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  1. [quote name='stingrayPete1977' timestamp='1484999053' post='3220253'] If you can't get more bass or more treble by altering your playing technique then you're really limiting yourself imo. This is why Stingrays get the 'one trick pony' tag, if your playing a P bass with a pick only and only in one place in relation to the pickup they probably won't suit you. There's thump up near the neck and funk down by the bridge without touching any knobs on the bass or amp [/quote] yeah i get that and i use it as well, but with the eq i can boost the highs and still play at the neck and get a totally different sound than if i hadnt boosted them. personally i dont like playing by the bridge, just dont like the sound or the feel.
  2. its not travelling without moving is it. doesnt do it for me that unfortunately
  3. [quote name='Ghost_Bass' timestamp='1485528417' post='3224675'] You can't get any cooler than this: [media]http://youtu.be/m_84x4wFaoE[/media] [/quote] yeah you can, you really can, i lasted 27 seconds
  4. That would be Les Claypool then http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R7jnhTDg4mk
  5. [quote name='stingrayPete1977' timestamp='1484902294' post='3219475'] I mainly just adjust the treble boost before each song depending if it's going to be played fingers, pick, slap. For a more old skool sound I'll cut the treble and boost the bass a little. I rarely touch my amp all night. [/quote] ^^This. set the amp at sound check (usually very minor tweaks from my default setting) bass eq during the set
  6. [quote name='hiram.k.hackenbacker' timestamp='1484832625' post='3218881'] Forgive him. He knows not what he says Hopefully blue will never read this thread! [/quote] Hah!
  7. [quote name='Lozz196' timestamp='1484834350' post='3218903'] I really like the look of the Origin Preamp/DI pedal, have eagerly been awaiting this since chatting with Mark at Ashdown via e-mail. [/quote] yep that does look pretty good, very interested
  8. nice bass, this is really the only fender ive considered getting, i blame duff. enjoy
  9. [quote name='Ghost_Bass' timestamp='1484826101' post='3218772'] Sure you can! Moving the right hand closer to the neck will produce a bassier sound and close to the bridge the mids/highs will be more predominant. I do it all the time. Combine this with the way you attack the strings and you get a pretty decent tonal variety without touching the controls. [/quote] like i said some of it, but you cant do both positions at the same time so you are limited, on-board eq does that instead
  10. dont get the 'tone is all in the fingers' comment, what a load of tosh, some of it is yes but not all of it. i cant add bass or treble just by moving position or plucking harder. i like my basses, i like their sound, one is active one is active/passive which i use in active mode and i have a passive jazz that i rarely use. i set my core sound at the amp and then tweek for each song if neccesary on the bass adding or cutting were needed.
  11. try to keep it comfortably loud, our drummer isnt a big hitter and our lead i often ask to turn up a bit but we try to keep it sensible based on the room, but i do like it loud though but understand its not great for everyone.
  12. The pub i used to go in at uni in salford (owned by my now farther in law) used to have a jazz night and ska every week and the jazzers from the uni across the road would come in, but you would often get big bands or famous people come and join in occasionally, The blues Brothers band turned up one night and played for about a hour after finishing their set that night in manchester.
  13. in my rock covers band i play my SR1805, lovely looking bass fits just fine IMHO. ive seen BTBs being used in metal bands so just use it if you like the sound and playability.
  14. ow my head interesting read though even if i dont understand some of it
  15. string spacing on my 5 string is just a wee bit too narrow at the bridge but perfect on the neck. love my RM800...buuuut the power switch is on the back and who decided that it was a good idea to put it directly under the power lead? and the front panel chromeness is loverly but the black text on it is impossible to see under stage lighting as the front panel effectively becomes black.
  16. Combos Laney 30watt Peavey Max 90w (loaned and was dreadful) Fender rumble 15 (home practice only)* Ashdown Mag C210T 300 Heads Ashdown Mag 300 evoIII* Ashdown Rootmaster RM800 (stellar)* Cab Ashdown Mag 4x10 deep (dont knock it)* seeing as i have been playing for 20 odd years thats quite conservative *=current
  17. [quote name='Defo' timestamp='1484054986' post='3212242'] Any love for Affinity PJs here? I don't normally buy at that price point (listen to me, what a prat....) but I plugged one in in a shop in Leeds awhile back and was almost laughing out loud at how good it played and sounded, lovely construction too. £200! She is my "bedroom bass" now, think I might pop a couple of Barts in and see how she turns out. [/quote] i have an affinity jazz and its suprisingly good with a lovely sound, should play it more tbh
  18. actually found it pretty painful to watch, bu thten i didnt like the office either. geuss i'm another grumpy git
  19. i'm sure i read somewhere that if you stack 2 2x10s vertically (so kinda 1x4) you get better dispersion due to no phase cancellation (think thats right) from speakers being horizontal to each other. that said my 4x10 has done a great job so far and its no boutique.
  20. [quote name='spectoremg' timestamp='1483460903' post='3207312'] I've always been slightly uncomfortable about the MOBO awards. Is there a MOWO awards? [/quote] thats always puzzled me too. i wouldnt be fussed if our band enrolled a younger player and i think ingeneral that would be accepted, but the other way round just wouldnt work for most. but thats just the way it is in my eyes.
  21. been using ashdown for years now, started with the mag 2x10 combo then mag evo III head and 4x10 and now have the RM800. Just love the ashdown tone and the headroom is great, always brings a smile to my face when playing it.
  22. i'm glad they are not seen as "The" bass to have, you get soo much bass for your money its mental. The premium i have is ridiculously good and should cost twice as much as it did (and thats new) so figures the second hand values will be lower than they really should, percived value and all that. But even their lower priced instruments are excellent value. Not bothered about indorsees tbh just if it feels great sounds great and looks great.
  23. have to say my bass sounds pretty good switched to passive, yeah i get a drop in top end as i like to boost that a bit but otherwise very useable as the treble pot becomes a tone pot
  24. [quote name='markstuk' timestamp='1482345533' post='3199807'] If you have more than two pickups ? [/quote] what is this sorcery of which you speak? personally i like the boost/cut of the EQ where a passive just gives you cut. mine has a volume and pickup pan and a passive switch so im covered but for multi pickups you either need volume for each or a selecta
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