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  1. [quote name='lownote12' timestamp='1497605496' post='3319405'] Thanks.how did you get the vid to display please? [/quote] very cool copy the address from the address bar and remove the s from https. looks like you took the address from the share link
  2. not actually got a freebee but came very close to what i would have considered the ultimate freebee. i was working for a small company doing marquees and we were hiring out a barn to store our gear in but had to clear it out first, we were told if we saw anyhting we could use we could have it but to check first. Under a pile of crap emerged a hiwatt 200 head in very good condition (considering where it had been stored). unfortunately i dont think i contained my enthusiasm enough and the farmer clocked on and decided to keep it, barsteward!
  3. [quote name='acidbass' timestamp='1497531434' post='3318910'] Lightweight gear = lightweight tone! [/quote] which is also not true/subjective. second for the ashdown rootmaster rm 800, big tone with plenty of volume, the drive feature is very useable without going over the top and is footswitchable (sold seperately from all good retailers) but in and around that kind of price pint you have a huge choice of amps to look at, just find what you like
  4. nice, thats how the classic 5's scratch plate should look not that weird shape they have, definately prefer the look of the sub 5
  5. why would it need that ridiculous heel join if its a neck through? it could be so much more ergonomic, otherwise a nice bass, bit pricey though
  6. Saw Gorrillaz at the demon dayz festival at margate dreamland on saturday, totally awesome show and all round musicianship. supports acts were really good too, FUFANU had a new order type vibe to them and were ok, De la Soul were amazing and have been wanting to see them for years. Vince Staples was good but not really my thing. Suprise of the day was Kano who was excellent and his band were amazing, liking grime wasnt on the cards. Gorillaz them selves were outstanding from start to finish with damon albarn on form with a carosel of supporting vocalists all of whom excelled, really glad my son asked me to go with him.
  7. we dont rehearse particularly loud but loud enough to be with the drummer, tbh the comments on playing quiter are only valid if your drummer can then play significantly quieter for those passages that require it and ive yet to meet one that can really tone it back and hold the feel. so yeah we play fairly loud but then also our rehr=earsal room is a large hall so volume is required, when i joined the band they had a 90w combo which was no way near enough, now i have plenty and use a third of it stays nice and clean. play to what ever volume suits the band theres no right or wrong, if it works it works
  8. just to add to the building gas, scotts bass lessons has just done a comparison video between a sire jazz and a fender custom shop http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ee5J2KvuMHo&feature=youtu.be its not what i thought and now i want a sire jazz
  9. oh dear i'm probably deserving of a public stoning
  10. in no particular order good drummer who can keep time and realise that different songs have different time signitures no all played fast the singer can actually sing and can banter with the punters all like a laugh no dickheads the rest i can work around
  11. hysteria, yep, sir duke, yep wont get fooled again is great tommy the cat, but then thats a bit more chalk and cheese far too many too choose from
  12. most of ibanez's 5 string basses are 16.5mm, takes a little getting used to from the 4 string 19mm but no too difficult
  13. [quote name='Phil Starr' timestamp='1495534587' post='3304469'] we still get compliments on our sound from time to time. [/quote] exactly this, ive played through a cheapish 4x10 for years now, its usually just vocals and bass drum through the PA and ive never had a negative commment on my/our sound, and often had complements about my sound. that 80/20 rule sounds about right tbh, what i get out of my amp and cab is good enough for every situation ive played so far from small rooms to outside (on a trailer, on grass, on patio). that final 20% is just not necessary and punteers just arent going to notice in a pub/small gig and i'll leave it up to people like barefaced to try and get there not that i'll ever need or afford to buy into it. I'm considering a 2x10 to go with my 4x10 but tbh its more about satisfying myego than anything else and even then it would be basic.
  14. [quote name='dannybuoy' timestamp='1495106432' post='3301290'] It might not be 'proper bass playing', but 'proper bass playing' is all about supporting and fitting in with all the other instruments. This guy is playing solo, so the rules don't apply, just simply making music, with a bass. In the context of a band, he may well choose to pump out some standard root notes, but that would make a pretty boring bass solo video! [/quote] in his band he does much of the same but it seems to work, he does add 'lines' too
  15. [quote name='Musicman20' timestamp='1495100386' post='3301231'] Aye....it literally is one of the key bands I got into at what...13 years old. Superunknown just hasn't aged....well it has but more like a fine wine! Kurt's passing was a big deal for me, as well as Tony Sly from a fantastic melodic punk band called No Use For A Name, and obviously Bowie...which was a HUGE shame. When people who you have looked up to die at a fairly young age, it is a real shock. It makes you realise how fast time passes and that those teenage years of being carefree are well and truly gone. [/quote] yep watching soundgarden support guns and roses at the old wembley stadium with faith no more too seems so far away now, was an awesome show, 3 amazing vocalists at the top of their game
  16. just popped up on my phone, cant beleive it, soundgarden were a great source of relief at uni, awesome voice very very sad news
  17. [quote name='miles'tone' timestamp='1495019210' post='3300463'] I like the playing but not the cold metallic tone. [/quote] thought the tone was rather nice tbh, what do i know excellent playing and i would be happy to accomplish a tenth of that
  18. congrats blimey, i've been knocking around here since may 2007, guess i dont post much
  19. would someone who works in the cells at a police station be a custard then?
  20. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SYkbqzWVHZI
  21. better change the name of scunthorpe then, wouldnt want to upset anyone
  22. [quote name='RhysP' timestamp='1494415525' post='3295734'] It doesn't stop when you leave school, it continues all through your life. People who are talking about "First World Problems", "Political Correctness gone mad", "it's just banter" etc. have obviously never had to get through life with a developmental or neurological disorder. [/quote] you clearly dont know me then
  23. ibanez SRs are pretty light and look similar to the RBXs, even my 5ver is pretty light and comfortable to play for long periods, not weighed them though
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