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  1. mine is awesome, very solid B and the neck stays in tune exceptionally well, i didnt play my bass for about 3 months and took it out at the weekend and it only needed a minor tune up, though not the cheapest in their range
  2. lovely thing that, very nice finish
  3. duff mckagen in al of GnR's work, the bassist from the Mock Turtles (cant be arsed to look him up), Manni and Flea, think they are responsible
  4. [quote name='grahamd' timestamp='1488400639' post='3248709'] Claypool is the bomb, Primus bit hard work �� [/quote] [quote name='radiophonic' timestamp='1488470422' post='3249243'] Primus - Annoying self conscious 'weirdness' sets my teeth on edge. Also, Rush covers. I just don't see the appeal, but I'd be an idiot to say Les Claypool isn't a great player. [/quote] right i think you know where the door is, please leave
  5. [quote name='funkgod' timestamp='1485771649' post='3226466'] this makes me squirm grinding my teeth. and has a keyboard solo that will make you just laugh its so bad and puke at the same time. WARNING.. do not watch if your eating or by anything thats too expensive to throw. [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xBYV_7a0FQs[/media] [/quote] bluuurrrgggh
  6. Gypsy woman by Crystal Waters, shoot me now pretty much all the self obsessed up it own ar$e ego trip bland as you f***ing like rap crap that is around, i like some of the early rap but this modern i'm so great and more imortant than you sh*te is just er well sh*te, think i need a valium just thinking about it also all the dross that get played on our works music system, i'm banned from playing my stuff so what do i know oh and Teenage Kicks, arrrrrghggghhh...!!! and i have to play it in our band, ive complained and do everytime we play it but its just rubbish
  7. cool cheers i love elixirs just looked and 14202 5 string sets are £42 which is about 10 quid off, ace
  8. yep agree with alot of these Number of the beast took a while but i eventually got the stamina to play it, Run to the Hills is similar with its relentless galloping and on the subject of stamina Hysteria was a nightmare, i would get horrible cramps in my right forearm and it took a long time but its getting to be enjoyable (eventually) always wanted to play sir duke but just dont think i'm good enough, just had a look at it on songsterr and it starts off ok and get progressively harder
  9. Polytune clip does and i would imagine the pedal Polytune would as well
  10. cant remember the exact spec but... Some PJ black bass into a HH 100watt combo of some description, think it was made of lead.
  11. Ibanez SR1805 NTF Ibanez SR500 as backup Fender Gold bass guitar cable Ashdown RM800 OBBM cab cable Ashdown Mag 4x10 Ashdown FS2 footswitch so i can switch the drive and sub octave on all kept fairly simple for a simple person
  12. pretty much all amp manufacturers do this, they state the highest power the amp can deliver but its generally at 4ohms and most people only buy one cab which will be rated at (generally) 8ohm which as stated gives you about half to two thirds of the power. Combos are just like having one cab so they run at 8ohms.
  13. i cant afford multiple instruments to fit certain types so they get what ive got, anyway i'd play what i'm most comfortable with as that way the band will sound better for it (less mistakes etc) would have thought something different from the 'norm' would suit prog nicely but like lozz says there are extremes but the attitude isnt in that category
  14. [quote name='ped' timestamp='1487614470' post='3241240'] About 16mm, so good for me. I like tight spacing although being so used to 18mm ish on the 4 strings it takes some getting used to. [/quote] bit like ibanezs so i know what you mean. very nice collection though
  15. nice, that string spacing looks very tight, what is it?
  16. well worth the money, even brand new, the build quility is that good, the nordstrand big singles are great sounding pickups and the necks are a dream. you cant go wrong new or used. (i went new but then i have no intention of moving this one on)
  17. [quote name='Rich' timestamp='1487536643' post='3240626'] I've had a set of Elixirs on my Sire for a couple of months now and they sound [i]perfect[/i]. Nice rounded fundamental tone, but plenty of snap and zing when slapped, pulled or digging in. [/quote] love elixirs, and i leave them on for months with no decernable loss in tone. (though i dont play that much at the moment) worth every penny as they are rather expensive
  18. Ibanez SR1805 NTF used for everything and it can do pretty much anything i need Ibanez SR500 as a back up, doesnt really get a look in thats it apart from a Squire Affinity Jazz if i fancy a change but it basically stays on the wall
  19. looks great, over hang doesnt bother me but the chilli logo on its side does lol. sounds like its got alot in the tank
  20. [quote name='dyerseve' timestamp='1486042175' post='3228709'] Am I invisible or summat? [/quote] who said that?
  21. not been a massive fan of p-basses but this one is actually quite nice might make a convert of me yet
  22. [quote name='ians' timestamp='1485976998' post='3228224'] umm...isn't it all in the fingers anyway? [/quote] dont get me started again
  23. [quote name='Musicman20' timestamp='1485940513' post='3227788'] I don't dig black guitar and basses, but that is kinda cool. I wonder what the deal is with the price? Is it MIM? [/quote] Thomann are saying its a MIM bass
  24. ours has been Born To Be Wild for a long time now, really should change the set up a bit
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