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  1. That is waaay cute sat next to that monster stack. 👍
  2. Thanks for the thought and effort, much appreciated. And it’s reassuring to get feedback on my bass, as I am inexperienced. I absolutely love it, plays like butter and sustains forever, hand made instruments rule!
  3. Thanks for the info, I do appreciate it. I put my bass through a soul food boost pedal, and it “opened up” the sound in the same subtle yet magical way that it does for regular guitar. The Barts can stay for now, and I’ll learn to appreciate what I’ve got before I give in to gear lust 😍
  4. EMG active pickups Vs Bartiloni for a Jazz Bass I wouldn’t touch active pups on a six string guitar, but people seem to rave about the active EMG’s for the JB is there a pay off in terms of dynamics or “naturalness” As a newbie bass player, I was wondering if there were some generalisations accepted about active pickups, and possible compromises to tone? many thanks in advance
  5. Thanks fellas - that's given me a good start to my search. I have to say, I am freaking loving playing this bass, signing up to Scot's forum and getting stuck in. How did I not know how much fun and music can be found in a bass? queue jokes about guitarists?
  6. The tag says it all. I just bought my first bass, a vintage LAG from France 1989. A Jazz style with a nice slinky neck. I own a fender reverb pro 2x12 and a Blues junior. Made for standard 6 string electric obvs, they sound passable for the bass (barely) So I was wondering what direction to go for an acceptable practice amp for the bass, the Fender rumble seems to get good reviews, any suggestions? style wise I’m starting on walking bass lines and outlining chord tones, melodic motifs. Not drawn towards heavy rock or slap styles generally speaking. ultimately, when I have my chops up to speed and I’m more used to the instrument (seasoned guitar player) I will convert to frettless and try and emulate some of the upright bass vibe. Thanks in advance for any suggestions xx
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