up to his standard....
  16. He distorts his guards so they lift up at the edges to simulate shrinkage - the attention to detail is excellent. They even have a serial number which is in the correct range for the instrument they imitate.
  17. [quote name='LukeFRC' timestamp='1356176668' post='1907628'] So I was in london yesterday and saw some nashes in the flesh - the finishing was awful - I could do a more authentic looking relic finish with £12 of spray cans- and it wouldn't be so matt finish. anyway rant over. each to their own [/quote] Coincidentally I was in the West End yesterday and had a look at the Nash basses on display. I agree on the finishes - very rudimentary and not in the least convincing, although I didn't try one. Like EddieG I have a Bravewood (Strat)- the ageing is streets ahead of Nash and it is the absolute nuts to play, so much so that I have ordered a Jazz.
  18. [quote name='MiltyG565' timestamp='1355303608' post='1896485'] Why did i picture a man sneaking a bass in through the back door, then hiding it when i read this? "oh sh*t, this is my 8th bass... better sneak it in or she will go mad!" [/quote] Owww the truth hurts. Your location suggests you can't be my neighbour, your post suggests you must be.
  19. I'm still not sure about this "decide between two basses" concept. I would work on the "Fiancee's goodwill" area - it might lessen the need for such painful choices. Once you get past 6-8 basses, your significant other will simply stop noticing your new purchases. Your JV is very appealing and priced right but precisions are not for me.... Good luck whatever you decide
  20. Sorry Luke, I'm still not getting this "sell a bass" thing. Do you mind explaining it again...
  21. Whatever you do, don't saw fret slots then fill them. It will be detrimental to the sustain and tone. Best to sand or strip the lines off.
  22. A mid 80's Tokai Jazz sound would be my suggestion -around £300 would buy one, or a scruffy Stingray. Either would make future upgrades unnecessary.
  23. Looks the nuts just as it is. Congratulations on a good purchase - particularly one that's not heavy, some jvs are like boat anchors
  24. "Do I need a new bass?" Rhetorical questions do not need a flow chart.
  25. I have on order from Bravewood a heavily distressed stack knob jazz, in surf green with matching headstock, white 'guard, gold hardwear and one - piece maple neck. I am looking forward to it arriving. Good value for a custom built.
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