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  1. we used a band name generator then adjusted some of them to fit as coming up with something our selves became too involved and over thought http://www.bandnamemaker.com/ https://www.name-generator.org.uk/band-name/ there are a few to try and they can work to give you a list of possible things
  2. [quote name='eude' timestamp='1493208891' post='3286489'] Yup, it's the P5110 you want, otherwise don't bother. Eude [/quote] shows what i know
  3. there are a few on ebay but mainly in germany but there is one in devon [url="http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Ibanez-Promethean-P3110-300W-1x10-bass-combo-with-gig-bag-/252898517273?hash=item3ae1ed2119:g:NioAAOSwSypZAIee"]http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Ibanez-Promethean-P3110-300W-1x10-bass-combo-with-gig-bag-/252898517273?hash=item3ae1ed2119:g:NioAAOSwSypZAIee[/url]
  4. [quote name='Nicko' timestamp='1492775265' post='3283114'] Yes, It entirely depends on the song. I Predict a Riot just doesn't want to stick, I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor was almost gig ready after 30 mins home practice and a coupe of run throughs with the band. [/quote] we had completely the opposite outcome with those two, just goes to show really
  5. not read everything but did read the first page, and i find i'm the same as the OP. songs get suggested we all enthusiastically agree to learn 3 for next practice, next practice rolls round and i'm the only one who has learnt them, eventually we get it together but it can be a bind, but they are nice guys and when it works it feels great. so like others have said it depends if you can live with it or not. Nothing wrong with wanting to do it right, you're playing covers so they should sound like the original so the punters know what you are playing.
  6. in the case of the op, i reckon an hour or so and then it would be nailing the extra fills. but it really depends on the complexity of the song, i'm currently working through Sir Duke, but only get 10-15 minutes here and there to pick it up so it taking a while but with that one its more down to gettting the speed of the main break/riff right, the song itself is fairly straight forward once you have the parts.
  7. nice variety of sounds, i like the look of it, not sure why but i do
  8. [quote name='Twincam' timestamp='1492703794' post='3282572'] The only sr's that need to be refinished is the sr500 lol. [/quote] haha yeah, i love mine but it does look like its dipped in poo
  9. they are quite nice, have been wondering what my SR would look like with a gloss finish recently, not got the bottle to do it though
  10. id have to disagree with that and say get as much watts for your money, try some out and if they are similar in power then start looking at weight. 100w wont be enough for gigging with
  11. tbh you dont need to spend alot to get a 4x10 that sounds great, ive been gigging an ashdown mag 4x10 and its more than paid for itself, looks cool too what ever you go for will be way more than you need for home practice but you will be set up if you do choose to join a band
  12. just be happy with what you have, theres plenty of people who cant afford a warwick let alone 4 of them plus a fender
  13. just had a listen to both the one you have bought and the double pickup version, both sound great, the single does remind me of a ray but not quite as full (might just be the way they eq'd on thomann site) but the double humbucker sounds great, not that i need another bass
  14. ooh that does look nice, does it come anywhere near the stingray sound? for £103 that looks an absolute bargain
  15. yep the rootmaster heads are very loud, even through my inefficient ashdown mag 4x10 my RM800 is bloody loud and thats not even pushing it certainly wouldnt think its class D
  16. quite tempted by this, havent sen them since i caught them at milton keynes bowl on the black album tour. Support for this tour is a band called Kvelertak, slightly obscure
  17. [quote name='The Shrek' timestamp='1489382382' post='3256441'] My cabinet is finished and I am proud to say it sounds great. Nice and fat and loads of punch and very loud. Unfortunately I had to get my brother to help me to the finish line as I had a groin hernia op 2 weeks ago. Probably caused by lugging 2 Eden xlt 2 x10 cabs around for years. Thanks for all the help guys. Michael. [/quote] nice one, rules are there to be bent sometimes, good to hear its worked out
  18. loving the album King of Everything by Jinjer, particularly the song Just Another, awesome metal
  19. [quote name='TimR' timestamp='1489164295' post='3254900'] You can set it so that no one can find you. [/quote] thats kind of what we were after but for the life of me i couldnt find it, but then i get frustrated with facebook within the first couple of minutes on it bit like using microsoft office. (i work on a computer everyday so i good with pretty complicated stuff )
  20. [quote name='mcnach' timestamp='1489148711' post='3254745'] They only look at your life if YOU post about your life... If you want to do that and remain somewhat private, then you do need to look into the privacy settings. But then they seem to change them from time to time so that would be frustrating [/quote] i dont post anything, but it would be good if you could set it so only people you allow can see your page not just anyone, the privacy settings do seem a bit vague.
  21. Ashdown RM800, Ashdown Mag 300 EVOIII which started cutting out at a gig (must get it fixed) Ashdown Mag 4x10. really gassing for another cab be it a 2x10 or a 4x10 but my current rig is more than loud enough for any gig ive done even outdoors. but more speakers is just better right? And i have a Fender Rumble 15 combo which is useful for home er use.
  22. i only have an account really if i need to get hold of the kids and they are not answering their phone but they are online really dont like the loose privacy settings as we found out recently on my wifes account (she uses it alot). Shes a teacher and one of her students decided to search her name and then found we had a daughter around the same age as him and sent her a friend request after looking at her page, cheeky git. But for the life of me i couldnt shut her account down so that people couldnt search her so we had to change her name on there. Bit rubbish. The idea of someone being able to track you down and look at your life is what gets my goat. Our band does have a facebook account but it doesnt seem to attract much attention so any tips on improving that would be good
  23. [quote name='Rikki_Sixx' timestamp='1489073485' post='3254187'] Is Nathan from a well known band? He looks familiar. [/quote] yes he is, He is Nathan King, brother of Mark. He has been playing guitar for Level 42 for a while now but he is also a great bass player and plays bass for *Frost who are excellent. love the rob and lee videos funny and informative. the new bass video is great with Lee#2 as they both play bass, Lee#1 always seemed a bit lost with how t get involved but i still enjoyed those demos.
  24. yep talk and play is impossible for me glad i'm not the only one though my band mates seem to find it ok. and i can only do backing vocals if its root notes and we only play one song that is like that, Use Somebody by Kings of Leon though when it gets to the bit that isnt roots im scuppered, and i dont do BV at gigs just in rehearsals. Just assumed i was crap for not being able to do it as our drummer and guitarists seem to have no problem glad i'm not alone.
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