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  1. I went with the NS2000/5. It's a killer bass!
  2. I imagine I'd need the EMG 40s instead of 35s for my 5 string, correct?
  3. Yeah, I'll end up doing that, I was just making sure I wouldn't need to do any body modifications or anything crazy like that. Lol
  4. I'm seeing quite a bit of EMG DC recommendations. I may try those. Since my bass has the passives right now, would it require a ton of modification to install actives?
  5. I'm a recent proud owner of an older model Spector NS-2000/5 bass. It came stock with EMG HZ pups and an EMG BTS preamp. I'd like to upgrade the electronics -- either just the pickups or the preamp, or maybe even both. With this bass, I will predominately play rock, acoustic rock, and some alt metal music. Anyone with NS-2000 or Spector experience have any suggestions for me? Thanks in advance!
  6. I'm seeing this one on Ebay and it's selling for $700 USA (not sure what that translates to in EUR). I'm hoping I can talk him down some.
  7. I am looking at a Spector 5 String neck thru (or set neck) bass and I'm gathering as much info as I can. Can anyone help me decide which model this is? I do know that it has EMG HZ pups, black hardware, active tone controls, and the Holoflash finish. Someone listed it as a Legend, but I'm not sure that it is a Legend. Any help would be appreciated. And yes, I have emailed JP at Spector already, but I'm waiting for his response as we speak.
  8. Since I've apparently posted in the wrong thread, I will be moving this topic to the correct thread. Geez, I hope you guys can forgive me. Lol
  9. I am new here, and I didn't scroll down far enough to see the Bass Guitars thread. Forgive me, master. I have learned from my mistake and will behave better from now on.
  10. I thought it could've been that particular year model, too, but I didn't see the Holoflash finish as an option...
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