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  1. Hipshot A style comes in 5 string spacings. The 18mm version should be a pretty easy install, although would not be a direct fit.
  2. Just waiting on my transport back to NL. Bas and I did business for the millionth time today which resulted in me having a big case with a rather yummy Yammy with me. And Bas took me to lunch even 😎 Absolute pleasure to deal with, and really nice to meet you in person Bas. Cracking collection of basses you have (even without a jazz ...). Thank you.
  3. Thanks, unfortunately upgrades rarely add a lot to selling value, but I think I am pricing fairly. And LTD price/quality ratio is awesome.
  4. Cheers Bas, had seen it but appears not to be progressing.
  5. Since I now have an okay effects based solution for the 1 song I need it for, I am considering parting with my 8 string. It is in really good condition I am struggling to see any real sign of use. It really sounds the part too and plays effortlessly. See thru black, black hardware. -Basswood Body with a Flamed Maple Top - 5Pc Maple&Rosewood Neck with a Rosewood Fingerboard - TOM Bridge & Tailpiece and LTD Tuners - Bolt-On Neck Construction with a 34" Scale with 24 Extra Jumbo Frets and a Thin-U Neck Contour The pickups and preamp have been upgraded to Seymour Duncan SSBs and Aguilar OBP-3 I would potentially be open to trades, but ideally looking to sell. Price excludes shipping in Europe (35 quid with neck detached) but also have the ability to take it with me when I visit the greater Manchester area twice a month.
  6. I have had a Mono M80 double for years, it has endured countless gigs and still has very limited signs of use and protected my basses against quite a few bumps and (small) drops.. cannot say lower priced once wouldn't do the job but I will probably be buried with my M80s (I have single and doubles).
  7. EV ELX200 15SP I believe it is called, a mid priced sub. But we actually used to have the Alto TS series, incl sub and I can’t say they were significantly worse than pur current EV setup.
  8. Btw Alto surprised me, good value for money and whilst not in RCF territory very useable.
  9. Often we do, small gigs we will generally only route vocals and keys through the PA, if we add guitars/kick etc we take a small sub. Makes a big difference.
  10. I have to disagree with you. Lull, Yamaha all use normal P pickups in their PJ 5s and my Lull PJ5 had one of the best B's I ever owned. It is as much about the construction of the bass as it is about the pickup.
  11. Will stick with my EBS Sheehan for hi gain gallops...
  12. Not sure if they can be considered "reasonaby priced". They often use pretty much the same preamp as the Sandbergs (Glockenklang). Another to keep in mind. https://www.thomann.de/gb/esp_ltd_ap_5_black.htm Price to quality ratio on LTD is pretty amazing too.
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