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  1. What’s the neck like on this? Big chunker, or manageable for someone more used to Jazz necks?
  2. Hi Steff, is this still available? I'm looking for something with more headroom than my current amp and having done some reading around, it sounds like this could be just the ticket.
  3. Just trying to work out how to send you a PM on mobile. Hang on…
  4. How's the neck on this? I thought I was an all-out Jazz guy but I played a P the other day and think maybe my hands have sufficiently adapted to bass that I can cope with a P now…
  5. Interesting. So you reckon the higher wattage is likely to solve this issue, even if going into an 8ohm cab?
  6. Cheers, althoughI have actually given this a go (well, running into the top of two 8s stacked up as my amp only has one speaker out and these couldn’t be daisy-chained) and there wasn’t much of an improvement – a lot of the heft I get through 4ohms just seemed to be missing. (Additionally, I’ve had pretty decent results from a single, lower-down 4ohm cab.) I assume it’s something to do with headroom, but I’m still fairly new to anything that isn’t a massive valve guitar amp.
  7. Hi all, it’s been a while. Since my return to bass about a year and a half ago, I’ve been playing gigs pretty regularly and a recurring issue has come up. Generally the shows we play we’re sharing backline and just taking our own instruments, plus heads and breakies. I’m using a Aguilar Tone Hammer 350, and for the most part, I’m loving it. The only problem I’m having is that it sounds noticeably worse going into a 8ohm cab than a 4ohm one (presumably to do with it only outputting half the wattage into 8th). Since I don’t have much control over what cab I end up using, I wonder if a potential solution would be picking myself up an extra 8ohm cab i can take with me to shows and daisy-chain it in along with the “house” cab if it need to make things up to 4 ohms. Since most 8ohm cabs I encounter tend to be short, this would have the added advantage of giving me something coming out of a speaker closer to head height. First up, is this a sensible solution, or have I overlooked some issue with it/a better and easier way of solving the problem? Second, if yes to the above, then what cabs should I be looking at? The smaller, lighter and more portable the better, really – ideally, something I can carry one-handed. Genre-wise, it’s a stoner/desert rock kind of vibe; Jazz Bass through a Bass Muff, into the amp, so ideally, something well-suited to that. Cheers.
  8. Does anyone know of anything similar to this, but with a pocket big enough for my amp (Tonehammer 350)? I'm in the market for a new case/bag but would prefer not to have to lug the amp separately.
  9. Just received the Flea Jazz I bought off Iain. Great communication, absolutely no hassle; all went smoothly and quickly. Smashing. Oh and the packaging was a particularly impressive job, too.
  10. Very tempted by this. Is the only Flea-branded bit on these the neck plate? Love the look of these but am noooooo a RHCP fan.
  11. Where are you based? I like the look of this chap; wouldn't mind giving it a go.
  12. Where are you based? I'm extremely tempted to have a go on this.
  13. [quote name='machinehead' timestamp='1497642052' post='3319786'] I have the Reidmar 750 and it's a beast of an amp. Tone and volume in spades. So, even though I haven't heard a 500, for the price, I reckon they must be a super-bargain. They don't have the "drive" knob that's on the 750 though if that's important to you. Also, Thomann have the old version, the Reidmar 470, for £388. These have a reputation for being more powerful than the figures suggest. Worth a punt if you're on a tight budget? Frank. [/quote] Cheers man! Not too worried about the Drive, as I'm planning to run a Bass Muff in front, so this might be worth having a crack at!
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