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  1. something to look forward to! [url="http://warp.net/records/squarepusher/new-limited-album-solo-electric-bass-1"]http://warp.net/records/squarepusher/new-l...electric-bass-1[/url]
  2. [quote name='Randy_Marsh' post='515562' date='Jun 16 2009, 06:17 PM']Alex Katunich's Streamer Stage II 5 String[/quote] +10000000 !
  3. Ah and how could i forgot, whatever Paul Jackson played on Herbie Hancock 70s jazz funk stuff (thrust, secrets) Sure sounds like a P.
  4. Les Claypools' main 4 string Carl Thompson. I wouldn't mind his 6 string fretless zebra of course.
  5. Here is one from last saturdays' gig in the middle of Watford high street. [attachment=26904:bass1.jpg]
  6. [quote name='The Funk' post='500499' date='May 29 2009, 01:16 AM']There are a few different Bass Guitar method books out there from the likes of Mel Bay and Hal Leonard. Most of them are pretty decent.[/quote] Any in particular ? cheers
  7. [quote name='AM1' post='500501' date='May 29 2009, 01:21 AM']Hi I found Alex Sampson's stuff excellent. The marketing is just typical insanely enthusiastic yank style, but he's actually very motivated for imparting knowledge and has a real passion for teaching. He also has a web forum and a raft of additional teaching videos but it's restricted unless you are actually a customer. Once you're on the customer list, he sends out loads of extra resources, very regularly, free. He is a proponent of giving you the material but you must do the work, hence the constant email reminders, which is a good thing. I am in the same position as you in terms of lessons, hence self teaching but Alex Sampson's stuff starts from basic and goes into intermediate then advanced very quickly. I can't comment on the DVDs as I just paid for the online resource which I think was about £25. I don't think it would be ethically right to just send you the PDF stuff I have as the guy does put a lot of work into it but I recommend him (I'm a bass newbie). Feel free to PM me if you have any questions.[/quote] Thanks for that, exactly the sort of opinion i wanted to hear! I've just found a topic about it on Talk bass and the reactions where very interesting. People who actually bought his products where very happy and the ones who didnt called him a scammer, and got very upset at him for using words such as "magic" or "formula". I think his marketing method does create a very negative effect, but Its important to note that he writes everywhere that he used these words, like magic and formula, just because they sound cool and there is no magic in becoming a good bass player, its all about hard work. I will report back once i get the DVDs. I must say I am very curious about it.
  8. Anyone have any experience with Alex Sampson stuff? Here is a link : [url="http://www.fretboardformula.com/the-relaunch.html"]http://www.fretboardformula.com/the-relaunch.html[/url] I actually read the whole thing, i know its sad but i guess this retarded marketing system actually managed to get me. This guy also have some videos posted on another website [url="http://www.bassguitartips.com/newblog/"]http://www.bassguitartips.com/newblog/[/url] And i find his videos and the way he teaches to be very easy and fun to play along with. The reason I'm posting this is because im looking for a more complete package of bass practice. Most of the dvds that are around usually aimed at beginners and for people who are picking up the bass for the first time. I'm looking for a more advanced DVD that also tells you [b]what[/b] and [b]when[/b] to practice. This package includes over six hours of video and claims to cover a lot of ground with tips on how and what to actually practice. (which is what I am struggling with). I know that idealy I would go to a teacher once a week, but unfortunately cant afford that at the moment. Any thoughts about it? anyone this, or any other package this guy is selling? Maybe you know another DVD or books that fit the description of what i need? ( I always prefer DVDs as I am dyslectic and find studying with videos much easier) cheers!
  9. saibuster


    פשש יש אנשים עם טעם בארץ
  10. Now on eBay with a new video! [url="http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&item=220420377021"]http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...em=220420377021[/url]
  11. I'm giving away four home made acoustic panels. Measurements are 99cm x 1.90cm. They are filled with these small panels i bought on ebay, but you'd probably get better results by changing them to a more professional ones. Pickup from my flat in Olympia. I have to leave by the end of the month (May) so if no one is interested i'll just call the council to come and pick them up. [attachment=25543:Accoustic.jpg]
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