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  1. I have a 1986 Musician, its beat up and stinking in mojo, you can see why they call them the Japanese Alembics, and also why Dave Swift snaps them up when they are sold. I'm not sure I could cope with it live to be honest as it's a bit overwhelming but if it's good enough for Sting and Adam Clayton then maybe I should give it a go.
  2. Toss a coin, before it has even landed you will know which one you prefer because you will be hoping for it. Works every time.
  3. Wow, hope it sounds as good as it looks!
  4. Went down to Warwick intending to buy a MusicMan or a Warwick, came away with this. It just caught my eye and when I played it it was one of those 'you're coming home with me' things. First impressions it's a lot superior to the Fender equivalent I had a couple of years ago, I'm guessing due to the Aguilars and the preamp, and the neck is a lot more forgiving as well. I got up early on a Saturday to play it so there must be something there. Andy
  5. I'm one of those weird people who prefers MIJ Precisions to MIA - I learned to play in the 80s
  6. The Legends are very strong budget basses, I would recommend you try one before making any decisions
  7. Any chance something like a MultiComp could sort this out? It's made for digging in, particularly in Tubeism mode - not sure you're after a compressor though...
  8. They were great beginner instruments in the 80s, rated over Squiers. Seems to me though all you have to do is add the word "Matsumoku" to anything and it doubles its value. I love 80s basses and have a few hanging on my wall - buy but don't get ripped off.
  9. Had one in the 90s (Supernatural/Mark King), sounded amazing but the neck twisted and I moved it on
  10. I went for the Custom Shop Jazz, the Stingray and the Aria
  11. I have an Affinity PJ which blew me away when I picked it up just out of curiosity so I bought it, best bargain I ever came across. Not sure where they are made?
  12. For what it’s worth I tried Spector, Ibanez and Fender but it wasn’t until I got a Warwick Thumb that I got that mwaaa sound
  13. Ha Ha, I’m a sucker for that up front chorus
  14. The ELF is good to have in your back pocket (literally) as a spare if your main head (Tecamp Puma in my case) goes down. Also sounds fantastic reminiscent of its bigger cousins, good 80s sound
  15. EBS Valvedrive?, Chris Chaney uses this. https://ebssweden.com/content2/effects/ebs-valvedrive-di/ I used one for years until I accidentally used the wrong power source and fried it :(
  16. This is an incredible performance with Kate Bush and a certain Dave Gilmour. Tony is playing a Jaydee but this is worth watching for his hair alone.
  17. That new model looks awful, they should do a range based on what they’ve done with the SB1000. I had a RSB Deluxe back in the 80s and it was phenomenal, neck like lightning. Last year I got a ‘86 R80 which is probably the most playable bass I’ve ever owned. MASSIVE opportunity here for a forward-thinking CEO to make a huge impact.
  18. Look, the best bass I’ve ever played is my 1986 Aria R80, cost me 600 quid - yours might be a (name any bass manufacturer) - all I mean is try the thing out, if you play a Fodera and know deep down that nothing will ever compare, then start saving, if not then move on to the next bass.
  19. Pretty sure it’s a Fishman, looks identical to the one I had on a Spector a while back. More powerful than I expected but has dedicated volume and tone with Centre detente so easy to control.
  20. Thumb NT4 Fretless Custom Shop (with certificate 🗞️) piezo. Still getting used to it but it’s very playable and the tone options certainly versatile. Heavy though.
  21. Another for the SR505, just totally lacked everything mexican jazz, poorly built and clunky, never understood why I bought it
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