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  1. so when she said she wanted you to feed her pony you did what exactly?
  2. my first bass amp was a laney 30watt combo, served me very well for years while learning back in the early 90s. it had pretty good tone IIRC but not loud enough to gig with though didnt do much of that back then
  3. SR500 wins again, still rate them very highly especially for the money. though i dont really play mine much anymore when i do its a joy. Congrats
  4. finally got round to buying Dorje's 2 EPs and must say they are fantastic
  5. love a bit of slap bass, alot of my early learning of bass was RHCP and Jamiroquai. In a band context i dont use it much but more of an accent or fill and i'm not good at it but theres something rewarding about playing with it
  6. I find glossy necks sticky/snaggy but then i do have very sweaty hands so i prefer an open pore finish, depends what suits to be honest
  7. hmmm have to see if theres any money in the band kitty
  8. and this at the start and end http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3H1AA2LDP00&list=PLQXro2VDjyIz1JTKdj04pq_LKtLQ45n4A&index=12
  9. have a look at this as it features the O Bass http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1nL0oeH8E_c&list=PLQXro2VDjyIz1JTKdj04pq_LKtLQ45n4A&index=9
  10. play what you want not what others tell you to play i also prefer the sound of a jazz over a precision
  11. hmm the phrase "make your bloody mind up" springs to mind im sure it plays well but mot for me
  12. brilliant to hear, and a pleasing outcome for you
  13. guess it would be bass, its what i'm physically connected to. Not saying that the amp and cab arent important as they are but bass first.
  14. i could possibly play the 2 sets solo but ive never tried, also find we do take cues from the singer so practices without him can be a bit weird. i dont know any musical theory so i just learn from tabs or by ear until i know the songs inside out and im ready to play them through at practice.
  15. liking the return to old school thrash so hopefully the new album will follow suit, with bands like Revocation really killing it Metallica have got to nail this one but theyll still sell bundles regardless. And Yeah the new ones from Meshuggah and Dillinger and Gojira have set a high bar i'll add Periphery and Opeth to that too.
  16. lovely looking bass, good score
  17. value= less than the shitte on your shoe worth= a couple of pints
  18. [quote name='Painy' timestamp='1476821928' post='3157631'] That's a naughty F decal on the Squier P. The Fender logo on the jazz is genuine but being a Chinese Modern Player the logo is lined up on the headstock a bit differently and it's in gold like a Squier rather than black which might be what's confusing your eyes . The string speaking is much tighter on the Ray. I'm pretty adaptable with string speaking fortunately though. The neck and string spacing on the Squier is actually perfect for me but the Rest is still very nice to play as I'm finding plucking string to string is very fast. [/quote] haha nice one, thought i was going nuts. string spacing was the main thing i struggled with when i changed up to a 5 string, was just wondering if you found the same experience between 5 string spacings between basses
  19. interesting looking bass, i'm assuming the truss rod should be centered interested to see how this turns out
  20. all look good, fenders are growing on me (slowly), but am i going mad cos to me the picture seems to be a Fender P and Squire J? how you coping with the difference in string spacing as the Sub looks narrower than the other 2
  21. good review, been thinking about getting a practice amp for home, just need to find the time to practice to justify it
  22. [quote name='Mcgiver69' timestamp='1476440698' post='3154300'] I have to admit after slagging them off for quite a long time that Ashdown got it right this time with the RM head series and the cabs, those blueline cabs were absolutely awful. They were very difficult to get a good sound in different rooms and all you got was a bit amount of mush and don't even try them with an active bass. I tried them at GAK and I was floored; they are lighter, clear sounding and you could almost throw anything at them and will still sound great. I felt in love with the RM-500 head, so much I'm planning to buy one and use it with my BFM cab as my Carvin BX500 seems to love my Warwick WC210. Hats off to Ashdown for getting it right this time. [/quote] strange i've never had a problem with the blueline cab and in various rooms but am very tempted by these new white ones just wish they did a 4x10. And yes the RM head is very very good.
  23. nice, just had a listen to his new band Wakrat which is pretty cool too
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