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  1. Ahaha yes I did! It is amazing you remembered This is a new study though.
  2. Hi Everyone, I'm running an online study and would like to invite you to participate. This study takes the form of an online listening test. In which you will be presented with a series of alternating listening tasks. The first listening task requires you to rate a bass guitar performance based on a small number of different aspects that relate to the performance. You are also invited to add your own adjectives that describe the performance in an additional comment box. To ensure consistency between performances they have each been rendered using a physical model of a bass guitar. The second listening task will require you to listen to a short (~3 second) excerpt of different ambient field recordings, after which you will be asked to indicate what word the recording suggests to you. Overall the study will take around 60 minutes to complete. Full information for participants and participation link can be found at: https://bassguitarstudy.eecs.qmul.ac.uk/ Many, many thanks in advance and thank you for your time. Best wishes, Callum
  3. Hi, I'm looking for some bass players/musicians to help me out and participate in a short (5-10min) study on musical similarity its part of my Phd research (which maybe familiar to those who saw threads on my previous studies here and here ) . The official study description is: This is a study into the perceived musical similarity between different extracts from different bass lines. You will be presented with a series of questions asking you to compare a selection of audio files. All audio files contain baseline extracts. You will be required to state which two audio files from the selection are most similar. The responses from this study will be compared to, used to evaluate, and help refine a method of calculating musical similarity based upon melodic and syncopation features that can be extracted from the notated musical content of the extracts. If you are interested/willing to help out can you let me know? (PM/reply here) as i'll need to send you the audio files and a link to a google form to fill in your answers (its a little awkward I know, I can't share a single set of files/link as I need to generate the audio/questions for each new participant). Many thanks in advance! Callum
  4. Sold a boss RC-2 to sam. Paid straight away, super smooth transaction, would happily deal with again. Enjoy the pedal!
  5. EvilSmile


    £65 now for the RC-2
  6. Sold John my Way Huge Pork Loin Pedal - fast payment good comms. Enjoy the pedal!
  7. Bought a Strymon DIG pedal off Adam. Fast postage and arrived very securely packaged. He also provided some advice re: the pedal power requirements. Good guy to buy from. Cheers Adam!
  8. EvilSmile


    Pork loin is now sold!
  9. EvilSmile


    [attachment=246035:IMG_20170526_142102.jpg] [b]Boss RC-2 - [s]SOLD[/s] Posted to UK[/b] - No box - but i'll package securely - Perfect working order - some light scuffs/dings from general use. [b]Way Huge Pork Loin - SOLD[/b] - Comes with Box/Manuals + badges - Used but not abused very good condition
  10. Phew - yeah thats left in there as its easier to disable displaying it than deleting the multiple lines that it appears in. If you are a little more curious this: https://github.com/BrechtDeMan/WebAudioEvaluationTool is what i'm using to run the listening test. [quote name='samhay' timestamp='1494577629' post='3297045'] Not to fear - I didn't get asked the familiarity question. I looked at the save.xml file out of curiosity and found it buried in there. [/quote]
  11. Thanks again everyone! To specifically address the questions below... server issues beyond my control sometimes prevent saving - the form is designed to save automatically. Anonymity is retained in the xml file and once detected from the email anyone else viewing the data will only have anonymised results. If you are seeing a familiarity question - thats odd. But I removed it to try and reduce the repetition in an already reasonable repetitive test! I'll also post a full list of tracks when I can announce the results of the test. [quote name='samhay' timestamp='1494512578' post='3296642'] Done. I was a bit surprised I had to save and email the results. Could you not design the form to save results - this would help with future work where anonymization may be important and/or worry about biasing your results by excluding people willing to share an email address. I too would be interested to hear what your results are. Once the survey is finished, it would also be cool to know what the pieces of music are...(seeing as the survey is a good way to create an ear worm out of them). p.s. what happen to the 'On a scale of 1 to 5, where 1 is not familar at all and 5 is extremely familiar, please state how familiar you are with the bass playing presented in track' question? [/quote]
  12. Thank you so much to everyone who's both attempted and completed! I'm honestly in agreement with the repetition. I've tried to keep it as painless as possible whilst still getting the results I'm needing. The big thing is that I needed to ensure everyone has listened to each track all the way through at least once, and the web tool I'm using is either make it so you listen to every track at least once all the way through, every time its presented, or doesn't enforce a check at all. So in this case I had to settle on the less than ideal option! Honestly it just means I'm even more appreciative of those who stuck with it to complete!
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