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  1. The Epifani went back, the Markbass stayed.
  2. And that even with the gain and master all the way down. I recognise the problem, I tried a Little Marcus 1000 head and there also was hiss all the time. Now I have bought an LMlll and there is almost no hiss. Is this new on your amp or did you change your cabinet?
  3. Well, some retrospect, I sold my MB 121 combo and bought a Vanderkley 112mnt cab. After that I started looking for a new amp. Played, Mesa, Epifani, Trickfish and a MB Little Marcus. But...I still haven't found my new "main" amp so...I just bought a 15 anniversary LMlll, n.o.s. for a steal at Thomann, 333 euro's, because I need an amp in the mean while. The LMlll will stay as a back up no matter what after I have found a new main amp.
  4. Enjoy! Didn't work out for me but your combination of amp and cab is different.
  5. Well the tweeter on the Vanderkley goes to max 16khz. Tried different amps on this cabinet, even today Mesa D800, no hiss at all, MB was hissing even with master volume all the way down. Well I really wanted this amp but cannot accept this anoying hiss in the background all the time even getting worse with the master up. I think it's in the pre amp design, I tried an amp with the same problem recently, EBS Reidmar 750.
  6. The steamhammer is a good solid amp, sounded good with everything flat, when I started tweaking I lost it, I just couldn't dail in another sound I liked. I left the store "dazed and confused"... 😉
  7. Received the little marcus 1000w limited edition today. Great tonal range, pretty quiet fan but...noisy pre amp, compared to the amps I have tested recently, the amp's got a lot of white noise. Even with the master all the way down considerable hiss came from the tweeter, what a bummer. At playing levels it was really bad on my Vanderkley cab. When muted all hiss was gone, I suspect it's the pre amp. Well I put it back in the box and it's on it's way back to Thomann.
  8. Going to give a Glockenklang Steamhammer a try tomorrow. Will share my findings.
  9. Which model do you have? 500, 800, 1000watts? Dennis.
  10. Thanks for your answer, I tried the Mesa D800 too, nice amp, I liked it, but I will order the Little Marcus limited now at Thomann, no risk, if it's not a good match with my cab I can just return it.
  11. Thanks a lot for this insightful answer! I have been looking at this amp a long time and I think I will order one now, the 1000w gold edition is "only" 750 euro's at Thomann, sounds like a steal. Two more questions, how is the fan noise and the noise floor of the amp? I also use the amp in a small room at home. My gear: Fender Pro Jazz Fender Player Precision Sire MM Vanderkley 112mnt 600w 40hz-16khz.
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