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  1. was curious if anyone knows the exact specs of the speakers used in the mags and in the abm range as i beleive they are both different and was wondering what they are rated at. cheers for any help
  2. [quote name='David Nimrod' post='553' date='May 17 2007, 05:03 PM'][attachment=40:IMG_0008.jpg][/quote] nice rig nimrod, would you mid shareing your settings as i have an ashdown too, a mag mind, and an ibanez sr500 think yours is the 1000. but would imagine the output of yours to be fairly similar. just playing around with my settigns at the mo.
  3. ok, feeling brave hope you are, one you might have seen and one you haven't. need to get some better photos but they havent surfaced yet from our last gig, so either they didn't come out or boots refused to print them need to try to get my fixation with my feet changed to something else
  4. i like the last one in the list from phatmonkey, maybe change the colour a little but i like the shiney style.
  5. lowhand_mike, serial addict of things i can't afford or do particularly well, used to play bass around 7 years ago and had been playing for 8 years, an unplanned return last year now sees me playing in a 60's-80's rock cover band playing stuff that up till last year i hadn't really heard before. Scary thing is i quite enjoy it. pleased we have a new home
  6. think it looks the nuts as it is which is odd as not a massive fan of p-basses or wasn'tmaybe its the resemblance to a ray, but if you must change go pearl white or possibly gloss black.
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    cool, got a bit confused, but then thats not hard to do, are we not using basstalk anymore then cos of all the gumphf that went on? good job guys oh changed my name cos i found out recently the slowhand refers to the clappers and never was a big fan, but kept it similar so as not to cunfuse myself too much or anyone else for that matter
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