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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  2. Thanks everyone. I decided to send them back in the end and live with the existing tuners for the time being.
  3. I’m a real Regular-sized Rudy but, off the top of my head, all the other bass players I know are taller than me. I think bassists deffo tend to skew tall.
  4. I've heard from a pal who's worked with a reasonably well-known band that, on one of their early US tours, they had their TM go and remonstrate with a promoter about having underpaid. Upon which, said promoter reached into his desk drawer and produced a handgun, which he then very pointedly placed on the desk. They decided to drive on to the next show that night rather than stopping over. So I guess there's bad promoters, and bad promoters.
  5. Totally agree with all this. I think a lot of it boils down to "shite promoters" – in my experience, the ones who'v got their heads screwed on in terms of logistics/communication/organisation are usually the same ones who put the work in in terms of actually *promoting* the show properly, and are the ones coming to find *you* to pay you, rather than you having to chase after them. If you're having trouble getting any decent communication from a promoter about anything beforehand, I reckon it's a pretty safe bet you're in for more hassle on the night too.
  6. Right, so here's what stupid old me did: ordered some Gotoh Res-O-Lite tuners to replace the ones on my Fender Highway One P, went to check the fit, and discovered the bushings that came with the tuners are too small for the holes in my headstock. I assume this is some sort of Imperial/Metric issue that I failed to consider before ordering my tuners. Now, the tuners seem to fit into the existing bushings, but ideally I want nickel ones, not chrome, so they match the tuners. Anyone know if I can get some nickel bushings somewhere that will A) fit my headstock and B) fit my tuners? Or am I better off returning the tuners and starting all over again?
  7. No worries! Don’t suppose you can remember where you got the tuners from, can you? I’d ideally like some pre-aged ones but haven’t been able to find them anywhere.
  8. Overall, I'm pretty pleased with my latest acquisition – a Highway One P, but the tuners leave a far bit to be desired in terms of holding their tuning – they seem much looser than others. If I'm going to replace them, I'd ideally like reverse-winding ones so they behave the same as on my Flea Roadworn Jazz. Which basically makes this a three-part question: 1. Is there anywhere I can get hold of another set of RW tuners? I've had a look around and it would appear not, but I thought I'd check with the BC hivemind. 2. Will these fit ok? I tried it out with one the other day and it seems like the stem's about the same size and will just need some new screw holes drilling, but I'm no expert. 3. If they aren't readily available separately, is there a decent equivalent I could/should be looking at?
  9. Yeah, this is what I thought might be the case; was wondering if there was an alternative that would allow me to save space on my board.
  10. Okay, I hope I'm explaining this ok, but are there any tuner pedals out there that are always on, but with a footswitchable mute? As far as I can tell you can only get things that let you switch the tuner on and off with a footswitch, with the option of it also muting when the tuner's on. Or am I being stupid?
  11. Just a quick one – would I be able to use my Tonehammer 350 for recording by running out of the DI output if I didn’t have a speaker cab plugged in? I know generally running an amp without a load is a no-no but wasn’t sure if that still applies with these little Class D types
  12. He may look good, but he sounds terrible.
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