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  1. The pickups are lively but certainly not harsh, definite vintage vibe. That said, smooth would not be the first word I would reach for
  2. I got the Classic Vibe recently, I reviewed it at the page below
  3. The B3 sims are excellent, I use them constantly with a different preset for each song on the set list
  4. Just had a play with mine to see, no hiss....?
  5. If I had roadies I would have 2 of these
  6. +1 on the Hartke gear, perfect for your needs - the HD500 combo would be awesome
  7. Long term Stingray/Bongo user, agree that when the battery starts to fade, the bass starts to fart.
  8. Agree head to Bass Direct, worth the drive believe me!
  9. Hi , thought I'd let you know about the Squier Classic Vibe Jazz above. I've had it a week now and these are my thoughts - (I A/B'd it with my Mayones Jabba for comparison) 1. It is not flawless but it is pretty much faultless (minor discolouration on the left side of the nut, about 2mm wide was all I could find) 2. The neck is super comfortable and pretty fast, one of the most comfortable necks I've played if I'm honest - that said the fingerboard feels a bit "dry", although if you have calluses (don't we all?) I can't see this being significant 3. Playability is superb, it plays itself to be honest and in this respect, yes I think you can believe the hype. 4. Amplified is where the jaw-drop moment comes for me, it sounds fantastic, but not subtle, some might find it a bit too lively 5. No, it doesn't feel like a 3 grand bass, but it could pass for a 1k bass, that said it doesn't match up to the Jabba across the board. 6. This bass is a ton of fun and I've hardly had it out of my hands since I got it, maybe that's more important than being boutique? 7. I WILL be playing it at my next gig. Fill your boots!
  10. Defo

    Elf and...?

    Vanderkley 2x10 and 1x12, sounds fine to me, i have it there as a backup if my puma goes down (this has never happened mind)
  11. Strangely I am thinking about doing exactly the same thing with my 715x - what's the best way to start?
  12. Hartke HD50 - also good for small/acoustic gigs
  13. Been after a passive jazz and rather than scrape together the 1-2k I'd normally deem necessary I decided to have a go with one of these, the Squier Classic Vibe 60s jazz - admittedly based purely on the OTT reviews I've read everywhere, who knows maybe I've saved myself a fortune. Maybe yes maybe no, I'll let you know in a week or so.
  14. I've had one a few years, perfectly capable DI and also a good eq, nice parametric mids. Some basses just sound better with it on.
  15. The guitar combos were much sought after by pros back in the 80s but the bass amps never got the same cachet, interesting that they are having a resurgence
  16. Beautiful basses, I had one in the 90s but the neck was irreversibly twisted just a bit but enough to force a resale - I'm told this was quite a common defect back then?
  17. I used a HA3500 for about 4 years when in my most successful band. It was awesome and never once let me down, I mean a perfect record. Was great when driving a 15" cab which some heads fall down on.
  18. OMG, had a Hornet 45 in the late 80s and a Cobra 90 combo in the early 90s - you kids don't know how lucky you are!!
  19. Is that new or s/h? If s/h what year?
  20. Very positive review in this month's BGM - looks like an absolute steal at that money
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