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  1. I had a Legend Custom and it was a set neck as I recall
  2. Remember that if you get a Spector it will always sound like.... a Spector. It's a fantastic tone but you'll find it difficult to pull different sounds from it. For info I have played a number of Spectors down the years, incredible instruments all, I just wish I could find one that was a bit more versatile cos if I did it would probably be my number 1....
  3. My ears say yes, my back says no. Bet it sounds incredible though
  4. Regardless of underhand name choices, I will be buying one of these, price of a half decent pedal these days.....
  5. Vanderkley cabs are the best I've ever played, easily. Cabs are very personal choices though, it's all about how they process your fingers through your amp - you might be a Trickfish or Barefaced person, try 'em all, that's what I did anyway.
  6. Back in the 80s they were very popular
  7. Yep, I had a feeling that might be the truth of the matter, I'm definitely getting back in the market and plan to try and do this - it's difficult when you've got nice 4 strings sitting around staring at you though
  8. I tried that once on a Stingray and it felt weird as I tend to use the G string a lot and flying up the D to get those notes drove me potty - I know it sounds like maybe I should just practice more
  9. Thanks, I think I am maybe a bit in the habit of needing an open E to orientate myself so that is useful advice
  10. Thanks Mate, never played a Yamaha but that Nathan East model looks very nice (but expensive mind)
  11. So I have tried and tried and tried to get on with a 5 string and failed every time. However, I really want to own and play one as the concept is right up my street (I play in an 80s/90s covers band and a prog rock band). I don't really know what the problem is. I can reach all the notes no problem and I'm sure what I'm playing sounds fine, it just doesn't feel right. I've tried Spector, Ibanez, Dingwall, Warwick and Musicman, all got traded in for a 4 string... Does any one know a bass or brand that could finally feel right to me? I know that's a big ask but there must have been people before me with the same problem who eventually found the right bass? Thanks Andy
  12. I guess I'm the only person who thinks that bass is pretty ugly, horses for courses etc...
  13. I tried an Affinity in a music shop out of curiosity, it left with me 10 minutes later. I just couldn't believe the value for money, it's great fun to play and to gig, fantastic neck and bouncy pickups. Also if it gets wrecked it's not £1500 down the pan....
  14. Try getting a Tecamp Puma second hand?
  15. This totally depends whose hands the bass is in and how they hit the strings. Plectrum? Thumb ()?, do you use a compressor? I've always found a Stingray hardest to control
  16. If you've been playing bass for a few years you'll be reasonably "proficient" as soon as you pick one up, fretless actually comes pretty naturally, a bit like playing a fan-fret. The problem is you'll spend the first few weeks playing all those Pino basslines to put a smile on your face, then when that's done you'll realise it's a bit like starting over again But that's a great feeling, fretless is fab
  17. Those 80s Aria ZZs were fierce
  18. Mine is also battered and chipped but that just means it's now 50% mojo!
  19. Gorgeous. They are still some of the best basses you can buy, ludicrously good value for money. But HEAVY
  20. LOVE my Bongo. Myung says they are the best basses ever made, hard to argue
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