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  1. Can’t believe I am actually GAS free ...... has it finally happened?

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    2. DiMarco


      I had the same feeling after scoring my Fodera a few months ago... but I just ordered another bass again.

    3. ProfJames


      Give it a week or two...........

    4. Al Krow

      Al Krow

      Loss of sense of smell for bassists is clearly related to a lack of GAS. 

      You'll get both back once Covid-19 pandemic is over and gigs are back!

  2. I just bought a Warwick LWA1000, special deal on Thomann. £275 for a 2 channel 1000w class A preamp powerhouse. Bargain!


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    2. Nibody


      Are these any good? There is the usual moaning on Talkbass about them - I had persuaded my friend to sell me his retired SVT 3 Pro for a good price, but looking into this it could be just what I need (I run a Royal Blood type  set-up, so the "fake guitar" could run through the second channel with different EQ to the Bass side - would save me carting two rigs around). Cant buy both sadly.


    3. Nibody


      Well I guess Im going to find out.. my poor bank account...


    4. RichardH


      Interested to hear what you think! This should be a thread really!

  3. I bought 5 Gotoh GB707 and Hipshot triple lock single string bridges locally NEW for about 160 quid..... last ones. Just saved myself some serious dosh on the new 5 string build I am planning. 

    1. bamboscha


      Holy crap! Thats's a good deal. My local music shop is good for ukeleles and string winders :facepalm:. I just subscribed to Jens Larsen's Jazz Guitar site. I think he lives there. It's all happening in Den Haag. I need to move.

  4. How come so many people have “forgotten” the basics behind normal interaction?

    Don’t BS, don’t waste people’s time, respond within a reasonable time.... just basic stuff

    Rant over 😂

  5. The moment you weigh all you basses (doctor’s advice) and realise your lightest is 4.2kg (9.2 lbs) and heaviest is 4.8 (10.5). Hmmmm.......

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    2. HazBeen


      Strangest thing: in 2012 I owned both a Lull MV5 and PJ5 .... makes you wonder.

    3. Raslee


      @The Greek, Got a SB310 5 string yesterday for these very reasons. Love my Cort but loving the lightness of the Bass Collection.....just about to plug her in and see if it sounds any good ;)

    4. TheGreek


      I'm sure you'll be pleasantly surprised...

  6. Source Audio C4 incoming, tomorrow between noon-3pm.... wonder what I will be doing ;)

    1. CameronJ


      Crouching over your new precious, eyes glazing over at the editor as you craft delicious synthy goodness, perhaps?

    2. Hellzero


      Looking at your watch every minute waiting that lazy deliverer who is certainly having a coffee or two instead of doing his job. 😂

    3. HazBeen


      It arrived! Now to get home asap and give it a whirl!

  7. Outdoor festival gig tomorrow, 27 degrees .... am so looking forward to it :)

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    2. HazBeen


      It was amazing! Great gig, great crowd and enough shade as well :)

      Will share a video snippet shortly.

    3. HazBeen
    4. Teebs
  8. Helix update! Svt4, Sansamp and Scrambler. Nice!

    1. Dood


      The SVT4 is just how I remember my old bass gear. I think this could be one of the best models ever for bass from Line 6. 

    2. andybassdoyle


      Not done mine yet but the SVT4 is def of interest. What other action is going on?

  9. There is something special about the tone of a 2 band Stingray, had forgotten just how good they play and sound. Just lovely.

    1. Soledad


      Considering I'm a Fender nut and Leo never got a lot wrong, I have never got familiar with a Stingray. I really should, and the 2-band seems to be the one. I need to investigate. Just need to find someone who'll lend me one for a few weeks... as if :)

    2. Old Horse Murphy

      Old Horse Murphy

      One of the only basses I regret moving on was a 1988 Stingray 2 band eq. It was a little bit heavy, but it played and sounded wonderful.


  10. On the Hull to Rotterdam ferry, walked into the ferry band playing a Pink Floyd song..... sounded pretty good with a very decent bassist. We are everywhere 😂

    1. BassAgent


      I didn't even know there was a Hull-Rotterdam ferry😂

  11. Just picked up a 2000 G&L L2500 in Sunburst/Maple fretboard. Really good condition. Pics to follow when cleaned up/ set up :)

    1. gjones


      I bought one last year via Basschat. Great sounding bass. With loads of tonal variation.

    2. HazBeen


      I had one for years, very much a should not have sold it so buying again purchase :)

  12. Checking out a ‘93 US G&L SB-2 tomorrow ....... it would be nice to have a G&L in the arsenal again. Great basses.

    1. Romeo2


      jealous! Hope to see a NBD thread soon


    2. gary mac

      gary mac

      Did you get the SB2 H?


    3. gary mac

      gary mac

      Just spotted your NBD thread, off to check it out.

  13. Okay, I’ll say it..... as awesome as the Helix LT is, I am starting to miss my Helix HX + pedals setup of old. 

    1. andybassdoyle


      Are you just using the LT Haz?

      I love mine but I've got pedals in the two loops. No way would it work for me without that but combined it's awesome. Required some serious real estate management of the board...!


    2. HazBeen


      Yep, and I find thast I am missing exactly that element, the HX acts as the pedal board control centre :) 

  14. Helix LT en route. Upgrading from the rather excellent HX FX makes sense. Now to recoup some of the damage :)

    1. Dood


      I'm going the other way!! ha ha! I'm using HX rather than LT and I've had mine up for sale for a while here.

    2. HazBeen


      I noticed ..... :)

  15. I caved ....Helix HX ordered.

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    2. HazBeen


      To get to this point has been a journey... I owned a Bass Pod XL that was good and obviously have done the Boss multi several times over. Always felt that I missed something. But 10 years on even my B3n is just a really viable alternative for most custom pedals I own, perhaps the HX will mean DSP over analogue from here on in. Exciting and scary at the same time.

    3. owen


      Helix HX, Helix LT + Helix Full Fat. What is the difference? I know google will tell me, but real world is always more useful.

    4. LiamPodmore


      Owen as far as my reading tells me, HX is the effects section only and much smaller, LT is identical to the Helix software wise, just missing the scribble strips and less IO options.

  16. I have just spent some time catching up on a very moving thread, not too big to admit I even had a little cry.

    It makes me think of how this community has developed over the years, how it has grown, thrived and become the great place it is today. Made by the people that visit it. 

    This in turn makes me think of some of the great members we have lost, snatched by time, illness or other causes. This forum will remain a place where you are remembered, some by many, some by few but you will be remembered.

    A salute to those we have lost, you remain in our hearts always!

    1. Daz39


      Well said Haz.

      If this is the recent loss and the amazing response (especially the virtual tickets) - you're on about, then yes, it made me wobble too. I couldn't post on it again.

      If you potter about Off Topic enough you see all sorts of community - from this sort of sad loss all the way down to extensive searching of sheds for something to help another member work out which size screw they need for an antique light fitting (made up, but you know what I mean.)

      It's my favourite place on the Interweb.

  17. Dolores O'Riordan found dead in a London hotel.... Cranberries no more

    1. Marc S

      Marc S

      Yes, I was shocked by this sad news too. Still haven't seen a report of cause of death.... :(
      46 is way way too young

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